My check Engine light is on and diagnosed bad knock sensor. I have the part but my husband cannot find where it goes. It said on line on the side of the engine but we cannot find it..... Help

the rear doors will not lock with the switch on the drivers door.no sound can be heard when using the switch on the rear door.

bought new fuel pump assy from autoparts warehouse new pump assy came with new wire pigtail 4 prong flat, my car has 4 prong square , purple, grey,two black.my car has purple,grey,black,black with white tracer. how do i wire my new pigtail on my car dont know what black wire goes to black with white tracer...

If there is more than 1 thing that can cause this problem what would be the best to try first.

level oil transmation is ok

Every once in a while, when I accelerate a bit too quickly, my check engine light starts to flash, and my car struggles to accelerate. I think it might be misfiring, but I'm not sure.

After I stop the car for awhile and restart, the engine runs fine and the CEL eventually goes off.

But recently, after this happening, there has been a metallic knocking noise coming from the undercarriage of the car. This too will stop after I stop the car and let it sit for a little bit before starting it again.

Any ideas?

Replace rear brake shoes, but can't get the drums to fit over the new shoes. The pressure in the pistons keeps pushing the shoes outward.

my car was purchased new and is under 21,000 miles

my truck cuts out and wants to die when i drive it i think there is water in my fuel and i replaced the fuel filter but i dont know what else to do any suggestions

fuel pump is good, new coil pack assembly. no signal to fuel pump and no spark. all fuses good and no rodent damage.First time ever working on a hyundai. any suggestions or if anyone knows the possible cause it is greatly appreciated.battery is good, also tried disconnecting it and touching the cables together for 15minutes , but still same problem. No security lights or any indication of anti theft system malfunctions.

I only went 5 miles away and came back the chk engine light came on and It has done this before . when i was parking idle, the car was shaking so I had the plugs checked. I just had a tune up in May 2011. bought plugs , put in . Car would not start, It would turn over. I need help finding out if anyone has had the same problem? W hat was wrong? what did you do to
fix it.

what could be making my car idle so rough when i done changed my filters and replaced my fuel filters and my plugs and wires as well?

Two weeks ago i replaced my transmission but i went (USED on my 90- caprice classic. Before i changed it, it was changing gears on first and second but once the car went to 25 to 30 miles per hrs. it idled up and felt as if the transmission was slipping. i changed it for it to happen again the same way the first time. Is there a reason that this might be happenning like a sensor or something, or could it be i just got bad luck with the USED transmission i bought and i should replace it again? thank you, Samuel

cable snapped when i applied the park brake

a car on jacks?