WE ALREADy changed fuel filter and fuel pump.what can we do?

i have been adding p/s fluid to resevouir frequently. after inspecting steering rack boot on passenger side , i saw a tear in it

I know a little bit about cars and how to maintain them, but i'm no mechanic. Recently, my blower motor went out from not unclogging the drain hose, n now i need to replace it, but i don't want to pay out the ears in labor chargers. Just want to know how to correctly install a blower motor for a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer ES 4cyl.

I have a small dent with scratches on my rear bumper cover (non metallic).

still won't start.what could be causeing this?

gearshift will not come out of reverse

Rpm increases while accelerating and car shifts smooth. Rpm drop to below 1000 while driving at a steady speed. 30 mph drops 40mph drops 60 mph drops. Transmission fluid is pink no smell. I always use high octane gas. I just noticed this happening yesterday.

I had a leak from the sunroof leak down my A pillar and get into my fuse box. I fixed the leak and dried out the fuse box and checked for busted fuses (were none). so now my brake lights don't work and my cruise control does not either. i replaced both brake lights (both were blown) and the brake light switch, and still no brake lights working. all fuses under hood and in cabin are fine. please help!

I am looking for the pcv on my car. I want the location

How to take off a transmission of a 98 Crown Victoria and how to put it back on and i would like to know what parts would i have to buy to re build a transmission for this type of car. Is it possiable for you to give a picture or write me a layout on how to do such a thing to my car

The window closes very slowly and sometimes stops completley. Must "help" it u=p by hand. Also, the passenger side power lock stays locked, can't even open the door.

I have to replace a hose and it is hard to get to the bolt on the back without taking it off

opened the hood & it is not coming from there

I'm getting 13.6 volts at idle but when I rev the engine the volts drop below 13 volts. The battery may be bad as it only reads 10 volts with engine off.

This came about just recently.There is no unusual noise except the left wheel seems to be touching when fullyturned