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Also when I am going around a curve it actually seems like the front tires on both sides are shaking to the point I have to slow down when braking the steering wheel shakes badly as well it happened after I had 4 wheel alignment as well as wheel balance and tire rotation done it got worse what could be wrong PLEASE HELP?????

about three month ago my check engine light came on , then about a month later while gasing up with regular gas it went off. now three days ago it came back on . it there a reason why it went off and came bqack on. please explain.

how can one change the turbo

is a four door sedan and on the dip stick has to cut out spots and a line abouve it

The steering wheel has been difficult to turn as if apiece has jammed inside the column. A sudden crank of the wheel has allowed the wheel to turn after what appears to have released whatever caused the jamming. The switch no longer clicks to normal position whithout overturning the wheel. Solutions pls?

can i do it myself, does it have to be programed or is a junk yard one ok

Only happens in winter!! Trans shifts well when warm. Often cant tell it shifted unless you look at TACH. Well maintained but high mileage. Always 700 & 731.

I sent my car in to have the front panel replaced after someone ran into the left front part of my car. I was told it was only a cosmetic damage. I wasn't pleased with the garage then as i had to bring in a few more times with 'noises' coming from the same part of the car. 6 months down the line, my new mechanic now tells that the inner CV boot has split open at the SAME left front of my car. could this be the related to the damage earlier from the accident or a bad job done by my previous mechanic.

Don't have the owners manual, finding a repair manual is expensive. It's not entirely obvious with the air filter going in vertical rather than horizontal on these models.

number one cylinder not firering

fuses and breakers seem ok. seem to have power to all connections under the seat. nothing works.

It starts and the lights and radio work but the remote, alarm, turn signals power doors and heater don't work. I was able to get it home but don't know what to do?

first it came on and off. now it stays on. spilled about a cup.

warning light comes on and stays on most of the time, but not always

i have had my heater core and water pump checked. my thermostat has been replaced. I don't have a clue to what could be causing the cold air? Could it be the heater control valve?