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transmission seams to slip in and out of overdrive
its 4.3 vortec with spyder injection, it will idle fine,but when I go to give it gas,it wont take it,it trys to quit.Its got a new fuel pump,new map senser,new mass air flow senser,new tps senser,new distributor,wires...
Whats the parts and labor cost estimate
I'm having starting problem. Turning the key to start position nothing happens. This started a couple weeks ago. I tried to start it and kept trying finally it would turn over and start. I've had the battery teste...
my passenger side headlight recently went out, I replaced it with a new bulb but it still would not work. I also checked my fuse which was working and it still would not work. What else might be wrong?
I realize that you can get some poor quality parts, but I have replaced the heater core four times in the past year, now it is leaking again. Am I missing something stupid????
dependable transmission shop in Lake Zurich,Il area
When I put the Jeep in drive, there is a hesitation then goes into gear. Hoping it is not the transmission slipping!!! Has 124k just did cat, muffler,brakes!! UGGG Thank you in advance
My subie started yesterday morning not staying in 4th gear. It would go in fine, then 'pop' out randomly. After 100 or so miles of driving it starting doing that in 5th also. Then as I went to put it into 1st at a sto...
is there a sensor or a relay for the rear break lights. they are not working, bulbs are good, fuse is good.
SIR light popped on one day and won't go out.
The vehicle makes a grinding noise when breaks are applied, the noise is stronger if breaks are applied on a turn. I am guessing this means I need new front breaks but just wanted to check if it could be anything else?
The readout on the mini-computer sits at 0 and has for a number of years. Everything else on the mini-cumputer works.
What is the best performance chip for my 2.8l Passat ( year 2001)?
My Escalade oil pressure gauge does not move up, does this mean i have no oil pressure or has the sensor gone bad?