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Borg warner automatic transmission. Recently logging, thru low water, got stuck later and vehicle pulled from woods because no longer driveable.

When it stalls, no compression, and starter seems to go very fast. The check engine light does not staying on after it restarts. No codes. Seems to have much less power. It stalled 3 times last night in a 20 mile commute. The last left me powerless at had to force it into the driveway. I have newish plugs on passenger side, and 130K miles on the drive side (they need changing, but it hard to get in there). Help please. Thanks.

211000 miles and other than 4 fuel pumps and 2 Mass Air Flow Sensors, it has been a pretty reliable truck.1st fuel pump at 2000 miles, 2nd at 65000, 3rd at 125000. The last time it acted like a fuel pump was out it was a $12 relay, not $1200 fuel pump & service. Makes me wonder. But I have to get this figured.

Engine is a 4.0

light goes off, but comes back on at random times

the abs light turn on,i replaced the front rotors and pads,the abs light did not turn off,today while driving it started grinding and the pads started coming apart to a point that i could not drive it,what happened???


I have to crank the engine a few minutes to make it start but sometimes it wont start at all

At night when I am driving I cannot see what gear I am in, The gear shift is labeled with a P, R, N, D and L, in the center console and they look as if they are to light up, but mine are not? Is this a fuse or a bulb, and if so, how do I change it?

I accidently reversed the terminals when jump starting my car. I believe I blew the main fuse. Where is the fuse located?

Thank you!


97 ram 1500 wont start

took the truck to a transmission shop they said it was shift cable they adjusted it the engine i drove it home so i replaced the shift cable still wont go in gear

computer read cruise control not available

had it put on plug in computer read (running lean bank 2)

(could it be the mass air flow senser)

Can anyone explain what these may mean? I came to a slow stop at red light. Light just came on suddenly. No big symptoms.
A little front brake squeak when stepping on brake to start up and move. I was able to return the 1.5 miles to home at 10mph.

I had a battery supplier look up requirement and he said I needed a 500CCA per OE, but I had a air bag light come on and the dealer looked at battery and said I should have a 700CCA. Who is correct?

what do i need to check to find out why my fuel gauge is,nt working

installed new caiipers and new rubber lines and front brake stick after you drive for awhile.