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Are there any special tools or techniques for performing a brake job on a 2005 Mercedes Benz CLK320? Should i replace the brake sensor(s) also? Thank you for the knowledge and help!
brought car for a local dealership here in arlington,texas which the dealer brought from a renter car com. in florida. i kept up with oil changes and other maintenace even drover car to south texas this past may 2010 ...
Location of the fuse box on a 1997 acura rl for the radio.
My car is not leaking brake fluid anywhere but I have to pump the brakes 2 or 3 times to get any pressure to stop. Any ideas on what may be causing this problem.
I have a skip in # 3. I have had the the wires and new spark plugs installed first. The skip is still there and service engine lights comes back on. I had the coil pack replaced, still same as above. Changed spark plu...
they changed transmissions 4 times they changed computer, the car gets stuck in 2nd gear, if you shut the car down and restart it will go to third gear only to go back to 2nd gear if you let off the gas,
always start but when you drive and press gas it will die out but always restart. Could this be caused by bad fuel injector.
turn signals work briefly and then stop flashing
Engine idles rough for a few seconds at start up then idles normal until next start up. This occurs whether or not the engine is hot or cold.
my 1990 isuzu amigo needs a new transfer case but i dont know what case i have and if rodeos, troopers with the 2.6 4 cylinder engine will work in my amigo
I was in an accident on November 29, where my front bumper became disconnected, my right head light shattered and my right fog light is twisted pointing straight downwards. Also, a small amount of fluid leaked from t...
I am told I need to change the Body Control Module and have it reprogrammed as well as install a new driver side lock and window switch. I see comments on door looks and driver window but why would I need to change th...
My 2000 buick park avenue's fuel gauge suddenly went to pass empty and there was 3/4 of fuel before it went to pass empty, what could be the problem? Could it be the float in the gas tank.
CHECK ENGINE light comes on. When this happens I get code(s)PO171 andPO174