There is a little movement of the tires when you put them on the rack and push the tires with your hands.

worth parts. The price I was given was $2,550.00? Does that sound right. The car was rarely driven by my mom and now has only 79K miles on it and is in good shape. Is it worth doing the work?

One garage said thermostat needed replacing. Second said thermostat and several gaskets and a temp sensor. The light went off by itself and the temp gauge is staying at a neutral point. Is there a way to know if you need to replace this immediately or can it go a while? Ive also looked up how to change myself as I can buy the part for 30 bucks and mechanics want $500! Could I pull off the fix on my own?

I have replaced the drive shaft but now I'm leaking fluid where it inserted into the transmission. I bought the drive shaft at a salvage yard and didnt have a good experience. would I be able to get that sort of thing at autozone or advance or something like that?

Top plastic part out ok, switch out ok, rod with a clip not out ok. How to do it?

and appears no belt is broken

My 05 ford escape has been running really high rpms while in park. If I sit in park the rpms will go up over 4 and it makes a loud humming sound like when you accelerate quickly while driving. Yesterday was the first time it did this while driving rather than parked; it was like driving with cruise control on that kept getting faster. I did not even have to touch the accelerator because the rpms were running so high that it was just going. I had to be on the brake the entire time, and when I had to come to a complete stop it was hard to do so. This past spring I had new plugs and wires put in because I had a cylinder misfire. I asked my mechanic back home and he said possibly the idle air controls or a vacuum leak, but I don't hear a hissing sound like a vacuum leak would have? I'm worried mainly because I don't know if this is safe to drive or not. I can't get into my regular mechanic for a while, and I know going to the local Ford dealer will be much more expensive. Any ideas?

first, all the doors except the drivers door stopped locking when the switch was activated. 4 days later the drivers doors stopped locking. The door won't auto lock with the drivers door key lock either.

My dashboard squeeks and has a slight rattle. Dealer has not fixed it when it was under warranty. Any ideas?

I have located it (or them) behind the glove compartment. There appears to be two units mounted one above the other. One is larger than the other. Which one actually controls engine function and how is it removed?

Whatis the total amount of fluid the power steering system holds ?

I've gotten quotes for replacing the catalytic converters on my Subaru and Honda and both quotes were over $1000.

The fan is working fine.The controls appear to be working ,But the air is not coming out of any of the vents.

the parts are between2 to 3 times what i can get it for i live on disability on a small fixed income,and do not have much to live off of.please let me know as soon as you can,as the car really needs converter now
thank you
i live in clermont florida 34711

my 03 ram 1500 air bag light wont go off, and along with that i am getting a po124 trans throttle pedal position sensor code. and a po601 internal control module memory sum malfunction code, i tried master reboot nothing changed,do i need a new pcm? also my truck runs very rough under 2000 rpm since these things have occurd like my truck is having trouble shifting or something