for some reason they just stopped working have no idea how to fix it or where i would look to fix it

Our mechicanic said our struts and shocks are OK (milage 138000) We bought Goodyear tires at Sears ( NEW ), with about 50000 miles on them, and now they are starting to cup and Sears said our struts and shock should have been replaced at 50000 miles Is this true

I was told there was a leak in my transfer case for my AWD Murano

Grinding occurs when turning the steering wheel left or right. Could this be the tie rod?

Added battery acid to battery. What things can I try? The car has not been run in a couple years.

What type of repair is needed when the engine is running on only 3 Does it need the whole engine replaced? We were quoted $5,000 to $6,000 and this seems awfully high. My e-mail is unkltrin@yahoo.com. Thanks

why wont it get colder then 70 deg. low side is 25 high side is 275

it seems to smooth out when going down the road. any Ideas what this is coming from?
the code we got on it is P304

do i need to bleed the system where i start to bleed from the rear right or from the left rear

car taps when ideling

Problems to remove the auxiliary.

the van runn's hot if you drive the van to long

replaced thermostat.fans work ,cant find any leaks

replaced outer seal already. didn't work. not slipping or any shifting problems.

Seems like air diverter flap inside airconditioning unit slowly closes or opens as vacuum is depleted or restored. Where does the vacuum tube enter the unit? I can trace it back from there I think.