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Brake petal is very soft, still have some brakes. replaced master cylinder and problem is still there
My VSA and ABS lights stay on after axle and brake change. I changed the abs sensors and bleed the brake lines, but no response. The computer does not reset them.
The gear shift indicator does not center up on its designated letter P R N D 2 1, its way off to the left, what is this indicative of and what am i looking at to correct it. any part name for this problem
where is it EXACTLY
I have had an issue that started with my back up lights not working. I checked all the fuses and changed all the bulbs and they still wouldn't work. That issue was a while back. Recently my turn signals stopped wor...
The rear heater is giving off a bad moldy odor through the vents. The AC does not. What could it be. It's been a problem the last 2 years since I purchased truck.
This is the second fuel pump within two years. No fuel comming out the hose after the fuel filter to injectors.
I have a 2005 escalade and the rear tailgate door is locked and i cant open it. the rest of the locks work. how do i get it open?
head lights did not go out once shut car off got them off but then a couple hours later woke up and the headlights wore back on....????
where is the interior air filter located
How to replace my outside drivers side mirror
How hard is it to replace?
I went to start my 2001 Ford Escort, 2.0 DOHC zx-2 it cranks but will not fire up. Got spark,fuel pump is working but no fuel pressure. Timing belt is on. What do I check next?
I have a warning light on my dash, and it looks like the front tires are the area that is lit. My tires are new, so I don't get it. Any suggestions?
4x4 high and low lights flash 3 times when starting and nthen flash every 2 min while driving