Just under 60,000 miles. Car idels a bit rough in Drive and will slow rev and move up to 8 mph but no faster no matter how hard the gas pedal is pushed. Is there a filter for air or to the fuel injector that needs to be checked or replaced?

If possible can you show picture or drawings

I am trying to save $$ by doing some of the repairs myself to my 1998 S500 Mercedes.
I have been uable to get the pads out so they can be replaced.

After the car warms up a while, it seems to stop. It only makes the noise when the car is in motion. It does not change with turns or brake application

I read on this site that this year of camaro with 3.4 liter motor has trouble with extension housing seal leaks. does anyone no what extension housing seals are? the motor has a oil leak at the rear in the center at top i cant find.I could see some kind of cover over a hole at rear that might be a option if the motor had a distributor but i cant see the whole thing.

wont crank over

However, when I deliver a firm tap from the palm of my hand, just below the bottom of the screen, the controls come back for a second then disappear again. I have a feeling that a connection came loose over time and needs to be secured. Has this happened to anyone? Any solutions? Your help is greatly appreciated.

out. why? do I need an alternator?

just filled up the tank, when this happened no prior problems, everthing returned to normal after turning off engine except the fuel gage is still upside down but still moves correctly. Ive heard the throttle body positon sensor might have caused reduce pwr msg bringing the truck to a crawl but it doent explain why the fuel gage went bonkers

the started was bad so i replace it.. but the motor wont turn over, it wont make a sound,the lights and everything turns on.but when i turn the key it wont do nothing. i dont no what else to do

same issue then truck came back to life even the ck eng lite went back out but the fuel gage is now upsidedown

the battery light, oil & coolant light come on when the key is turned to Aux but when I start the car all lights turn off and do not come back on, does that mean my car is ok ? I just want to know if there is something wrong with the car or engine will the light(s) come on and stay on even when I'm driving ?

Mechanic says heater core and related parts ok except for the blend/actuator. Cost $700 to fix that I am not prepared to pay. Where is this assembly located?

I need to get flood damaged 2011 prius (does n't start) repaired. It does n't have any external damage. I don't want to go to high priced toyota dealers. Can you please suggest any shops that can do battery/electical work on prius in dallas, TX.

It is in good shape just need transmission repair or replace.Clean van base model no electric crap to worry about. It only has 104532 miles on it. 1200 in new parts under front end. what should I charge for it?