Brake lights quit too, but my brother changed the brake light switch. My inside lights (except for dome lights), & my back lights won't work. He changes the fuse, they work for a few minutes & will go out again.Also, recently having problems with gear shift. Doesn't get out of park. Have to restart car,turn key backwards, then it will come out of park. Brother said there is a short somewhere. Could it be in that gear box, where the gear shift is. Would that effect my back lights too?

Went to autozone and got someone to put a code reader on my car. It said speed sensor A and knock sensor code.

I replaced the timing chain & need to know the alignment of this.

AC PART# 16238399

I bought my vehicle used in July 2010. It had 31,000+ miles, and now it has 44,100+ miles August 2011. The service department tells me that I need a tune up because it is a HEMI vehicle. My friends and family members who drive SUV's stated that they have never heard of such and that the truck isn't even "broken in" yet. I have always leased and never had to go through this. However, this time I'm keeping the vehicle and want to keep it in good condition. What do you suggest??
Also my brakes are beginning to squeal and I had rotor replacement and brake pads changed. There is a lot of brake dust on the front rims? What does that mean?

my brother says that my transmission is ticking when i push on the gas and he says that its probably the flex plate

Replaced timing belt & need timing mark settings

Does this mean the electric throttle control is gone, if so how expensive is it to repair at dealer, and can it be self repaired? Can some one please tell me where this is located on my car.

I replace my air compressor.the low side goes down when i stall the engine up and high goes up high.

my battery is old

The speedometer sits at 0 even when im going 60. It will jump up to the correct speed and then drop back to 0. The horn makes no sound at all.

when the truck sitting still the air condition blow cold but when drive the vehicle the air condition blow warm air out

it just cost me $338. to have this replaced at the dealership in Kamloops. I would like to obtain a repair manual so that I can do this work myself.

checked fuses o.k. changed starter still won't start battery o.k.

problem occurs when making turns, either right or left.