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how do you get to the fitting on the rack side of the high pressure power steering hose.
Does it take any special tools, except for the filter wrench, to change the oil and filter?
my car is squeeling everytime i turn or put car on reverse can someone plz help me tell me if this could be problem with harmonic balancer
After fuel pump was replaced, low humming/hissing sound can be heard near the fuel pump. Noise can be heard from the moment it is turned on, and it does not stop until car is turned off. This car only has 55,000 miles...
Cleaned grounds, checked fuses, replaced the headlight switch, replaced battery clamps,...just stumped!
i need to replace the radeator on my 03 ion. the problem is that i cant get the fan asembly out because the steel ac line runs right infrunt of the fan. do i need to take the ac line off and lose my freon or is there ...
03 cadillac cts while driving and pushing on the gas my car jerks and at a stop it jerks. a couple of times, the entire car would shutdown while driving but would restart wit no startit doing it 3 weeks ago...
i am putting on a truband speed sensor i need a picture where it is located.
The transmission has developed a good size leak at the driver side output shaft, or drive shaft. I am told that it will be more involved than the seal at the point of entry for the half shaft and is actually an intern...
whats does it mean when your car cranks but wont start up on a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis i was driving it on the road n it just cut off on me so i had the battery charged it cranks but doesnt cut on wat could it be
I have no presure on my clutch pedal
My car alarm light on my 2002 dodge grand caravan doesn't blink on and off when I lock my car doors. What could be the problem?
how do you turn off headlights while car is on
My car is shifting hard when its put into gear and while it is in motion! It had did this once before but then stopped for weeks, then a couple of days ago the same problem arose, but it continues to shift really hard...
where is the drain plug located