how much will it cost?

i'm losing power steering fluid on a regular basis. need help on changing out the line.

I recently had a rebuilt engine installed in my 1999 acura tl. It is losing power and going put put. Also the warning lights on the dash are on and it emits white smoke. what could this be?

The vehicle has around 50k miles on it. I have owned the vehicle about 4 years now, but since about past 4-5 weeks I started hearing a loud, high pitched rattling noise from the dashboard area while accelerating. The noise starts after driving for about 5-10 minutes and at speeds greater than 40mph or so. The noise seems to fade out if I apply break and reduce the speed (if I take my foot off the accelerator). I took the vehicle to oil change today, the mechanic said the water pump is leaking and it needs replacement and quoted me $375. Do you think the noise could be due to water pump leak? Thanks in advance!

tHE LIGHT COMES ON AND SAYS i HAVE LOW OIL PRESSURE, The OIl was very recenely changed andis clean. Does anyone know what might cause this or how to fix it.

What cause idle to raise and lower until warm?

I hit a dip pretty bad and now my car sounds like i modified the exhaust. just wanted to know if i should replace it or weld it.

I had the light checked and the code was p0071 a temp sen question if i replace this would the light go off or could this code be a number of things.

I can reach it from under the truck, in the fender well, but can not loosen or remove it

Need to know today if possible.

Only occurs when moving slow or parking car.

I think it has something to do with automatic mirror adjustment but it continues when I put it in drive and until car is driven a few minutes. It can't be normal.

Car has been aligned, 1 yr. old tires all around, tires balanced, brakes good, no broken tire belts and I still have a bad thumping over 45mph. Passed inspection, but can't find problem.
Higher speed, it gets worse.

Just under 60,000 miles. Car idels a bit rough in Drive and will slow rev and move up to 8 mph but no faster no matter how hard the gas pedal is pushed. Is there a filter for air or to the fuel injector that needs to be checked or replaced?

If possible can you show picture or drawings