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where is the oil pump
How to repair the rear latch handle
my thunderbird will run for about 10 or 15 minutes an run good then its kije you just turn the motor off. you let it set for about 15 minutes an it does the same thing . I have changed every electronic part on it inc...
I am wondering how long it should take to change a lower Ball Joint on this vehicle? And are there any easy ways to get to the nut under the front axle shaft?
Engine idles fine but will not accelerate. Instead it knocks and pings and sort of dies as if its not getting a good spark. But I checked the plugs and replaced the distributor cap and rotor.
what is the labor time for timing cover replacement
Small leak in transmission cooling line. Do you have to remove 4WD transfer case to replace line?
my dodge caravan starts up and then stall it keeps on saying no gas but i just filled it up. i looked under the relay center and the 40a abs/mod pump looks like bad
How do I reemove and replace my heater/ac blower motor
Car clicks like battery dead, but horn still honking. Cleaned posts and charged battery. How do I reset and please tell me exactly where the reset button is. No manual.
my fan switch only works on high or shuts off when i hit a bump every day ?
New batterie installed yesterday. Drove vehicle for 3 hours yesterday. This am batterie is again fully empty.
Is it necessary to remove the engine to replace the oil pan gasket?
I've noticed a burning like smell coming from the engine area of my car. When I got out and look at the car, I notice white to light smoke rising from behind the engine near fire wall.
Where is the blower motor resistor on a 2006 pontiac grand prix located