car was purging in an out pior to thst

What else can i look? No codes showing..

Is it like an allen wrench or what? The release button won't open it and I think it needs a key to open it.

im removing engine and replacing but not sure where to bolt engine hoist to remove it.

i had wiring problems got that fixed but im still not getting fuel.

My car was perfect until two weeks ago when I heard water running when I turned the car on. I took the car to dealer a week after because it started to heat up. The dealer told me the head gasket is damaged and they are confirming that this is cover under warranty. My car has over 30,000 miles. Its an engine problem in a new car. I dont understand why they are trying to find an excuse to not fix it. Please help!!!

the battery die on my car I replace the battery and now the car will not start.i took the starter to get test it and is fine the car will turn over but it will no start any sugestions

Recent rains left water in front floor. more on passenger side. No evidence of any leaks any where other than water in ron area. Checked sunroof drain etc. Nothing found.

...The master key has broken as well, so I am unable to pop the trunk open by pressing a button. Curious to know what the issue might be and average cost to fix this issue?

knocking noise when turning wheel.

the window does not defrost.

No coolant leaking. What else could it be? Where is the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor located?

I have a 2011 Buick Lacrosse. Since the purchase 4 months ago, and I've had it in the shop 3 different times. I've has the the steering column replaced, the cadillitic converter replaced, and not it's makes some weird whistling sound that seems to be coming from the front dash area. I even hear some rattling coming from the engine. The engine light is not on, so they can't tell what's wrong. I explained the noises, and they tell me I need to come in. I'm frustrated. I love the car, but I'm beginning to think I have a lemon. Anyone else have these issues?

I put a new battery and new alternator on the car.

I probably need to replace the defroster and htr/ac blower as it desn't work on any switch setting...the fuse is OK ...where is it located so I can replace it...Thanks PS..( I'm celebrating my 88th birthday today ) ....