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Manual states ABS system problem. Is this a DIY repair?
the heat does'nt seem to warm up unless the car has atleast reached 1500 to 2000 RPMS,(only while driving will it work correctly)
what is the capacity of water for the water pump? how much of an antifreeze gallon should I fill the water pump with?
I have noticed on line the price of replacement oxygen sensors goes from $28 - $128. They all say the are replacement 02 sensors. What is the difference?
I am wanting to get a rough estimate as to the cost of this service. I do not want to go to a Honda Dealer for this. I was told that this service takes approximately 5.5 that correct?
blower motor will not shut off.have to remove fuse or disconnect battery
this morning, car suddenly won't turn over - sounds like gas is empty but is not. AAA tow operator arrives and gouse under truck, knocks a few times on gas tank and says to start it. Truck starts right up? ANy idea...
We bought a 2004 Dodge Stratus SE for my teenager daughter, the battery was dead, so we replaced, as a prevention we change the timming belt, since then the car idles awful and quit running whenever we stop the car, l...
the resistor for the fan control is bad, so all on or off, but the fan is extremely loud when all on
I switched out my tire cause it was going flat and a mechanic gave me a spare to use cause i didnt have all the extentions to get mine off the truck but i put the spare on and now the brake is locked up.
My Celica GTS is slipping in 2nd gear sometimes--especially after driving on the highway for awhile--do you think it needs a new clutch?
I installed new rear brake pads & adjusted the service brake evenly but after a day or two it looses its capabilaty to hold the car from rolling away even on a slite incline or decline . Is there a certain adjustment ...
My 97 toyata blackhawk is saying that there is a miss fire in cylinder 1 and random miss fire. it only happens when the car is warmed and driving. I have change the spark plugs, wires and coil. Any ideas to what may b...
If the spark plugs were replaced, does that mean a tune-up was performed? My truck was shaking upon my return trip to North Carolina. I took it to the shop and the result was a damaged coil and a small leak. The re...
I just had my break pads replaced and now now when I apply the brakes I get a bad shimmey especially at high speeds, (like when slowing down to exit a freeway. Rotors are a bit scarred. will that solve the problem?