car is getting fuel but want crank up what should i do

It would take a long time to get the car started, now it won't turn over at all. The service engine light is on and it vibrates really bad.

I have a set of Audi R8 headlights that I would like to put on my A6. They are just barely too small leaving a slight gap between the bumper and turn signal. I don't want them to bounce around as I am driving therefore would like to know what the best material is that I should use to mount them so that they fit snug?

Thank you for your help!

When it's cold outside my seat belts won't work for a period of about 15 minutes. Any advice on how to remedy this situation/

If I smell smoke coming from the rear wheel system, specivically the brake area what does this indicate?
Rotors? Brake Pads? Both? need repair?

when i start my edge it comes on and when i hit the gas it goes out then comes back on.

the hard start occurs pretty much every morning now that its cold weather.

Repair shop does not recommend rebuilding the engine but replacing it. The truck was only worth about $2,500.00. Any recommendations? Someone told me Ford engines don't hold up.

can i a 1999 2.7 tacoma head as a replacement

i think i found the filler cap on top of transmission

I live in missouri and looking at getting serptine belt replaced and alternator replaced and clean battery cables and change the oil & filter and check all fuilds. I just need a good ideal on the labor cost. I already bought the parts. Thanks

My check engine light came on.

Do not hear fule pump coming on checked all fuses in engin compartment all are good the one 20amp mini running the fuel pumps tests good all other test good. Tripped and reset the fule shut off switch in trunk a few times did get gas for a minute but not long enough to start? I have a new fule relay for this car but CAN NOT FIND WHERE IT IS HIDDEN!!! Have looked onder drivers seat, on back wheel well in trunk passenger side under glove compartment under hood every where I can think of please help I even called for dealership no help THANK YOU!

engine light on

Truck has lift and 15 inch tires all set at 30psi manf.max is 35psi