My check engine light came on.

Do not hear fule pump coming on checked all fuses in engin compartment all are good the one 20amp mini running the fuel pumps tests good all other test good. Tripped and reset the fule shut off switch in trunk a few times did get gas for a minute but not long enough to start? I have a new fule relay for this car but CAN NOT FIND WHERE IT IS HIDDEN!!! Have looked onder drivers seat, on back wheel well in trunk passenger side under glove compartment under hood every where I can think of please help I even called for dealership no help THANK YOU!

engine light on

Truck has lift and 15 inch tires all set at 30psi manf.max is 35psi

personal tragedy, hate to see it get dumped by mortgage co. flooring shot, original parts inside. I have to cover funeral costs, have title, please help me in the right direction,

it doesn't happen all the time...put when i put on the breaks the car will start skidding jerking and keeps going what can it be can happen just going 15mph

Bestsie runs rough (like missing) when I’m stopped in or out of park / neutral, if I take off lite I feel a little miss if I take hard (in auto not using the sport shifter) it’s not as bad. Now, on the highway when I’m in 4th or 5th gear and I’m trying to pass someone she spudders and may draw back then I use the sport shifter and drop her down a gear then she’s fine. It seems that I feel the missing when the engine isn’t racing high. Took her to the local auto parts house that offer free computer code analyzes and I was told (not the code) plug #3 was misfiring and I needed to replace the plug so that where I’m at now 6 plugs in hand and ready to put them in. I’m praying that’s all it is and nothing more (I had a 3.6 go out on me before because the chained slipped and destroyed the engine). What else could it be? And this is my 1st time changing the plugs on a Cadillac, any tips?

There is not enough space to get to the mounting bolts, especially the one towards the front.
What parts need to be removed to gain access?
Can it be accessed from underneath?
The car is in mint condition and the only code that I get is 332 and it failed the e-check.
In the last two days, it also started sounding as a light misfire, during acceleration, that I believe is attributed to the EGR, as it has never done it before and there are no other signs of malfunction.

I just replace the actuator on my 97 Tahoe because the 4Hi light would blink and not engage. Is there a sensor that keeps the actuator from not engaging if the fluid is low? I am out money and sitting in a snow storm without my 4 wheel drive still.

On steep inclines the engine revs up, and I can only reach about 25 mph. On freeways I can only to get to 45 mph. Since these experiences I have not driven the car much and only on flat roads. Does it look like a transmission rebuild? I am going for an estimate on Monday with AAMCO. The car has 79K miles.

i have three not ready i did not disconect battery

The car was just in the shop for an alignment and this problem was first noticed by me when car picked up. They said the rear sway bar (after market) had broken when on the lift. ???

while driving

Who is best to purchase radiator from, onine or in person?

When shifting it jerks the whole truck, especially to reverse, makes a huge clunking but still works. New engine, when slowing down below 10 mph it sometimes shifts to early or acts as if gas is not getting through, I give it gas and it barely goes but in a couple of seconds it gets the right gas flow and surges forward. Changed fuel filter, changed the battery, not sure what to do.