the started was bad so i replace it.. but the motor wont turn over, it wont make a sound,the lights and everything turns on.but when i turn the key it wont do nothing. i dont no what else to do

same issue then truck came back to life even the ck eng lite went back out but the fuel gage is now upsidedown

the battery light, oil & coolant light come on when the key is turned to Aux but when I start the car all lights turn off and do not come back on, does that mean my car is ok ? I just want to know if there is something wrong with the car or engine will the light(s) come on and stay on even when I'm driving ?

Mechanic says heater core and related parts ok except for the blend/actuator. Cost $700 to fix that I am not prepared to pay. Where is this assembly located?

I need to get flood damaged 2011 prius (does n't start) repaired. It does n't have any external damage. I don't want to go to high priced toyota dealers. Can you please suggest any shops that can do battery/electical work on prius in dallas, TX.

It is in good shape just need transmission repair or replace.Clean van base model no electric crap to worry about. It only has 104532 miles on it. 1200 in new parts under front end. what should I charge for it?

After popping it seemed to be out of gear i pulled over and it would not move again. 1 week later I replaced filter and fluid and now drive and other forward gears work a little but no reverse and it makes a clicking sound while in any gear.

How much should I pay to replace the serpentine belt and get a full fluid flush? Also, I paid for a new condenser and some other part for the AC, but it still doesn't work. Is the AC repairable?

I am baffled! How do you get to the starter on this van? It has a plastic mud shield that covers most the bottom of the engine and the battery platform is bolted down in several places...I can't figure out how to get to the starter to replace?

just inside and to the front of the right tire. I took it to be serviced and they didn't find a leak. It does this after
a long drive. It is easily cleaned up and has an slick oily texture. Does anyone know what this could possibly be?

Hello Experts,

I have a car accident with my Volvo S60 2003 and I really love the car so I want to repair it. I have clean everything from the outside, however after the scanner these are the errors that I would like you to tell me what I need to buy in order to get it better.

1.- ECM-140A
2.- ECM-0299
3.- ECM-5010
4.- ECM-0200
5.- ABS-0103
6.- TCM-0100
7.- SRS-00D4
8.- CEM-8F12
9.- CEM-6A03
10- CEM 6A04
11.- UEM-0038
12.- UEM-0004

If you could help me with these I would really appreciate it.

thank you.


We had a front end collision. Our car was hit on the drivers side front corner. Front bumper and headlight messed up. Air bags did not deploy. Other car had only dent in fender. The fluids did come out at accident.....2 colors. The car was towed to our house. My husband tried to start the car. It did start but would not shift into geer. We assumed it was due to lack of transmission fluid. Body shop is telling us transmission is shot. How likely is this? We don't want to be ripped off. No collision insurance and quote for repairs is already $2600.00. Please advise.

My mountaineer will not idle in cold weather and once warm it is still rough. There is not a check engine light on. I just had the transmission replaced last year. Once the cold weather has appeared the idle has started to get worse. This vehicle has high miles. What can the causes be??

have replaced my upper, and lower ball joints and all shocks. when i brake, it feels like i have a rotor out of whack. brake pad, and rotor are fine. Truck has new tires (problem happened before new tires too) and was aligned and balanced when new tires were installed.

Problem only occures when temps get below freezing. Will, on occasion die when idling. After truck warms up, the engine will idle normally, but engine warning light will stay on all winter. Both problems completely disappear in the late spring/summer.