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I was in an accident on November 29, where my front bumper became disconnected, my right head light shattered and my right fog light is twisted pointing straight downwards. Also, a small amount of fluid leaked from t...
I am told I need to change the Body Control Module and have it reprogrammed as well as install a new driver side lock and window switch. I see comments on door looks and driver window but why would I need to change th...
My 2000 buick park avenue's fuel gauge suddenly went to pass empty and there was 3/4 of fuel before it went to pass empty, what could be the problem? Could it be the float in the gas tank.
CHECK ENGINE light comes on. When this happens I get code(s)PO171 andPO174
how much should this cost me. Include sending unit in estimate.
there is water in oil under cap but not on dip stick, changed oil no sign of water in the drained oil, pressure usually around 60 but is at 40 now have to add a little coolant adout once a mounth but water has only b...
Front driver side began creaking when turning left, now makes a clunking noise as well. Creaking can be heard when rocking the truck manually. Now the passenger side is starting to creak as well. Have 100,000 miles ...
the heater switch works on front and back but the heat is hot up front and cool in back
mande a rebobinar mi transmision la puse i no funciono nomas marcha para atras y no da para en frente. que otra cosa puede ser ayudenme
i would like to know how many lifters does my mitsubishi have?
My '98 grand caravan lost a wheel at 65 MPH. I coasted to a stop (rather ground). I replaced the driver's side hub, rotor and pads, but the steering knuckle and or axle comes loose and allows the wheel and tire to tra...
the car temperature goes up a little bit over half way, and the coolant light message keeps pooping up!!!! i can see that their is pressure on the radiator, because i can see water around the cap!!!
Windshield wipers will not turn off
Opened my hood to see what kind of battery that i needed, but there is no info on the top of battery? But the battery color its self is white.
do you have the amount of time it take to replace the water pump and procedure