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How long can I expect to be without my vehicle for the lower ball joints to be replaced (both). Does it take more than a half day or so to do the work?
I was driving my car and fuel went down 1/8th of a tank in a mile trip. I went into the store for an hour and notice my car was leaking gas and there was a puddle/stream of gas coming out from under my car i see it dr...
clutch must be held to ground to shift
my motor mounts need replacing. Is this a differcult job and what is the cost?
my 2002 dodge ram heater on driverside blows cold air and passangerside blows hot air
Must I replace rotors with rear brake pad replacement if the rotors don't yet have damage? thank you.
About a year ago I had the valve cover gasket replaced, a new air filter, and the throttle body cleaned. As I pulled out of the shop's parking lot, I noticed a vibration by the accelerator and unusually loud engine n...
my heater just recently stop working. when i go tot turn on heater i can hear cliking,but heater does not come on. so i was wondering where the blower motor relay is located???
New heater coil or (core) and there is NO heat. It blows, and the vents open, but again, no heat and the heater coil/core is HOT. Please advise, it's cold.
I have a 2000 Volvo XC V70 that I just got back from being serviced at Volvo. It received 105,000 mile service plus replaced both front rotos and brake pads. Driving to work this morning there was smoke coming from bo...
Started Tahoe, Blower on heater working, put into gear started to drive, blower in and out a few times and quit, abs light came on, break light flashes. On my way home, starts, still no blower, abs flashing and break...
I am familiar with heater cores, but not sure on this one. How to remove and replace.
would high coolant temp and low oil pressure be indicative of an oil cooler failure or head gasket? 4.3 litre eng runs strong, only blows oil at startup and doesn't pysically overheat, even though coolaqnt temp sensor...
make sure they put in right engine size