I put the windows down last night, and I can't get them back up. Drivers window works fine. I didn't try the passenger rear window. Car has power windows.

My belt broke last night and the battery light came on if i charge the battery full how far can i drive till it quits? Can i fix without having on lift-- juat have ramps at home.

reset and drove about one mile light came back on reset drove 40 miles light came back on just put in new plugs, no tapping noise what the hell

not so sure if there is a relay or fuse on vw gti headlight.. i don't like fixing these kind of car it's my friends ride.

The person that "supposed" take care of my car I think that never started my car. I change the battery and my car doesn't started.

is there brake pads or drums on the back of a pacifica

now the car bucks and surges but it starts fine now

what doo i do next to get it running

My car has started to make an ugly grinding noise when I turn left. I thought that I smelled an ugly burning noise last night but haven't noticed it since then. It appears to be isolated to my front drivers side tire.

I had the rear engine mount replaced as the car was making noise in revere gear. But it now is making worse noises in reverse and brakes both. THe mechanic said it will take time to settle the new mount.
How much time does it take? Should I check it with some other shop? It has become worse than before.

At what mileage should the timing belt be replaced?

Truck intermittently shudders/stalls while driving. No check engine light & code "P Done" displays. Replaced camshaft sensor & crank shaft sensor (including connectors for both sensors). Still have same problem. Dodge mechanic believes it's ECM. ECM was replaced a little over a year ago. I'm at the end of my rope with this problem. Can't afford to be "nickled & dimed" to death replacing possible fixes. HELP!

I had some new tires put on today and asked them to check the brakes. They said the break pads were fine but that the front rotors were rusted. They said about $300 to fix the front rotors and put on new pads. Is this a real problem? What will happen if this doesn't get fixed right away? Is this a reasonable price? I am short on $ and can't pay for repairs that are not really necessary. The brakes do squeak a bit but they work fine.

it never shows a code or warning light,i replaced cam and crank sensors, and worked for a few days and now its happening again, help please!

I'm a little confused by what they mean by the "lower console" in my 1999 Silhouette. The instructions for replacing the heater core tell me to remove the lower console to access the heater core cover.