one front tire has already been worn completely down. Car has 25,000 miles

Anytime i remove the battery terminal or the battery itself the engine will not run on idle unless you sit inside the vehicle and rev.

as give it gas it runs bad can have petal all the way down no go power then dies

i change the thermo, change the temp. sensor, the rad. cooling fan not working, but when i unplug the temp. sensor the fan comes on, i plug the temp. sensor the fan turns off, what could be the proble. thank u.

windshield washer motor not working

After parking and lock the car with remote, in 5 minutes the full light will be flashing and the horn will be on at the same time, please help it is urgent, thanks.

noise seems to come from passenger side

It tries to turn over but won't. The gas gauge does not move when trying to start it. It stays at empty. There is gas in the car so I know that is not the problem but it won't start. Please help, I just got a new starter put it and am a single mom I can't afford too much...just trying to get to work to be able to take care of my children. Pls what could this problem be? Fuel pump? Plugs? pls don't say timeing belt :(

the front tires had a shaking problem that occured aproximately a week before the power steering went out. the car was also pulling to the left at the same time.

engine sounds loud compared to my 99 avalon.is this okay or is it the valves nedding work?

The fuses are all good, the marker lights come on when the switch is turned, and the high beams also work. When we turn on the lights on low beam the marker lights come on no issue, and we can switch to high beam, just no low beam. All fuses are good!

After I jumped the battery, the audio didn't work. I checked fuses and they are OK. What do I do next?

My Rodeo starts fine when cold. When it warms up and sitting in Park, the idle will surge and then drop dramatically to where it sometimes will die. When I try to restart, it cranks a long time before it will restart. When in drive and sitting at a stop light, it will also surge. The truck has good performance going down the road. Ocasionally a puff of white exhaust will come out. The truck only has 13,000 miles and sits in the garage a majority of the time.

I poured a litre of oil in and it went straight through on the ground. Need to see if the drain plug was installed properly?

runs rough, no check engine light, had tune up, changed fuel & air filter