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Power steering has stopped working
what is the firing order for the 2.0 lityer engine?
I would like the correct timing chain settings for my car, and would like to know how long it would take to change it out, and is it simple to do yourself?
brakes make noise when pressed goes down to floor before car will stop
what p1495 code means? how can I fix it? thanks
Car overheated coolant completely drained out of the reservoir. When I refilled the reservoir it seems like the coolant started leaking just below the reservoir when it was approx halfway full. I just replaced the rad...
how do you relace the head light switch. Do i have to pull the steering wheel of or not
All of the gauges and lights start blinking ang going crazy,then it will shut off. it won't crank back afterwards.
The heater/ac fan does not always operate when I turn the switch. It will sometimes operate after a short delay. It will operate if I hit a bump in the road or when I hit the dash board with my hand. Is this a motor p...
Light is on, won't go off even after reset. Changed gas cap.....thoughts on that to do next? Seems to be running just fine
I have checked many palces, can't find rocker panel replacements, badly rusted ,but car runs great. can any one give me a comapny that handles them
The blower motor does not blow in my 92 olds cutlass supreme, how hard is it to replace.
The rear wiper continues to run even when front and rear wipers are turned off. I've disconnected it for now and operate the front wipers but wiper fluid will not function (front or rear). What do I do?
yesterday my car just all of a sudden stopped switching gears it was in high revs then would late shift after already in gear then it stopped and is only in nuetral now
My compass & outside temperature gauge light that is(grn lighted #'s), located on the on the left side of the rear view mirror. It suddenly quit & Im wondering if it can b a fuse? Where? What kind? How much should it ...