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The steering wheel will not lock-it's really hard to get the truck to start. Sounds like the battery but I had that checked first. It's getting so that the steering wheel has to be turned progressively further and h...
how much does it cost to replace egr valve cooler parts and labor
function of this and estimate of price
replacement of center stop light
While i am driving the truck will just cut off i have it sit for a bit then it wiil start it will pudder while driving and surge
I have a 1996 camry with a bad trans I have a good trans and would like to know how much it would be to switch it out and is it possible to do it myself
my starter turners. but the engine dose not turn over
where and how do i replace the camshaft sensor for a 1994 6/1994 mitsubishi montero engine will not start unless you hit it waiht starting fluid , it then starts and runs fine till its turned off and agina will not ...
excessive play or wandering in steering seems like you have to fight steering wheel to keep vehicle in straight line
I Changed the transmission fluid in my elentra and still cannot exceed 30 mph. The gears shift at low speeds as expected; however when I reach 30mph it wont shift into its higher gear.
I've been told this model vehicle has had problems with the computer system and I should probably sell it, or it could turn into a money pit. Any thoughts on this ?
Does this car have bluetooth?
Started vehicle took it to the gas station filled it up. Went to restart and nothing. No cranking over just auxilary power. Waited for 10min then started right up. While driving home I reached 55-60mph. Heard a f...
I have a howl that sounds like worn tires from the rear of my truck. Could this be wheel worn bearings or is it the rear diferential?
Reverse gear in auto transmission only works when vehicle is cold.