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What sensor causes the motor to surg after it is warmed up.I have to keep the rpm's up with the accelerator after warmed up. I checked for vac leaks, for gasket leaks on the intake. I've checked the cat converter to m...
started truck in morning for work stayed on for a couple of second and died out. did not start after that has been running fine. any idea where i should start looking for problem?
I have a dashboard warning light on that is yellow and says BAS ESP - what does this mean?
my car smells a lot of fuel outside, I don't see if it's leaking, but the smells is bad it seems to come from the place where I pump the gas.
Just recently the brake pedal is starting to make a clunking noise when you take your foot off of it. It seems to return to the up position more quickly than in the past. Almost like some sort of valve that allowed ...
my car had been hard to start the fist start of the day then it would start fine but today tryed to stare it and it tryed to stsrt but woulded stay started.
dome light wont shut off with door closed an car started
Sorry if I'm repeating, but it looked as if this question bounced. When I accelerate to leave a stop position, the car seems to drag or slip when changing gears. Engine light is on, had transmission serviced, still do...
where in ubicated the temperature sensor?
has been sitting for a month or so and now wont come out of 4x4 low.any ideas?
My car seems to drag when accelerating from stop, whines before shifting gears. Transmission was serviced, engine light won't go off, mechanic suggested it may be a cellanoid what should the cost range be
when you turn the temp switch to full hot or full cold it makes a clicking sound under the passenger side front dash
Whenever I make a left turn, it sounds like a "errrr" kind of like a toy with a dying or weak battery. It gets more frequent in colder weather, but is still present in warmer weather.
hello, The vehicle is a carburated chevy 350 K5 Blazer Starts and seems to idle fine, It is set to 8 deg. BTDC. When you first start to rev it up it acts ok. When you rev it higher or get on the accelerato...
is there a certain angle (degrees)that a knock sensor has to be placed,and is there a torque spec on that?