I can push start the car to get it started, but I cannot get it to start on it's own. All my friends seem to think it's my starter and I guess this model is notorious for that happening, but I just want to know why else it might do that. There is no clicking noise when I turn the key, and I know it is not my battery, alternator, or engine (all of those have been checked). Does anyone know what else this could be or if it is for sure the starter?

Check engine came up. I reset it with the ODB diagnostic tool then it comes back.

When it drifts right, I have to correct it to the left and then it over corrects and doesn't come back to center. It is subtle, but the tightness causes the least amount of pressure on the steering wheel, and it will veer dangerously to one side or another. It is exhausting to be constantly having to monitor the steering this way.

poor mileage

Check engine light on throws code P0705

i would like to see a diagram for this

What are the possible causes and solutions to this problem?

Just not getting fire to the altenator


Can you tell me how to access the light bulbs.

My car won't start until it gets warm outside then it idols high then very low then bogs out when stepping on the gas. Once the car gets going it runs well until I have to come to a stop, then it is hard to get going again.

Available hitch balls are not long enough to bolt thruogh the bumper.

I have a 1999 ford taurus and the power stearing got hard so I checked the fluid and it was low so I added to the rigth level when I started the car it was oj but when I shut it off it started shotting power stearing fluid out the rereservoir left it at that level and its real hard to stear I already replaced the power stearing pump please need a hint or some info thanks?

This problem start when my battery was change at the battery store due to bad battery.

idling runs fine,give it gas and wants to fall on its face.replaced the fuel filter cleaned the air filter,ceck engine light is on and code says its running to lean.