My flashers work off & off

occurs while idling and accelerating. noise is getting louder each day. I think it is the power steering pump, but not sure???

Bought it lowered and wish to restore to original, what do I need to do

Moderate to heavy pressure applied to the gas pedal and clicks when some bumps are hit. Sound comes from the Driver side wheel.

Also the passenger side caliber seems like it is stuck? Would excess brake dust be a sign?

i put another 38 engine in and now check engine light will not go out my heat will not even come on

the car now smells like gas any ideas?

check engine light will not go off and computer wont read

I started the car and it started smoking drove 1/2 mile and pulled over. Parked it and then it wouldn't crank again. resivor tank was boiling ...

checked fuses

i need to find where the fuel pressure regulator is located

I have the third seat from my totalled 1999 ML320 Mercedes and would like to install it in my 1999 ML430. Is that possible, are there different brackets. The only difference I can see is no cutouts for the seatbelts although the plastic is formed for it.

Is there any way to put after factory air in a 1992 Miata and any idea on cost.

New plugs, wires, air filter..ran a tankful of high octane. Tune-up. Any suggestions before taking it to a real mechanic.

lights. Dome light comes on with switch, but not by opening door. Messed with headlights and flicked on the brights and the rest of the lights came on. I had no power to the dimmer switch control. Prob just started today.

i was having trouble with the transmission.they said my computer was going bad. is that a common thing? it is being replaced as we speak.how often does that happen? it is very expensive.