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My window went down and I heard a loud clunk. Then my window wouldn't go up or down. I could still hear the motor engage. I took the door panel apart and found that the spring on the end of the window cable had broken out of the window slider. That piece is the only thing keeping my window from working properly. What is that piece called and where would I find one?

Had almost the same problem before it was the battery,put a new battery it started running fine.Have you ever heard this

What would cause this?

it seems that at no matter what speed that I am traveling at my headlight seems to flicker, and it does not do this all the time, nor everytime that I drive the vehicle. I can't seem to pinpoint what is causing it, I have noticed it at high speeds, avg. speeds, while breaking, and also parked in the driveway with the lights shining at the garage door. The dealer cant seem to find any surges on the meter, anything else I can try???

The hands on the speedometer ar not lit up. can't see at night. Bad bulbs?

jump start worked yes there was gas all fluids were filled now only drives in 2nd gear...turned off again and now drives in reverse ONLY?? whats up with my car

blower quit working with no warning.found resistor.took it out.cannot remove harness from resistor.also is there a way to check it for being defective..

Rear SC brake caliper bolt dust cover - rubber - where to get?


want to know if is too hard change shocks what tools do i need?

1.5L Bad exhaust valve. 150 PSI on #1-3, #4 90psi. Leak down test exhaust side. customer has only ran 87 octane. Needs 91.
Is there any more labor for pulling cam? Thanks

Midas says it need front struts while Pep Boys says it doesn't. Not sure who to believe. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Need to haul something to big to fit in trunk

Shop says my fluctuating heater and occasional loss of power are due to head gasket problem. $2600 job. Is this plausible?

Car vibrates in 1st gear when accelerating too quickly. Check engine light on. Dealer says catalytic converter needs replacing $1800 (incl labor). Do I have two problems or one? Failed emissions test.