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i swapt motors but it wont fire,

I don't have a clue what has caused this . They all went out at the same time.Fuses are good.Thanks for any help.

Little less than 75,000 miles on the car. Recent head gasket, timing belt, and oil change. Check engine light on. Rough idling when stopped. Burning smell seems to be coming from rear drivers side, but also under the hood a bit. Seems to be occur on both short and long trips.

the car feels like it is vibrating when the brakes are applied and we just had the brake pads repaired.

The radio and cd's sound fine. Dealer blamed the cable connecter but upon swapping with a friend it made no difference. iTunes or downloaded cd's are all that's on the iPod so good sources. Help!

how much should i expect to pay for rear seals and bearing replacement

both sides are leaking

A mechanic told us that that's the reason he thinks it dies on acceleration.

Thank you.

I currently have none of the following which I think is due to the driver's door switch not working, but I'm just guessing.

No seat belt buzzer, no buzzer for key left in ignition, no dome light when driver's door is open, no chimes when headlights are left on.

If a mechanic or the dealership needs to fix this problem, I was unable to find anything in your "Estimator" screens related to a door switch. I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

Is there any caution doing the job on time? How about the ABS systems need to be move or not?

when I try to select a didderent page for my phone speed dial, it selects a phone number to call.
Can the screen be re-calibrated?

After the truck sit over night,when I pull out,start driving,go about 15 to 150 yards,I will hear a bang,a hard release,or a clunk. I grease my u joints and drive shafts every 5000 mile and change grear oil every 60,000 miles.I only hear it once,when I start driving to work. After work about 10 hrs I will start driving again the same noise,and hear it only once.
I do not know,if this is part of the problem,but when I release the emergency brake,the light will stay for a little while.The colder it is the longer the light stay on.I know the senor is dirty,and I must clean it.Colder it is in the morning the lounder the noise.It sound like the noise is up front,around the front drive shaft,but noise can travel.
As I said,feel like it is stuck,then release hard.Just once only.thanks for your help!

The check engine light stays on all the time. I had it scanned and was told it was Kock Sensors (x2). What is the knock sensors and how is it repaired and about how much is the cost?

code is p0175 and p0172 says that system to rich in bank one and two what car has been siting for two years and i just put a fuel pump init

Any engine diagrams or links to 2009 Cobalt Sensor repair steps would be greatly appreciated.