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ive tried pulling and unscrewing it but still wont come out

this happens when i'M ON A DOWN HILL SLIGHT SLANT. Service dept says no problems found. any ideas?

comes on after normal operating temp then shuts down and battery isw dead this is the secound alternqator I have installed I had battery checked and is good I have checked all wires and nothing looks or test bad I have not checked pcm because I cant find can someone please help

the driver window has trouble going up and down when pressing switch also

No overheating or check engine light. A/C and heater both work.

It will come back on
It does not shut down just once in a while-but it smoke stinking exaust from underneath a lot!!!

have to replace front flex joints

what controls all of the windows and gauges in my cadillac

I hear a clicking when moving it left to right. Thinking it has to do with separating door on the heater box? Air conditioning works fine. Blower works fine.

I have 90k miles on my 2008 3.4L Saturn Aura XE. I have owned the car since 40k miles ( almost 2 yrs now ) and have never had the transmission flushed. I highly doubt it had been serviced either prior to my purchasing it. AS far as I know, I cannot physically check on the fluid becuase I have been told it is sealed and only the dealer can do it. So I am unable to try and "smell" the fluid or check the color myself. Is it too late to even bother getting the transmission fluid changed at this point? Am I risking a tranny failure now? I am not having any issues with the transmission currently.
Also - where would be the best but most economical place to have it serviced? Dealerships are too expensive. Need a cheaper but reliable alternative.

Will be working then if slow down or stop cruise wont resume or reset. Then will be unresponsive to any control.

recently changed fluid and filter , 99k miles ,

My 2003 lightning has a high pitch whistling noise(sounds like a tea kettle) coming from behind the supercharger a little to the right. It only does it idling or when im at a steady speed but when I accelerate it stops. What could this be?

how do you know is someone who says thay are a certified tech is one ???? ask how to relearn a throttle body if thay tell you to just drive it your best bet is to look on for correct info ...............