I do have parking lights but no DRL(Daytime Running Lights)

Do I need to have entire torottle body replaced & at what cost or just the sensor?

this happens with remote ,keeles entry,or door switches

driver door lock operates correctly

My 2000 bravada will not shift into reverse or overdrive, and shifts hard from 1-2 gear. It won't shift from 1st to 2nd until about 3400 rpm. I have replaced the filter and fluid, which made the "service awd" light go out, but the shifting problem remains. I am thinking that it may be the control solenoid, but I am not sure where to find it. Any other ideas or tech data would be appreciated.

Car won't Start. Pressure in the fuel pump does not come up. and there is a ticking sound from under the front passenger side under the dash

I went to the local dealer and after computer inspection they saw the code po717 input speed sensor with low voltage. they reset the code and asked me to come later. now my hummer is not shifting the gear from 2nd to 3rd and when i shift on D from idle position it drags to speed up even. is it due to some switch or the transmission has gone bonkers?

doesn't over heat until coolant gone. no coolant in oil. new thermostat. coolant fan working no codes. block test came out negative. Tail pipe smokes. white

I've noticed that my 06 Buick Lacrosse makes a light rattling noise upon start up when the engine is cool. This lasts for about 5-10 minutes until the engine warms up and happens whether it is in idle or is being driven. The noise disappears completely once engine is warm. This happens everyday and has been happening for the last month. It does not seem to matter what the temperature is since it has been 80 some days and in the 40's these last few days upon start up. No indicator warning lights go on and the car drives smooth so not real sure if I should get it checked out or not. I have checked other websites and read that there is a piece of plastic that is being hit by a fan and there is nothing that can be done except getting that piece of plastic cut so that the noise disappears. Any advice?

the battery died in the ford due to a light being left on. i didnt want to mess with it so i just let it sit and remove the battery after the first year. it sat for two years total. i recently bought a new battery and went to start it. It wouldnt even turn over. What do i need to do to make it turn over and run the engine?

it will shift in 4 low.the shifter moves but wont engauge out of 4low. it happen right after i bought it drove it 50 miles, then it would not engauge. after i put it in 4 low it shifted fine. shift solinode?

All the fuses are good.

the hood. and the heater cold air blows out. what is wrong

I need to find a repair shop near Morganton, NC

I have started to have water leaking onto the front passenger floor during heavy rains. I can see it leak from under the glove box and so I want to remove the cowl cover to remove debris that has collected and that I suspect is blocking the drains. The cowl cover seems to be sealed to the windshield. Do I need to reseal it when I replace the cover, and if so, how do I do that?

Windshield washer stopped pumping. Tank is full. Is there a fuse or could it be a pump motor failure. Rear wiper also stuck half way up.