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We have a problem with our car running rough. Sometimes it drives fine, and sometimes it drives really rough. We have replaced the EGR valve and two out of the eight coils. (Had a code before and it was specific to ...
does the 06 kia sorento have a timing belt or a chain.
the seal at the oil pump is leaking severely. Can I get the seal as a separate part?
My Cadillac Eldorado is running hot and I changed my water pump and thermostat..But its still running hot i just wanted to know if anyone can give me any solutions to fix the problem..(Started running hot after taking...
I have an intermitten problem that shut off while I am driving at low rpms, at stop or idle but start right back up.
how do I get my emergency break light to turn off.The break has released but the light is staying on
My heater does not work in my 1997 Ford F250, the repair man said it was the heater door. Is there any topics on repairing it myself?
while driving my van every time i stepped on the gas it would make a wierd terrible knocking noise and then while driving, my engine started smoking, then it died and would not start again
My truck was running rough a couple of months ago so I replaced the cap & rotor, spark plugs, and plug wires. Then an engine light came on so I had that coded and it was several things. So I decided to replace the O...
My mechanic says that all these lines are rusted out and need to be replaced. He told me that the PS line alone calls for 7 hours of labor? Any thoughts as to what these repairs ought to cost me?
when in drive at a stop trany slips in first gear but if you shift it in low mannualy no slip works fine
I have just purchased a 1991 BMW 525i. when driving, the car starts to run rough at times, as if it quits firing on all clyinders. The car does not do this all the time but it is a noticable lug on motor. I dont know ...
my dome light does not come on when doors are open
Local repair shops have tried to replace the bulbs, but they will not work. In addition, the right left signal is flashing very fast inside the car, but does not work outside of the car.