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When making a turn left or right the steering seems to tighten.

Sounds like it might if it were short on power steering fluid. Sound fluctuates when turning the steering wheel. Initially was present on cold mornings but now on most days when car is started, and appears to be lasting longer.

Still no change. Engine not overheating. I did not check the thermostat, how often are new ones bad.

I recently upgraded my phone and I would like to retrieve my original repair pal app is there any way you could send me a link to it or something?

my lights all work like they are supposed to them one or both of the head lights goes out. then they will come back on and all of this is intermitent then some times it never happens at all.
it only affects the dipped beam the fog lamps and hi beam are never effected.......
Any ideas?

my light is out on my radio

automatic not working and turn on switch do not turn on low beam

when you turn on automatic not and turn on regular switch low beams still out,help

occurs after about thirty minutes of driving. not radiator, water pump, and no leaks. we did notice that fan's not going fast.

it was working fine after i shut off the car about two hours latter there was no blower , I checked the fusses and thy are fine

Car stalls when engine light comes on and I am at a stop like a light or stop sign. It does start back up well so far it has. What could be the issue?

2nd cylinder in the engine is bad and motor needs to be replaced. does this make sense?

Ive had all new shocks installed Tires,Brakes all new ball joints on front and alighned .And, I still have this wondering back and forth on the road? No1 seem to know what the problem is? Its also a Z71 4X4 and never has been in the mud or sand and has 169,000 mi.Had all this done when milage was 168,900.New Tranny also.Would the power steering pump be the problem? Not enought pressure maybe?

every time i start the car and i'm checked the gas cap

About 2 weeks ago I bout a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee & it has a transmission leak that is getting worse. I am on a budget seeing how I just moved & am looking work for the first time since 11/2011. The truck leaks fluid every day & right now it has say for 13 hours & looks like its lost a quart of transmission fluid which is worse than it was few days ago.