seems more prominent at 50 mph. accelerate and it stops, let off the gas and it also stops.

turning the engine off. I have to disconnect the battery but when I try to connect the negative cable it gave a big spark. I'm hesitant to connect it again. What should I do?

a video to repair this leak,heatercore or ,hose in to the firewall.how difficult is this to fix.?

four door. honda accord. 1997

Smell gas but can't see any leak, nechanic told me needed to replace fuel injectors, but I think new o rings would do the trick. What is the vacuum hose possibility?

am repairing the wheel bearings and need it asap.

heater core remove and replace

Well, it would seem that I have to write something in this box.

Sometimes it will start and sometimes it doesn't start right away.

When I use the driver door key lock or the inside switch the doors do not always lock/unlock. It takes several tries to get it to react. Obviously everything is working mechanically because they do work eventually. Any help is VERY appreciated.

have f-150 cab and 1/2, 6cyl.. having trouble shifting hard,drop to 2 or low, nothing happens but while in drive all works well except shifting hard in 3rd and overdrive, then when driving long time will not shift into overdrive,, but not allways, think tranny getting to hot,, not sure

also does not do it all the time

My local Nissan dealer just told me it would cost $1155 to replace one of the two catalytic convertors on my 2005 Pathfinder. Is there truly two - one for each bank of my V6 enginer? Anyway, is this a repaid easily done yourself?

Hi, My car is Corolla S 2011, and I have 2 questions.

1. Every how many miles I need to change the automatic transmission fluid? It doesnt say on TOYOTA manual book.

2. Does it wear timing belt/chain? Do I need to change it? If yes, how many miles I need to change?

Thank you very much

could it b drive train cmptr? diagnostic says not calling for shift. No codes after replacing SS and TPS. Trans shot or is it electronic ??? Thanks !