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play in stearing while driving continious
i repalced the bulb and check the fuse trying to find out if there is any thing else i can check to get the turnsignal to work
Hey everyone. I just recently had all of my spark plugs and ignition coils replaced to solve a misfire problem. Now, the check engine light is on and the car sometimes shakes (but not at all severe like a misfire). Al...
How much should it cost to repair the steering rack by a repair shop
when I make a right turn there is one knock on the passenger side. what could this be?
I felt something weird when I was driving about a week ago, on the highway. Like a hesistation. A few days later, while I was stuck in traffic and moving very slowly, my car just cut off and the engine light came on. ...
transmission shift gears perfect,but not speed go very slow n sound like something is loss
What is the weight of a 1998 ML320
Occasionally, my truck won;t start. It is running fine then it won;t start then is fine again for a few weeks. Replaced ignition coils, camshaft sensor, spark plugs, wires, and fuel filter. PLEASE Help me .....Thnaks !
need to know how much vaccum i need to engage front wheels.
the car is leaking coolant and it appears to have water in the oil i see water leaking around the intake
what is fssand fss service and how much does it cost
I have a 2000 dodge stratus 2.5l v6, and the heater and air condition have all worked great until like almost 3 months ago. I have been running the air condition all summer long with no problems and all of the speeds...
cruise control does not work - could this be a fuse problem ?
Occasionally experience weird wheel vibration/shudder when driving. Typically happens at near constant speed between ~ 20 - 40 mph on a level paved road. When I back off the accelerator slightly the problem goes away....