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I have had lots of problems with my carpeting. I have large holes on the drivers side and have had to replace the floor mats twice. No other vehicle that I have owned has had this poor quality of carpeting. My Mercedes was owned for 10 years and I never had a problem with the original factory installed carpeting. Where can I get new (ivory/beige) carpeting and what is the best possible price for it? Can I install it myself? Does anyone have the instructions?

i tried to twist it but it would not turn.then i heated the intake with heat gun still no success.

whether what mode your in ( 2hi auto 4whl or 4 hi )the indicator lights go out after about twenty minutes then b off for a long time then will come back on later but if in 4 hi or auto 4 wheel when light goes out it seems to revert back to 2 hi

Once it turns about 60 degrees which is about 12 noon she starts righ up no problem. Anthing below that she will not go. Again I get all the electrical but she will not turn over.

i replaced my dimmer switch after the dash lights stopped working totally the stereo is factory and the fuses are all good i think it is the harness that connects to the dimmer switch is that likely and how hard is it to replace

This just started i am very happy with the car and have been since i got it.I just had the oil changed and now the door dont want to close.I thought it might be lithium greese or something like that.If anyone has an ideea of a way to fix this.Without paying a ton of money i would really apretiate it thank you

I have a 2003 explorer with 137k. I have replaced the plugs, wires, coil, and the manifold intake but the truck still idles slightly low at times as if it has a miss fire somewhere it feel like i have a vacuum leak. what am missing?

How do i change my steering shaft

temperature control knob was turned all the way to cold. when i went to turn it all the way to hot, the knob didnt seem to have any tightness to it was just loose. i took the knob off the shaft. the knob itself is ok, but the shaft the knob pushes into ( the shaft has a spring on it) just spins around. what is the problem. is this an inexpensive fix that can be done by me or do i have to take it to a auto repair shop? will this be a majoe expense?

How do I replace the car battery on a 2004 silhouette

the digital clock will not work i can not find the fuse

I recently replaced the starter, fairly recently replaced the alternator and have been told my battery is fine.

Took in my Honda Pilot for a recall on the seatbelt stitching and was notified that the front lower compliance bushings were torn and leaking. They needed to be replaced and since our warranty just ended in October of last year, it was going to cost us $1200.00. Our Pilot has 43,000 miles on it.

Car will not start but has power and lights. So we turned on the brights and tried to turn it on and the lights went dim so we took the starter out. Is it bad and is there a way to check looking at it.

what could be the problem