where is the fusable link or does anyone have a diagram of fusable links on this car

Just purchased a used 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe, and after about 5 days the Engine Check light has started coming on and the engine idles 'rough', like its sputtering. Otherwise the car performs fine. Last night the engine light was lit (always on) and then after about 10 minutes driving home, it started flashing.

The manual says its emissions related but makes no distinction between flashing and always on.

Q1: It is safe for me to drive this to the dealer? (Towing is costly compared to driving - and if I am not likely to blow it up/cause more significant damage, I'd prefer to drive it in myself)

Q2: The timing is very coincidental (days after purchase) The vehicle was inspected by a third party and serviced before being handed over to me - it has 130,000 kilometers on the Odo. Is this likely a 'bad luck situation' or could this be misrepresentation? If they 'tweaked' the engine check light, what should I ask the vehicle service tech to look for when I take it in?


got the code po304 but i dont know which is the #4 cylinder.
i need advice on how to find it

Just recently I had my coolant system repaired and now my ABS light has come on. I haven't had any problems with my brake system and was wondering if it could have been damaged during the engine work?

its not the power steering hoses,what elsecould it be?

I've checked all fuses.

Hi, I have a 2001 Seville SLS (100K miles) in which the driver side power seat is operable but malfunctioning. For example, when I push the 1 button for seat position 1, the seat will move into the automatic EXIT position and vice versa, or will not move the seat at all until I press it multiple times. Also, and most distressing, when I press any power seat button at all, the heater/ac, heated seat and radio will shut off or turn on. In sum, the driver side power seat isn't working correctly in any way. Thanks for your help!

In addition, I just had the heater/AC repaired, a new water pump and a new battery installed. The heat and ac are working fine now but they couldn't figure out the problem with the seat and the apparent short circuit to the heater/as and the radio

this just happened

i changed fuel pump, it is working, im gitin fuel up to the bleader at back of intake, i have pressure, truck wont start unless i dump fuel into air cleaner tube

I pushed the 4HI position a couple weeks ago and it just blinked at me and would not engage. I replaced the front diff. actuator with a used one and it worked fine for about 2 weeks, then that one burned out so I replaced it with a brand new one and now the switch just blinks at me again when I try to engage any position except 2HI. Wondering if its the position sensor on the encoder motor on the transfer case, or the Transfer case control module behind the headlight switch in the dash? There is no service 4WD light.

what is the best way to change a heater core

What fuses or relays should i check? and where are they located..

wut should i do now

i changed the fuel pump ant im giting gas to the bleeder valve but wont start

will start when i dump gas in the air cleaner tube