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i replace relay and fuse--no help

the park lights will not go off--i pulled fuses and light switch--no help fuel gauge wil not work---is all this related??????

I've been noticing an exhaust smell coming from the front/middle portion of my vehicle for some time. My check engine light came on and I took it to mechanic. He ran a diagnostic and said I need to replace my catalytic converter. I'm getting it fixed in a couple of weeks. I have to save up. Can I drive the car in the meantime or will I damage it more? I just need to get from A to B temporarily. By the way - best car ever. This is the first major problem I've had.

how hard are they to change out?

it runs fine in park but, when i put it into gear it viberates and losses power going up hills. poped the oil cap while running and it blew my hat off my head. its got a brand new mass sensor, plugs, wires, timing is spot on. help!

keep in mind it some ti ames has this kinda knocking sound gets better sometimes when we use a fuel cleaner or injector cleaner could that be the cause of lo of gas

what more can I say the driver side window wont roll down but the rest of the windows do

so can i adjust the pull cables to make it shut all the way

How hard is it to change the speed control sensor?

one the heater hoses is easy to replace but the second one I do not even see where it's connected to the engine block, is there a way to replace that one?? I hve rised the truck with ramps..I have used a flash light to try to see where that hose is connected to but I just cannot see please!

what all could b wrong? looked in my repaire manual, but didn`t say much.

the check engine light came on!!

Both doors open with the door buttons inside the cab. The key will turn and it feels and sounds like it's unlocking, but it doesn't. First only the passenger side, but now both doors are like this. Crank windows.

i have it diagnosed already and the said that its the evap sensor