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is not blow hot air in side that car
I have a water leak onto the floorboard- only where the driver sits. The floor seems to only get wet when it rains. Is it coming from the engine compartment? under the dash? I first thought it was coming from the driv...
i am more or less looking for step by step directions
I have a Daewoo Matiz Se Plus (2000) I've had to put it under chevrolet as my car is not listed on the scroll bar above! At the moment my little car seems to be making a whining noise, which can be heard from inside ...
If car has been in cold temperature, when I start it there is a rattling, clanking sound, especially when starting in reverse. What could this be?
help! my volvo just stalled and wouldnt start back up, i suspected a dead battery so i replaced it. drove about 3 miles and car started to lose power and stalled again. will a bad battery prevent car from running or s...
can you tell me where blend door actuator is located, in the dash or under the hood on firewall or maybe on the engine block.thanks for any reply
how much for all new front and rear brake pads and rotors?
can not turn hazard lights off only will turn off when battery is disconnected
Just replaced the diode for the DRL on thecross bar under the dash, the lights havent been working for some time.
very annoying, if I press to lower the passenger side window it may or may not go down or up. currently in a down position awaiting repair action. all action to raise or lower the window is done by the driver.
brake(dash) light is on ,reservoir appears to be low.I don't have owners manual,what specific brake fluid should I put in my 2006 golf diesel
Car won't start, dealer says my all activities control module needs to be replaced and the battery may be to small. But this mod doesn't seem to have anything to do with the vehicle starting.
I have a 2003 Volvo S60...ocassionally the sunroof won't it didn't work in the AM, then later I tried it and it worked, then when I went to leave the car it wouldn't close...any tips? solutions? I don't ...
it shifts fine all through the gears but dosent want to leev fourth onec it is ther then when i decrees speed it pulls back and dosen want to shift out of first ????? im veary confusd the shop told me no codes came up...