this just happened

i changed fuel pump, it is working, im gitin fuel up to the bleader at back of intake, i have pressure, truck wont start unless i dump fuel into air cleaner tube

I pushed the 4HI position a couple weeks ago and it just blinked at me and would not engage. I replaced the front diff. actuator with a used one and it worked fine for about 2 weeks, then that one burned out so I replaced it with a brand new one and now the switch just blinks at me again when I try to engage any position except 2HI. Wondering if its the position sensor on the encoder motor on the transfer case, or the Transfer case control module behind the headlight switch in the dash? There is no service 4WD light.

what is the best way to change a heater core

What fuses or relays should i check? and where are they located..

wut should i do now

i changed the fuel pump ant im giting gas to the bleeder valve but wont start

will start when i dump gas in the air cleaner tube

wont start but will turn over and over

Air flows to all areas when control knobs are turned. No change in air temp, heat is going to the core.

Just want to no if anyone knows why it was the little wheel part under the hood but it burned up only the rubber garmets but almost had little flame.

After buying the battery yesterday, I called the auto parts store back and it was suggested that I may need to 'reset the computer' to make the error msgs. stop. How do you do this?

I have a 2002 f150 and the air compressor was making a funny noise then the belt broke and the truck would not stay running. Is it going to cost more now than befroe the compressor froze up and the belt broke?

The fan spins very,very slow then cuts out.

Please tell me what can be done, or is it time to get rid of it. Also, it won't change gears when pulling off, added trans fluid about 2 wks. ago, when all of this started. Alternator & battery replaced in the last 48 hrs., but still getting the same error displays: ESP, battery/alternator, SOS, SRS, and more that I can't even remember. It's traumatic to stop in the middle of the street...