i have replaced all 4 o2 sensers, all spark plugs, coils, catalytic converter, and a few fuel injectors . after all most 2 grand im still having the same problem. no check engine light is on. van runs fery rough while idleing and has no power when driving. has 84000 miles on it. please help

I'm trying figure out why my A/C is not working correctly. It works on normal while driving, but not setting still. The compressor cluth does not engauge.

conditioner was not working so well...I had the freon checked...and the fellow added some..but told me he thought the door controlling the air flow on the drivers side was stuck shut. I get air flow through the vents on drivers side...but no cool air. I suppose I need to investigate under the dash and see what i can free up. Any suggestions for what I should be looking at/for ?

This has been going on for 3 weeks now.Some days the lights go off for a day and then right back on.The lights 90% of the time are flashing.Two auto shops have checked for codes but nothing shows up?I am considering removing the sensors one at a time and will try and clean them.

When I first turn on the key on my 1994 Mazda B2300 I have no power. The charge slowly builds to virtually full in about 30 seconds. Once running the voltage meter bounces considerably, but the truck runs without any problems( Until I shut it of and all power is lost immediately.) Do you know where I should start in checking things out?

checked the fuse and it was fine. Is there another fuse or something simple I can check under the hood?

told to replace transmission, noise goes away in 4th gear

I started my car and went to put it into gear and the gear shift moves but it isnt catching and going into gear. It just slides up and down. Its an automatic transmission. How to I fix this problem?

my car won't start unless it is push started (manual transmission) I was told that it is not the starter. at one time i had to replace the valve cover gasket because oil was leaking in. don't know if its related or how to start the car without push starting it

when ever I get between 50 and 60 I can hear a noise from the engine. it's louder than my radio. sounds like when your engine is reving too high but my tac is between the 2 and 3. i'm stumped

i get power back, will do this everytime i need more power. replaced egr valve and o2 sensor its better but will still do it.

it happens eveytime u try to start it

When it is really hot out and a/c going I smell a strong gas odor drivers side and inside the car. Fuel filter has bben changed computer o rings changed and sensors have been replaced please help

Car runs fine once it starts, but it is difficult to start. I have replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter/pressure regulator. Any ideas on what is causing the problem?

untill i turn the switch off and turn it back on and then I can drive for about 20miles before it happens agin it only starts to blink at idle but continues at any engine rpm