the other day i filled my gas tank and when i restarted the car it died. this happened about 10-12 times then it finally started and ran fine.all was good after that till today. I got in the car after driving it a while it restarted normal but when i put it in reverce it kind of shook a little and died. I tried a couple more times after letting it sit a few minuets and the same thing. SO I am stick in a parking lot right now and I have no clue what to do, or even check. ALL fluids are good.

parked the car and saw coolant running on the ground. could not find leak after refilling with coolant and car overheats within a mile or so. thermostat changed to no avail. chrysler garage ran pressure and dye checks but could not find the leak or cause of overheating.

We have read manual but no troubleshooting is available.

At first I was not able to turn the knob to adjust the speed or turn it off. After I turned the car off, was able to turn the knob. But no air is blowing out.

not, sometimes if I hit a pothole it will come on, when I have it on I have checked the fuses and the relay is ok. I think it maybe in the temp.control, off on switch.

Took the car to dealer,they said i need new battery, i never have a problem with starting the car, starts right up.They want $400 for a new battery installed.

I took my car to a dealership to have the bcm replaced, but when they called me to say that it was fixed the drivers side door lock works but the other three no longer have power. They want 600.00 to replace the actuators in the doors. Does this sound right to you? It sure does not to me. They worked fine before the bcm went out. Would love some advice on this issue. I have not picked up the car yet.

Hyundai SP3 and Rear Brake Set cost?

Is this going to be an epic adventure? Or is it as easy as it looks? one is worn and the other isnt and do i need to remove the entire tie rod to do this?

It is Fully Charged, The low Pressure Switch has been replaced. but it still turns on and off on its own. The fan does not tirn off it is only the compressure.

The wheel hub is damaged (bended) and needs to be replaced

it is only when i am idling at a stop, i have recently cleaned the mass air flow sensor and consistently run mid grade fuel as i was having problems with it running to lean. just recently ran risolone fuel system cleaner/lubricator through but normally use another brand. codes p0300 and p303 pop up when the diagnostic was ran.

The shudder/vibration doesn't seem to occur when making a hard right turn, and a wide u-turn seems okay, as well. The groaning noise was metallic in nature. Otherwise, the car drives straight & doesn't pull to left our right while street or freeway driving, nor during braking. Driver's side axle was recently replaced due to torn CV boot.

When my car was in the shop to have the cat replaced they recommended the rear seal be replaced.

Drivers door electric lock door lock will not work at all and the drivers door ajar light comes on quite often. Door lock doesn't work in either condition. One sliding door colese and opens back up right away and the other doesn't open unless you pry the back with your fingers.