I have a 1990 De ville and the a/c unit needs to be recharged.The system runs but no hot air comes from the vents. I have no leaks. last year the heat worked fine with the exception that it wasn't very hot. Now I have no heat only cold air. Fuse(s) are good and I don't have a clue as to what's the matter, could someone assist me in getting heat?

Wont start, I think it is miswired.

Its 7.3 a diesel and its putting out blue smoke when running

code 1273 came in on code list

I'm looking to buy a nice, low milage b4000 with the 4.0 sohc engine but am concerned that it would have the timing belt tenioner problem like my 2002 ranger did.

my car looses coolant when I drive it. I can drive 3 miles and I need to add coolant. What could be the problem?


CODE P0727

The kit from the auto store says not to use on plastic mounts. What do I use?? Anyone?? It was knocked off clean and the glue on the window looks like it can be heated, it's smooth and flat?

In addition, I was also informed that my check engine light (LED) is blown!!!

engine is making a ticking/tapping sound when stoped, runs good at all speads, sound is pissing me off at stop.

tested wires at trans and got no power truck will not come out of four wheel drive

What happens if ur ac clutch seizes up.i got A 95 f150 and i think its the clutch but under hood where the triangle wheel is that has the rubber garmits almost started on fire.can i still drive by unplugging without it catching fire again or am i screwed

my engine light came on i had a diagnostic test the code stated my fuel tank pressure sensor was the problem ive noticed excessive trembling when i drive and im burning gas at a alarming rate will that sensor make my car tremble and burn gas fast.

I recently got my first car as used one and do not have much knowledge on the internals/working but am interested in learning.

The problem is that, there is lag whenever the car shifts into a higher gear. The lag is felt substantially at the lower gear shifts; from 1st to 2nd.

I had teh car diaognised at midas as well as autolabs. Both of them said that there was nothing wrong with the transmission.

Autolabs was very helpful and discovered that the exhaust converter was leaking and replaced it ( cost me my paychecek though). THey also said that the lags will go away. I admit that when i got the car back from autolabs with a replaced catalytic converter, the lag was not substantial. However, after driving 80 miles, i see the problem again. Im afraid to go back to the stores without much knowledge this time.

Please help me with some pointers.