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How do I remove and replace alternator on my Lexus 2004 IS300
My manual transmission truck is losing power or has little power in any gear. I have in the last year I have replaced the clutch assembly, ignition. Could it be electrical or what?
the abs light comes on,the service traction control light comes on and there is a grinding noise in the front when you brake?
My mechanic recommended I have my tranny oil changed (64,000 miles) but since then I have had issues with it hard up shifting in 3rd and 5th gears (sometimes 2nd.) I checked the dipstick and it calls for dexron 3 but...
When driving the mercury villager suddenly pulls to the side then corrects after new front tires and new alignment.
After replacing 4 tires, shop recommended repair of leaky struts. Please explain necessary repair.
when I go to turn on the fan on my S-10 for heat etc it won't come on every time one time it does next time it doesn't. What part do I need to replace
at times I dont get any air or fan not blowing heat and then sometimes it does.. I'm sure it could a number of things but trying to narrow it down. thanks
My Nissan Frontier 98 been leaking oil from steering gear box off and on for the last two years. but now it is leaking more, Is this a problem with the high pressure hose or something else? In last two years I have ad...
to replace this after the catalatic converter, does the converter come off.?? is this in the piepes
what is the fuel tank removal pro
PT CRUISER HEATER CORE is there a fast way of doing this any shot cuts out there thanks
while driving my car suddenly started to slow and lost all power and the oil light came on. i was told i have a dead battery. i let the vehicle sit for a bit and tried to start the vehicle and it will not turn over. w...
ineed to take the dashboard to replace the wiper control moclue