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Car will not start. Key wont turn in the ignition. Small pieces of metal are falling out of ignition.

dealer says valve stem seals

cleaned rotor & cap contacts, has spark. replaced fuel pump summer2011, now check engine light is on

fuses are good, light bulbs are good. wipers work, high beams work

after I changed burned fuse, it works for a while, and fuse burns again. I already changed gas pedal, but still have same problem. Can you help me?

this has blown twice this year

I need to know if that is true.

changed the map senson also had to remove the cat converter

looking for the "book" time for the replacement. (or resource for book times in general)

I can still drive but i am concerned that this may leave me stranded. I would appreciate any help.

i also need a new motor mount..should I have dealer replace it or can I order online and have someone do it
thank yoo

Already put new brake pads on,but have this irrating noise.Kinda wump,wump sound when applying brakes

When driving at highway speeds, I press the accelerator and the car does not accelerate, then my power steering quits. I have to pull over, shut the car off for a minute and then after starting it back up everthing is normal again. The battery checks out fine, and had a relative drive it for a few days and it did not do it. Any ideas?

Is this a simple repair? I found the whole gasket online for $20.

dealer have to fix because its a metal hose do any one know if this is true