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Trying to check fuses for electric seats and can't find them
how do i replace the power window motor on a 2002 mazda b 400 pickup
Where is the therma stat?
My yellow oil light just came on, what does this mean>
rear main seal clutch replacement estamite cost
i drive axell change front and back a hard job? Any pointers on how to do?
there is a glare from the dashboard in my front window.When the sun is shinning it is even worse. It is distracting.There is a middle section on the dash that reflects at all times in the window. What can I do? I brou...
when i put i foot on the gas the truck is very slow to go i have 133000 miles on the truck i drive it to work. thank you
replace wheel bearing
The D light is blinking and the vehicle drags when engaged in the drive position. What could be the posible cause
I hired a private mechanic to replace my struts (front and rear. When I got my car I noticed that when I turn the steering wheel, there is a noise coming from the struts or front wheels. I ignored it but when I was dr...
Son hit a sign and lost all oil. We think he damaged the oil pan and want some idea of repair costs.
A majority of warning lights and alarms keep going off every time the truck is running. How do I find out what the symbols on the display mean, and how can I turn them off? I had been told that it needed a new batte...
my heater doesnt work it wont heat at all