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Car jerks only when going into second gear and then runs perfectly smooth with no weird noises. Also, alternator light when on and off, dash lights dimmed and wiper blades moved very slowly then alternator light when...
headgasket and timing chain
The heat only works on the passenger side, I have had it many places and no one seems to be able to fix it. The dealer thinks it is the water pump??
what does the dash light look like for the tire pressure
I accidentally abused the automotive cigar lighter in my car (held it in all the way for a while until it got white hot) and the next day it didn't work. Any ideas?
We have a 2004 Jeep Liberty 3.7 with 160,000 highway miles only. We have followed the maintenance schedule faithfully. Today the engine started surging from 1800 to 3000-3500 rpms..No check engine light, no nothing.....
door windows dnt work wont start
i check the fuel pump relay by switching it with another, how do i know which fuse it might be?
abs brake change master cylinder there is 3 set of gears in abs system how do you set the gears to make it bleed right front bleeds and left rear bleads
My car is leaking steering oil fluid (slowly). The rubber hose that is visible from top of engine is NOT the source. The pump is presumed to be okay because no noise is being made. About how much should I pay to g...
I have a 1991 Jeep Wrangler (manual)and need to change the fluid in the transfer case, what kind do I get? Do I need ATF or will 80W-90 work great also? Thanks for the help.
I have a 1995 buick 3.1 liter engine i am replacing the o ring were the distributor use to be,but i am having a problem getting it out,any suggestions on how to get it out.Thank you randy.
a/c acts erratically, usually too cold, while there is no heat at all. Solutions?
My 2000 cherokee has about 109,000. Recently there is a hesistation once I put it in reverse / drive or when stepping on the gas after a partial or full stop. This doesn't happen every time I perform one of the act...
I have changed the fuses many times didnt help, someone said it could be in the switch just spent money on it, didnt work. We have looked many places for a wire grounding out cant find nothing, any other suggestions??