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It has problem shifting into gears. Transmission?

My 2001 chevy venture van cranks over just fine, but it taks a bit for it to fire and then it might take 2 or 3 times before it starts. once it does start there are no problems, but i do smell gas.

1) is there a code that I have to enter in order to reset the stereo/cd player?
2)is there a fuse to replace.
3) I have punched in several different combinations on the stereo key board and it only results in an "error" message replacing the word "code"
4) all other digital read outs work except the clock which displays the time two hours late and blinking.

The passenger side rear shock is missing the bolt/screw and rubber gasket behind it.

when the control is in the middle it has a mind of it's own, sometimes stays cold and sometimes gets hot.

Does this have to do with brakes or suspension.

2002 Dodge diesel 2500 5.9L I6 Tempature guage goes up and down w/no warning, also engine revs out of control. CODES: p0577, p0118, p0123, p0343, p0606, p1286

weve put a code tester on it and it shows no codes

Clean MAF sensor light still on, whill a aftermarket filter will throw the light?

dealer said box alone is $800.00

140,000 miles ,also they recommend water pump ,belt tensioner ,block etc they gave estimate $2500 ,I owe 3400 it worth fixing

All regular maintenance done with less than 70,000 miles.Does this pertain to the braking system

if it was an old rear wheel drive american car it would proably be the universal joint, what could it be in this car, the stomp in coming around front seat center i think. This is a knocking sound.

It moves all around can not see anything missing dont know whats wrong with it.

Has a 4.3 liter with steel heads and block,I replaced the head gaskets and had the heads machined,it ran fine for an hour and a half then it overheated,a shop said it either had warped heads or a cracked block.I think that possibly the torque wrench i used may be bad ,if i over torqued the head bolts could this have made the head or block crack?I didnt put a whole lot of force when i tightened them down.