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I changed the fuel pump & fuel injector and still the same problem, starts only if I apply something in the inlet

Ive replaced my o2 sensor, map sensor, tp sensor, tp motor, plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor. My truck starts,and runs with a high idle and goes down pretty fast, but after it warms up, it will stall. If I turn my engine off, it won't start right away, almost like it's flooded. It could also be my cam sensor too? I would like some on the location of the crank sensor, and maybe some tips on how to install it.

my sunroof is off track is this comon for this car

3.1L eng., leaking large amount from somewhere under alternator area. Heater and hoses are on opposite side of compartment. Waterpump, hoses, temp. sending unit, heater hoses NOT leaking. Does this engine have freeze plugs that might have popped out? We have not had hard freezes here.

Have swaped relays 1 & 2

Started hearing a roaring noise while traveling. Pulled over and notice the right front tire was low of air. Put air in the tire and the roaring noise is still there. Had tires rotated, back brake pads replaced, still have roaring noise. What is this? Started all at once.

Car is sputtering when driving and check engine light is on.

I'm unable to close the gate.

98 gr Marquis when initially started it is hard to steer. Very tight unlike normal. After a bit it loosens up. What could cause? I just had maintenance done an oil chafe with all fluids checked. I'm stumped!

I bought a new one from the dealership and it didn't work. Called the dealership and they said the new panel has to be programmed at a cost of $100. Can I program it myself?

The car has not started for a week with no code. So I have change coolant temp sensor, coolant fan sensor, checked for spark (it good), check the fuel pressure its @ 42psi when trying to start. So last night I went to go F with it! took off a spark plug wire and started it up! It ran Great-- What The Hell "I said" turned it off put spark plug back, started it up (Check Engine Light On - Code Read P0139 "pressure regulator high pressure"). So I unplug the battier took it off sensor and cleaned it (looks like this - -) put it back together started it up ran great, NO Check engine light on "perfect" FIXED & DONE... This afternoon girlfriend calls me saying the DAM car wont start. "REALLY" I go home try to start it NOTHING & NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT it's like it never started.... so sad!

car does move but slowly. In neutral rpm won't go higher than 2000.

Replaced fuel pump, water pump, thermostat, and it is still turning off.

i turn the switch from auto to 4 high and then to 4 low and no lights come on the dash and the 4 wheel drive don't work

so the car dies when u turn right but after you do it starts back up and it doesnt do it when your going about under 15 to 20mph.