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When cold the car will start with starting fluid, when it warms up, it will start and run fine.
I was told by a friend that i need a new brake light switch. I don't have any brake lights at this time. Fuses, bulbs are fine. Turn signals, hazards, reverse lights, headlights, all are fine. I can't seem to find whe...
Both ball joints went in my car. Is this something that can happen just going over a small bump or does it take a while for them to go
I have a bad muffler like sound in my car. After it heats up it kind of stops. 1 year ago, I had all the belts changed.
While driving, the heater will blow nice hot air then cold; AC blows cold then warm - without me touching anything. This could happen several times on one drive. Had at shop 5 times - they can't find the problem.
I have a 2002 745i and i woke up on mornin almost every light was on it included the caution light, a parkin brake fault light, the abs light, and a brake drive malfunction light... im tryin to figure out wat it would...
can i bypass my compressor with a smaller belt
Check engine light is on-Code P0174 says system too lean-left bank.
I own an '06 Sentra with 49K miles. When should i do the timing belt/water pump & how much should I expect to pay?
My wipers work but no fluid comes out. I don't know where the fuse is located for this and the book that came with the car is generic I have a 2005 Chrysler GTC 6 cylinder Automatic Conv.
my daughter's 93 legacy wont start Ihve checked the batt. and terminals but cant find the starter help thanks
My 2004 325i coolant (radiator) light comes on and off while driving. I took the car to the dealer for this problem and they said it was a sensor problem and replaced the sensor and pressure tested the system.
When I was driving yesterday my 4x4 High and 4x4 Low lights started to flash on the instrument panel. They flash a few times and then go off and later flash a few times and this continued all day. I also noticed my ...
Can anyone give me an estimated dollar amount for this service. Also, where is the best place to buy catalytic converters? Thanks.
I turned on my heater a week ago and it is not putting out the heat that it did before -- I see that my temperature gauge is not coming up to normal temperature range even if I drive it for an extended period