Repairman says Low compression (50) blown cylinder valve.$3500 to fix. Any other suggestions? Car still runs ok once it gfets going but idles very low and rough.

I am having trouble with a right side interior dash leak. I can't seem to locate the problem and don't know what is needed to fix the car. does anyone know what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix this problem?

codes were erased but no work was done how many mile must I drive for the engine light to come back on. Code reads left camshaft adjuster.

happens only when I am parked, have to disconect battery and like nothing happen, any idea that can help?

the car. What could be causing this problem? Thank you.

And the dash lights are out and the SRS light stays on

is it possible for lights, radio, wipres, etc to work and car will not start

had local shop non dealer check it out and could find nothing wrong.

I have had my brakes replaced withing the last 60 days. Recently the ABS and other dashboard lights come on. I have had the brake light switch and the ABS pump relay replaced. Solved the issue for 3 days. Lights back on and am being told the ABS Hydraulic Pump Assembly may need to be replaced at a substantial cost..Could there be another cause such as brake pads installed incorrectly or the wrong pads being used?

the check engine light was on.

Air will not come out of the dash or the floor only the defrost area. It does not matter if it is cool or hot it will only come out of the defrost area.

Noticed front floor wet on both the passenger and driver side. Thought it was leak from door seal. Pulled up the carpeting and there was about an inch of standing water. Appears to be coming from AC/heater drainage tube. But not sure. HELP! Has anyone heard of this problem? How do I fix? Is this going to be an expensive fix?

Check engine light came on, diagnosed with ERRor code P1758 Lockup Solenoid Valve B fault. Had the transmission fluid changed and light stayed off about 2-3 weeks. I was on the highway @70mph and the light came back on.

Just recently had this service (and had valve cover gaskets replaced in same service) and ESC unavailable was displayed in dash when starting car to leave. Car immediately returned to service dept. (never left pkng lot) and then after this was supposedly corrected after turning off then on vehicle by dlrshp the radio, Nav system did not work. 1.5 days later car was dead, stone dead couldn't even turn key in ignition???

changing the spark plugs and installing a new gasket