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I want to replace the cabin air filter, but not sure if this filter is behind the glove box, or some other place and don't want to start tearing stuff apart unneccessarily.HELP!
Check Engine Light on, code reads for Purge Valve. Mechanic has replaced twice, last tlme @ N/C. Car has auto trans. and almost 75000 miles. Runs great, no other obvious problems. Any ideas? THANKS
where is the TRANSMISSION CONTROL MODULE located on a 2002 Dodge Dakota
add oil every 800 m
turn signal flashes faster, bulbs are ok.
brake lamp panel light won't turn off
Last night it was very cold and damp out. I let the van warm up and the windows took along time to defrost. Today I started out for work I didn't let the van heat up and the van hesitated like crazy until it stalled, ...
I Have two problems first one is the need to replace a head gasket and need a good local mechanic. The next problem is my vw jetta glx vr6 does not pass the smog inspection. it barely passes the emissions part and the...
rear window will not power up or down. Both driver and passenger windows do. All three are operated from the same switch,could it be a regulator,motor, or a relay somewhere?
while idleing my gauge cluster lights pulsate (dim then brighten to normal (this process repeats itself)). It's a distributorless ignition system. The components are as follows- PCM, CKP, CKP trigger wheel, and coil p...
to intalled the timing belt what kind the tools i need to use and where to find
rear hatch lift gate and window will not unlock or open
Engine seems to speed up and slow down even after it warms up. I read somewhere that something dealing with the throttle body needed removing and cleaning with carburator cleaner. Can anyone explain exactly what needs...
only on am when engine is running
The air and fan work along with the airconditioning, but not heat on any setting.