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I recently got a car running and need to get the car to pass emissions. Everything is stock on it.
Had 2 front calipers replaced and brakes bled manually on vehicle with 189000k so I'm trying to figure out whether manually bleeding brakes could cause brake failure after an emergency hard stop.Vehicle was driven ov...
I have a miss in motor, have had fuel system cleaned and it helped for short time, now it is back. could it be the fuel filter or the pluges.....
Change cap rotor wires plugs distributor coil cranks but won't start
Just replaced intake manifold and plugs and wires, and mass air flow.. The check engine light is not on.. Can't figure why milage is sooo poor... about 15mpg on highway!
why will the shift lever button not depress when trying to go from park to reverse?
anyone cause it isnt geting better and i really love my var
My driver side window will not roll up. when i push the button to roll the window up or down you can hear the motor still working, so i think its the regulator. how much does that cost to get fixed??
how do you get troubleshooting codes from the check engine light?
my truck wont drive in starated yesterday without warning
vehicle starts for just a few seconds ...where is fuel pump relay and how do you check and replace it? Need diagnostic codes as well
car turns over slowly than just clicks. i tested battery with multi meter and battery tested good.
The water leak is coming from the right side of the engine, I can't see where it coming from, not from the hoses, is it freeze plug or a water pump, I thought the water pump is visible from top.
i cant find my starter relay my car is a old police car and i have look all over the fire wall for it and cant find it
I had parked my car to go shopping came back out started up fine but when I tried to go in reverse it wouldn't budge. But it will go forward. It just started doing this tonight.