my car wont stop squeeking even afer i change the pully tension wheel?

"I can't see how to remove the altenator

my label for park, drive, etc fell into the console. I thought if I removed the boot cover I could get into there.
Or do you know how to remove the console

I have to reach down and turn them off.

It started out with the air condition not working after 10 minutes of driving. After engine cools the air will come on again and quite after 10 minutes.Now the car overheats.

Recently bought a 93 Pathfinder with manual door locks. Ignition key won't unlock the doors. It has been suggested there is supposed to be a separate key for the doors. Anyone know if this is true? If so how do I go about having a door key made? Thanks

How can I check the bulb or test the unit?

does it most after it reaches temp.if manualy shifted it drive's normal

no leaks at present

Somehow it came loose and dropped down into the dash and I cannot get to it to "pop" it back into place.

Hi, I bought my escort back in 2000 and it is a 1997. I think it had around 54,000 miles. It has NEVER stopped being in the garage. I swear it should of been the death of me. I am not counting in general needed maintainence like tires, or tune-ups..you know things like that. I am talking about struts, engine mounts, 2 radiators and on and on and on. In the past 10 years, although I only have 106,000 miles, I have spent 5 THOUSAND dollars in never-ending repairs. I want to tell Ford about this, but somehow I don't think they will care. AND I worry about the underneath rusting now...and could I even fix that. I am on disability so a car payment is out of the question, sadly. I just want to know if this is normal? Do others spend this kind of moey for repairs? And yeah, I could just sit down and cry. I just spent another 165.00 this week.....
Thanks and ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated!

It was working, blowing cold air, and when I was 45 mile from home it just quit. It had been making noise before it quit. Could this have been the clutch going out?

and want to change the motor oil from regular oil to fully syn oil it is safe to change to fully syn it has 29723 miles

id like to fix one car with the other ones parts? can i do that?

even after removing the key