what kind of factory pads came on the vehicle

is it an expensive fix?

can feel heat when driving, but not while sitting still

The noise comes on and will shut off intermittently while the vehicle is running. It sounds like a fan. It is coming from underneath the vehicle in the rear on the driver's side. It appears that the noise is coming from a square looking device.

while driving on highway, there is minimal heat blowing.

key stuck in ignition

When turning off the ignition an electric motor runs for 10 sec, it is not the antenna mast motor or engine fans

stays the same. Why dosen.t it go to around 700 rpm,s ?

Cannot get RPM's over 1500 after car warms up. No warning lights on, engine gets louder and sounds like low growling.

48000 0n the car and I changed the fuel filter thinking that it might be getting clogged and fuel trying to back up thru the vent. She hardly drives it but it has been a week now and the smell hasn't diassapated.

last week checked coil supply voltage ok. replaced coil (no output). Started and ran okay. No start yesterday. . .checked supply voltage to coil. no voltage. no dtcs

need to drain radiator where is drain located

When you turn the key it sounds like it wants to start but is getting no fuel. Any advice?

Looking for the r and r of a starter on a 1996 2.0 Mystique

When putting key in ignition it would not turn. The ignition was replaced, keys were "re-keyed".