ABS, AWD lights stay on, melting rearview mirror, front end shaking. Is there a website i can go to & type in vin # to find recall maintenance and repairs?

ABS, AWD lights stay on, melting rearview mirror, front end shaking. Is there a website i can go to & type in vin # to find recall maintenance and repairs?

Also, my rearview mirror is literally melting and has caused reflection to become blurred, what is causing these problems??

I am replacing the head gasket and need to remove the intake manifold. I have removed all the bolts that I can find but it won't move so I am thinking that there are hidden bolts. I have not removed the fuel injection rail system so could that be holding the manifold? The manual does not say that you need to remove the fuel rail system to remove the head.

the key became logged in the ignition,replaced with new switch but the engine will not turn over,it was running fine until this happen, the switch came with two wires attached,can you bypass this anyway to make the car start or what is the next step to getting car to start,everything else has power, is it something to do with the key,because the new key does not have the the little code things on them,need help must be able to get to work, i had ohm the old key and the code 3 is 677ohms, thanks, i really need help.

I'm experiencing water, depending upon the intensity of the rain, i.e, light rain - light dampness or heavy storm/wind - soaked. I have inspected around the interior and exterior windshield, door, and under the hood after having read related stories. There's nothing whatsoever evident of where water could be getting in. Soaks up clear. This has just begun with this car. Any clues?

it is plastic and screw under the engine and oil pan the screw are there but the shield is gone

Had the turbo replaced in the truck because the engine clogs up and the truck loses power.

theres no apparent shifting problems at this time. a mechanic told me that a scan for codes wont work at Auto Zone. anyone with the same issue and what the fix is? thanx

It can be driven for hours and hours then out of no where it dies. It wont start right away but if you let it sit for like 15-20 min to cool down it starts. Already replaced 2 coils. The fuel rail while running has plenty of pressure but when key is in only on position and not running it barely trickles out. Could it be fuel filter or pump?

Is there a trick to removing the rear rotors on this vehicle? I know they've been on there for awhile, but they aren't budging... not even with serious hits from behind with a hammer. Any thought?


i have been through three belts in two days everytime i start truck belt gets pushed off very bottom pulley

clunking and popping on drivers side inspected and noticed a bar not attached and looked the other side and it was attached...with a bolt and 3inch piece of rubber..what is broken and can i replace myself???

I installed a new AC compressor on my 1999 ford escort accumulator and orifice. Did a vacuum on it then filled with freon it began to cool. After first can of freon the AC compressor would not cycle on again. So checked out fuses nothing blown. Then wired the compressor direct it worked. What could be wrong and how can I check it. I was thinking of wiring up a lighted toggle switch from a boat switch with a 30 amp fuse until I can figure this out South Texas heat sucks!

replaced every engine sensor for evap sys.good fuel pressure.new distributor,new wires,pulstar plugs.this problem is all over internet but no fix.thought i was good mechanic but banging my head on this one.pops code for multiple cyl misfires and that's it.seems to do it more when hot but not exclusively.i have a throttle body spacer and performance chip on IAT sensor.The shop said computer was good and they can't find it couldn't fix it.Could it be intake plenum leak?I'm tired of hearing it's a dodge thing!