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My driver side window will not roll up. when i push the button to roll the window up or down you can hear the motor still working, so i think its the regulator. how much does that cost to get fixed??
how do you get troubleshooting codes from the check engine light?
my truck wont drive in starated yesterday without warning
vehicle starts for just a few seconds ...where is fuel pump relay and how do you check and replace it? Need diagnostic codes as well
car turns over slowly than just clicks. i tested battery with multi meter and battery tested good.
The water leak is coming from the right side of the engine, I can't see where it coming from, not from the hoses, is it freeze plug or a water pump, I thought the water pump is visible from top.
i cant find my starter relay my car is a old police car and i have look all over the fire wall for it and cant find it
I had parked my car to go shopping came back out started up fine but when I tried to go in reverse it wouldn't budge. But it will go forward. It just started doing this tonight.
Car won't turn over. New battery. sOUNDS LIKE STARTER
is it possible to pull the crank shaft on 4.3 vortec while the motor is still in the vechile
how to replace clutch and pressure plate
Car has been sitting for months and last time I drove it ran great. It fires right up and runs good buy after it warms up it starts to misfire or rough idle any ideas?
how do i change the thermostat in the 2007 chrysler 300. the dealership wants to charge me $266 to change it.
how do I check fuel pump relay ...need location...there are 4 of them. car will start for only a few seconds. how do I get codes using the check engine light? I put jumper wire from A to B on ALDL then turned key o...
What would make the low oil pressure light come one when the oil is full and I have had a recent oil change. It will come off and on all the while the engine sounds perfect.