i did some -- i disconnect the wire from the water sensor but no help.

could it be relay went bad?

all the time engine noise, a little less after oil and filter change

44499 miles. would this be a failure or result of normal driving wear.

The check engine light keeps coming on

That's what a Firestone dealer said. Also that if not done the wheels and/or engine could fall off while driving or even when parked from the weight. Is that true? Can it be driven at all before fixed or is that not safe? Thanks.

Then the speedometer goes to zero instantly and stops working and the brake light and the ABS light come on and the car runs great. What could that be?

I just drove it home from passing the emission test and the belt broke and truck overheated and coolant all over.

I need to know the procedure to reset all the sensors and basically the computer to the car
ECM PCM VCM o2 sensor, map sensor, so on.

the right side panle is broken do i have to replace the whole window or just that glass panle an how much am i looking at.i live in baumholder,germany us.army

This is happening while rolling on smooth pavement. It seems to come from the rear quarter and more from the Driver side. Only once did the noise occur while my foot was resting on the brake and I did notice a vibration on the brake pedal at the time. In 3 weeks I guess this has happened about 8 times. I do not notice any acceleration, gear shifting, power, turning control, or braking issues. I cannot reproduce the noise by rocking or bouncing on the Jeep. Transmission was replaced around 86K and the Jeep has 126K miles on it. Thank you.

I can manually shift vehicle, but when in d feels like it its in 3rd or 4th gear. Under load, the cab's voltmeter dips below 12v, dash and other electricals dim, but returns to normal after taking foot off of accelerator. Other boards suggest electrical; i'm thinking alternator. I haven't been able to get a code reader to it yet.

Is it the pump or what?

no leaks all seems to work no heat

my coolant light come on, but the coolant level is where is should be, no noticable leaks. only have 27,000 miles on car.