Not even a dome lt. batt has full power. I check all cables, looked at fuses is there a fusible link I'm missing, babe behind the F box?

battery issues and starting problems

pulled door panel, speaker good with test, no breakage in pass through harness..where should I check next.
car only has 83,000 auctual miles and mint condition otherwise.

how do you change the starter on a 2002 sebring 2.7l properly

When I press remote to open, it opens, but when I press it to close it beeps but will not close

i used a tape measure but still cant get a proper measurement

will flushing help?

The front gasket was really easy to do but the rear one I think I need some help with. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

This also happen while driving and I step heavy on the gas, but it goes away when I get up to speed.

My previous car had this feature standard.

Purchased all new tires. Still is alot of road noise and vibration.

Vehicle was filled about a 100 miles ago and gas cap was checked.

is a special puller required to pull the brake rotors off?

My outside temperature gauge has been faulty for sometime. When it began acting up, the engine light and battery light also came on. I took it to a mechanic to check with a diagnostic machine. He said the diagnostic machine answer was, "Battery temperature sensor low".

I noticed a smell of 'burned oil'. No oil leaking anywhere near the top of motor or the filter. Dip stick isn't indicating it's low on oil (1/4 qt. low). Quite a bit of oil around the pan and a gasket looking thing if you're on your tummy under the car looking up. (Your right shoulder would be on the inside of the front left wheel) It makes a noise while running and accelerating that sounds like something hydraulic whining....can't pinpoint it exactly but it's predominantly mid-center on the left (passenger side) motor area.