This problem generaly occurs when going up a hill it feels like the motor isn't idling fast enough.

comparable with the same amount of precious metals will suffice versus not buying the whole assembly? there is no codes but pending 0420 catalyst below threshold bank 1 o2s are bouncing well what you guys think i am not trying to be cheap just efficent

I'd like to see diagram on where i connect the vacum hoses on htr cntrl valve

I have a 2000 Windstar 3.8l I did the 171&174 fix about 3 months ago.Ran great for 2 months.About amonth ago started running rough at idle and on the highway.No check engine light on,no codes pending.Changed spark plugs,wires,coil,dfep,tps,iac,maf,gass filter,checked all vacum lines,gass pressure,fuel injectors.Did the 171&174 fix over.Checked all fuses.Does not matter if its cold,hot raining or clear outside.Can anybody guide to what to check.

I've heard it both ways, mostly that they need to be replaced by someone trying to sell me an expensive new set.
My car-nut buddy says they're fine, never need replacing.

But my truck seems to sit a little lower on the driver's side (I'm not THAT heavy, only 175 lbs!) and the suspension seems to squeak sometimes going over the bump into my driveway.

What's the deal?

I got A 93 sentra and the prob im having is ill be driving down road and its usually when i push clutch in and coast to stop sign or anywhere sometime it just dies while driving.any ideas its usually always in 2nd or 3rd gear

It had been around 5,000 miles since I had it changed at a shop, and after I put the 5 quarts in that the manual suggested, it read way above full on the dipstick.

My car-repair nut friend thinks I have the wrong dipstick, possibly I got a 4-cyl dipstick for a 6-cyl engine?

But that doesn't explain the missing 2 quarts of oil. The truck isn't burning it, there would be a black cloud following me, and I park every night in my driveway and would spot a leak immediately, but there's none.


Ok i got 95 f150 5.8L and i guess the compressor seized up cause it was smoking real bad almost caught fire but my question is my buddy unplugged it and said i could still drive my truck and it wont catch fire and i can use heat and defrost.i just want to no if he is right and if so how long can i drive it.

I've mistakenly trusted various shops with changing my oil and checking my fluids, but recently noticed a leak in my radiator, so I bought the part and asked a friend to help.
While swapping in the new radiator, my friend disconnected the hose that runs from the transmission to the radiator (I didn't know it did this, I'm not much of a car guy) and he smelled a bit of the fluid that dripped out, around 1/2 cup. He said it smelled bad, burnt.
After the job was done, I started the truck to move it and immediately knew something was wrong. The transmission felt like it was grinding. I shut it off and we checked the fluid level - it didn't register on the dipstick.
We added 3 quarts, and it finally showed on the bottom of the stick, but my friend advised against adding too much, saying it might make a bad problem worse faster.
Now it works, but I can feel it slipping a bit.

Am I totally hosed?
Should I replace the thing or try rebuilding it? Truck has 203,000 miles and I was hoping to keep it a couple more years. Time to replace the entire truck?

I'd rather have a manual transmission, does it make sense to switch now?

6.0 diesel motor acts like it is flooding and blows blue smoke. It always happens when setting at a stop light or just idleing in gear, and then accelerating it blows the blue smoke. Gradually clears and runs o.k.

She is driving wonderful.. I only no the issue is there because my check engine light came on, other wise i would have known I had a problem?? It says it could be a internal transmission problem or a open or shorted circuit conditon,, How do I really no which problem it could be?

Battery was just replaces. When trying to start the engine nothing happens, key won't turn on.

I just replaced the battery so I am wondering what the problem could be.

If I leave the car in idle it will start to overheat, a personal mechanic looked at it already but not at a shop so could not diagnose why the fans were not coming on unless I turned on my A.C.

i had been at work so the car had been sitting .... i pull out of the parking lot and just out of the blue it dies on me its like i was giving it gas and it didn't want to go and then dies so i stop the car start it back up and a little bit later i give it gas and again it acted like it was going to die i was giving it gas and its like it didnt want to go so i pulled over waited a min. and took off.... does anyone have any ideas