Every time I start the car the sound of liquid rushing or gurgling comes from underneath the center of the dashboard. This also occurs every time I depress the accelerator.Again,occasionally,the "Hot Engine Coolant" light comes on when the temperature gauge indicator goes all the way up to the maximum temperature.

Hi, I think the Passive Anti-theft System (PATS) of my 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 SES has gone bad. The car starts but the PATS light in the dash board keeps flashing if I turn the ignition off, also when the key if removed from the ignition and when I get out of the car and lock it. In all the above instances the PATS light keeps flashing. How can I reset it or whats wrong with the car?

attempted to start 1 year old battery after sitting for a few months. Charged started for a second engine cut off and security started alarming. Need help!!! Is this a security thing? How do I get it started???

just had fuel pump replaced a week ago now i think my tranny went. no power, starts fine no reverse very poor power in drive. no check iengine \lights or anything, just no forward power. mechanic said he smelled burned tranny fluid and that it needed replaced, any alternative oppinions?

the check engine light came on and has not gone off.

i want to replace it myself, but not sure where it is

Looking for a web site to but fog lamps that bolt into my Rav4. Do not want to but them from a dealer.

Hello, I had the transmission repaired on my Aunts van. After the repair, the air conditioner stopped working and the van is extremely loud, like the muffler is broken or something. Is the muffler and air condition affected when repairing the transmission? Also, can you tell me what it should have cost to fix the transmission? This was done as a side job by a guy I do not know and he charged almost $3000 and won't give us an itemized receipt on parts and labor. I think we were scammed. Thanks for any help, Kylene

Lately, hearing a squeak in front driver's side tire every time the vehicle is moving. Every time the wheel gets to a certain rotation tire it seems to make a noise and it's starting to increase in notability. Have removed the tire but did not see any possible leaks. Also, tried shaking tire to see if it was the tire rod, but it seemed to be solid. It does not seem to be the brakes since the noise does not occur/intensifies when braking. I think it might be the hub bearings but still would like to hear from others.

Im really dont have the money to waste on another bad car so please please help

Pick up speed. when I stop excellerating it quits. also it sounds kind of funny when it idols. Please help asap. It does it all the time

pep boys say i need a new fuel tank pressure sensor but have to buy the fuel pump too. The pressure sensor is sold separately for 35.00 so I dont know why I need a new fuel pump too?

i have a 1997 toyota t100 3.4 ltr. 6 cyl.
i recently overheated it causing my head gaskets to blow ,,, i got a friend of mine to take the motor apart . i had my heads completely rebulit from natl cyl, head in tampa
that mechanic said my heads turned out great ,,, but my mechanic who put it all back together either didnt do something right or something else is wrong because now
the cooling system will not except a thermostat we tried 3 different new ones fail safe ones and it still over heated so we took and left the thermostat out ,, it runs cold now but it idols really high,,, there must be some reason why it wont except a thermostat but my friend cant figure it ou t,,, he swears he put it all back together to the T by the book ,, so any suggestions ??? please desperate stressed confused and out of money now ,,,, please help thanks

My 94 cutlass supreme has a pretone leaks from the freeze plug a lot n can't afford a garage, so pls say u can help. thank you

and at other times will start right back up it will occur at least once aweek lately