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I am putting my 97 T-Bird together from a heater core replacement. In attaching connectors, I ran into a black male connector coming off the Ignition Lock Assembly that has a mated black female connector but just doe...
The third air mass meter just blew??? Bad meters? or what else can be making the new meters blow?
what causes gasoline to get into my coolant system
had a new battery put in 3 weeks ago. worked just fine for 2.5 weeks until i went on vacation for 9 days. So it sat untouched. Now i get back and it wont start. Took it back to shop and they said the alternator is fin...
changed oil pump did not hand turn motor crank sensor got hit buy sesor plate got ripped off its mount ripped timming belt replaced every thing aligned aall timing marks reassembled now hard to start crankes good once...
hayward nissan dealer wants 750.00 to replace passenger door window motor. charged me $145.00 to diagnose problem after i told him it wouldn't go up yesterday.
Warning on rear lights when all lights are working; Warning on low radiator fuild and fluid is full; Engine Warning light on - new muffler and catalitic converting - no obvious problems
Hi, I need to replace the oil pressure switch in my chrysler sebring convertible touring 2.7 v6. I am not sure where it is located. does anyone have a diagram of where it is and how to replace it. Thanks for helping m...
No air out of the vents when I turn on the a/c or heat
is it difficult to replace the timing belt on the 1998 rav 4, note - car does not have antilock brakes? Also, is there a special sequence when putting on the belt??
All Wheel Drive light came on. Cable was switched and the light went off. Driving to Hilton Head, SC the light came on again. What could be the problem?
The engine is a 5 speed and it could be off timing. How much would it be to fix this problem?
have blown 4 fuses since august
I just fired Frontenac Honda for cheating and telling lies about mycar and exorbitant c harges. I like to maintain my car and want a reliable auto repair company. Can you fill the bill?
Just bought a used (obviously) 2000 Montero Sport LTD. Love it and it's lots of fun to drive. My curiosity is that the engine is turning almost 3000 RPM when I'm doing 70MPH. Is that right? I feel 4 distinct shifts an...