fuel pump relay location

front components and cover must be removed. drop exhaust, starter, raise the engine three inches and drop the pan. need gaskets, seal, pump kit, pickup tube and screen, oil, filter and antifreeze. estimate seems way off. depending on mileage, add timing gears and chain, tensioners, water pump, belt, spark plugs, and a new starter. how do you arrive at the estimate?

leaking from a hose

Car starts won't move.

I am trying to get it through the outside cheaper but what part would I need? You can't open it through the outside of the car.

My concern is that the air bags won't come on if they need to,

My 2004 CRV drives fine but yesterday I noticed when shifting into drive the "d" light was not lit. Today I noticed, with foot on the break, I can shift into reverse, neutral and the lights are on but when shifting into drive there is no light and I cannot shift into the lower gears. Would appreciate any help.

the heater system blows cold unresponsive to temp control

Neither power sliding door works with the remote or the console (door sounds like it is trying to unlock and engage, but will not do so on the passenger side, and it will do nothing on the drivers' side.) I am unable to open the passenger door at all by hand, and the drivers' side door opens with difficulty. I am unable to unlock or lock the passenger side door as well.
The "door ajar" buzzer is also constantly going off!
I would be happy to even have the doors simply work manually and without the power option.

I tried to start it and it tried, but just kept dying, had it towed to vw dealer, and they can't find anything wrong with it, So now what do I do?

Hwy driving is 24 miles per gal.in town 17to 20 miles per gal.

This is the standard / base model vehicle

Have not attempted any removal as yet

I removed the throttle body cove and the wire hold down braket for cylinders 1,2 and 3 I can't get at the sensor its blocked by a wirer harness how do i move this out of my way?

I had my water expansion tank replaced, two weeks later the CEL lit and had the Porsche Dealership service the car, their code findings were cylinder 1-3-5 not working. Causes could be cooling leak into them.

The car started and ran fine until engine temp. reached 180 degree then it started to idle rough plus the CEL lit & stay on while driving. The car do not burn or smoke from pipes at start-up or while idling.

Any ideas what could causing this problem, I appreciate any info of a possible solution.