Recently i gave my car to the valet in N.Y. and when i picked it up the security light on the dash was on , now it stays on no matter what i do .Cant seem to shut it off . whats up? what did he do?? and how to i shut it off...btw car starts and runs fine

and all electrical came back on and engine started; second time this has happened in 3 weeks. Is this an anti theft problem or is it a bad battery in the key fob?

i know it is under rotor cap

engine misses badly at around 2000 rpm

96 5.7l vortec

when it dies it will restart and act normall for some time

I tried to use the release button and then it got stuck in neutral or reverse.

Replaced the EGR valve, solenoid, and frequency valve, O2 sensor, CAT, and did tune up. Please help! Running out of options.

Then checked the wheel and saw marks of the inside off the rim What could be the cause? Brakes are ok. Could it be wheel Alignment ? It is probably causing the car to drift to the left Tires look ok to the eye .Thanks for any help you may provide on this issue

98 Olds Intrique with the 3800 V-6, the car runs and drives fine but all the dash lites stay on all the time everytime I start the car.

what replacement part do i need to fix this problem

seems more prominent at 50 mph. accelerate and it stops, let off the gas and it also stops.

turning the engine off. I have to disconnect the battery but when I try to connect the negative cable it gave a big spark. I'm hesitant to connect it again. What should I do?

a video to repair this leak,heatercore or ,hose in to the firewall.how difficult is this to fix.?

four door. honda accord. 1997