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pops when try to start possable spyder valve?

it started after a cooling line broke and leaked out fluid

But again, the tires were not removed. Is this possible to the point of being able to see wear on pads and rotors?

A dealer recently they performed the brake system flush, but they did not remove the tires. Is that possible?

i was told there were 2 to each car

I have a 1991 VW Golf Cabriolet and my radiator fan is not switching off. It's drained the battery. I have replaced the relay but still not switching off. I left it a couple of days, jump started it and topped up the water, it ran fine for about 20 mins then the fan kicked in again- it's really loud like it's on overdrive or something and the only way to get it stopped it to take the relay out every time I stop the car. Any ideas?

There is a med loud clunk sound and the tires lock causing them to "bark" at 35-70 MPH and bounce up to a stop or you can release the brake and swerve.

Checked battery and connections all good, checked starter, starter good, checked fuses all ok just don't know what else to check, not showing any trouble codes, this is the first time its happened

and other days it will shut off well im driving

no reverse lights in with key fob unlock.

The driver side tail light stopped working a few days ago. I replaced the bulb and socket but neither have fixed the issue. The brakes and turning signal work fine. I need to know where the fuse is for the tail light. Can anyone post a diagram or tell me what the location is?

2000 Ford Explorer Limited AWD 5.0L

what parts need to be removed

I own a 2006 ML500 with 81K miles. From time to time suddenly the transmission stuck to a geer (I don't know which one, sometimes geer 2, sometimes geer 4 and sometimes geer 1) and do not shift at all. I stop and put it into P, then it will not shift at all. BUT as soon as I shutoff the engine then start it up again, the transmission shifts fine and back to normal for at least a month or so then it happens again.
One day it happens after I gone over a bad bump on the road.
One shop told me it is related to the brain controller of the transmission which cost more than $2K as part only!!! well, if it is electronic problem then how come it goes and comeback from time to time??? any thoughts???

I want to take out my water pump on my carivan diagram of parts that need to be removed

I jump start my van and it works and 5 min later the check gauge light came on and the van dies out again.i think its a power shortage but i dont know where to start.please help me.....