First the light by the rear cup holders, then the airbag light stays on at the dash, now my lights stay on on the rear view mirror (map lights) and door lights.

slow or when parking the car. already replace power steering pump.

I stick metal pin on driver side have someone raise lever while i try get rear cable out equalizer ,but does not provide any slack.

I checked the bulbs and they were good. The tail lights even come on when the head lights are on; but do not work when I press the brake pedal

Each time I replace the pump the seals blow out.

Toyota tacoma 1999 single cab, 4 cylinder, a mechanic looked at it and just to as alittle test we put a little 530 oil in that where the spark plug is and started acting better ... whats the best way to go about this and is there maybe a quicker and cheaper way about it ?

I need to know where b1-s1 is located.(fwd.) or (aft)?

dealer and they still dont know why, they said that they need to run more tests.. lights, horn and alarm work..while driving home the car wouldnt get pass fifty and the a few hours later no start at all... what could it be

I need the location.

passanger window will NOT go up or down

I have replaced the head lights, checked the fuses and made sure that the was power going to the fuse, switched out the relay for the low beam headlights. I also swapped out the low- high beam switch. Anyone have any ideas??

Because your car is condition based, everytime service is due on your car, the standard scope message comes on to ensure you that the service is done and light reset to the proper future expiration date. The scope allows the technician to run a computerized test to make sure the vehicle is also electronically ok. $140

The Power steering, coolant, brake service is a flushing and reinjectment of the fluids. $250 each

The brake replacement to the rear, includes pads, rotors and sensor. $890

The fuel induction service cleans out all the black carbon in the intake of your engine. $250

already but it wont budge

My car has an aftermarket alarm with auto start...When it gets hot(the car, from driving) or its hot outside the car loses power and doesnt want to start.If you hit the auto start itll power up but not stay running...I thnk its wired in correctly...Any thoughts? I dont even know where to ask a mechanic to begin...