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Heater blower stopped working. Would work when it felt like it. not getting power to switch and the fuses are good and the relays are also good.
waterpump not working ,i need to no how to change it.
where is the oil pan plug, is there a diagram
My 98 Sentra will not start. It spins over acting like it what to start, but does'nt.Battery and starter went out first,I replaced those.When i tried to start it all it do is spin over.
how do i replace transaxle bearing on a automatic , can i pull the bearing off after removing the output shalts or ? thanks
Now that winter is here my blower will only blow cold air. There is a "clicking" noise that come from under the dash. When I turn the Setting knob to cold it is quite--when I adjust it to a warmer setting it starts cl...
my brake is really stiff and wont go down but a few inches and wont stop unless u put alot of presure on it and the anti lock light wont go out
I have heard that using a block warmer will cure this. But there is no block warmer on the Endeavor. What is the cause of the issue?
We can't find the crank shaft sensor
Since having my cam position sensor replaced in 2006 I have been plagued with codes p0171 & p0174, have changed out both oxygen sensors, pcv and all vacuum lines and still had p0171 & p0174 persist. 6000 miles ago I ...
abs light stays on all the time and i dont know why
what type of engine oil should be used?
Where is exact location of "bank two - sensor 2" ?
I checked the starter, solenoids, battery, connectors, wires, ignition switch and just cant figure it out. Yes I'm a novice at fixing my truck but can do it. My truck will sometimes start and sometimes not. When it ...