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every time my car get cold or if am going to us it, i have a hard time getting it started, and is smells a lot of gas.. but after a while it would start and it would run find after ward what is the problem with my car
what is the blend door in regards to no heat
automatic headlights stay on key out
type A service 1 ranch but what does the letter d mean ?
if i can't clear the heater core, what is the best way to remove the heater core on this 1992 grand prix
The truck was running fine & all of a sudden the "Electronic Throttle Control" light came on the message center & the vehicle lost power. The accelerator was not operating & the truck was starving for gas. I shut th...
showing 1 ranch and the letter d ...should i wait until it shows me that i need an oil channge or whatever the problem is ?
Have a 2002 Mazda Tribute ES-V6 (3.0L) with 58,000 miles and well taken care of. Went to the dealer for an inexpensive oil change service special they offered and they told me my Water Pump Belt is cracked and needs ...
how would you recommend i flush the system? the radiator is good. could i take the side of the hester hose that i can disconnect and take my garden hose and connectit to the heater hose and flush it that way?
This is a GLE with "Auto" setting on the climate control head. It went "kaput" shortly after a couple of repairs regarding the radiator system. The radiator had to be replaced due to crumbled/ corroded plastic beneath...
how to take out the starter cant get to one of two bolts
The heater core leak
I have a 90 300zx NA 5spd and it is running horribly. The engine randomly misses and even back fires on occasion. The check engine light flashes on sometimes but for the most part it is not on. The things I have done ...
where is starter solenoid located on 1994 mercury couger xr 7
When I come to a stop and try to go again, the engine will rev like it is neutral still. Then, it will jerk and go and it slammed into gear. Any ideas on what is causing it? I changed my transmission fluid 6 months...