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Only happens in winter!! Trans shifts well when warm. Often cant tell it shifted unless you look at TACH. Well maintained but high mileage. Always 700 & 731.

I sent my car in to have the front panel replaced after someone ran into the left front part of my car. I was told it was only a cosmetic damage. I wasn't pleased with the garage then as i had to bring in a few more times with 'noises' coming from the same part of the car. 6 months down the line, my new mechanic now tells that the inner CV boot has split open at the SAME left front of my car. could this be the related to the damage earlier from the accident or a bad job done by my previous mechanic.

Don't have the owners manual, finding a repair manual is expensive. It's not entirely obvious with the air filter going in vertical rather than horizontal on these models.

number one cylinder not firering

fuses and breakers seem ok. seem to have power to all connections under the seat. nothing works.

It starts and the lights and radio work but the remote, alarm, turn signals power doors and heater don't work. I was able to get it home but don't know what to do?

first it came on and off. now it stays on. spilled about a cup.

warning light comes on and stays on most of the time, but not always

i have had my heater core and water pump checked. my thermostat has been replaced. I don't have a clue to what could be causing the cold air? Could it be the heater control valve?

i changed the therostat and checked the fluid levels

since my father-in-law sold me the pickup i've done 3 plug changes and have changed oil on a reg. time.the fuel dump is getting worse. i've been to my mech.but no answer.HELP....

Its hard to tell where the sound is coming from, but it is only during the pressing of the gas padel. Once the car is driven for 30-45 mins. the sound goes away. When it sits for a while, or gets cold the humming comes back.

where is the heater switch located on a 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada

The lights are out for right half of the directional vent dial and all the interior fan dial, as well as the light that indicates the cruise control is on. What do I need to replace?

I checked all of the fuses and nothing was wrong. I have a feeling it's a wiring problem, but I don't want to have to take off the whole door panel.