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it also has a hard time going past 60 mph and issues with shifting

I've been having problems with stuttering and loud popping when I change gears as if there is something wrong with the exhaust or O2 sensors. I put off having this fixed. Now my stick is sticking and won't go into gear no matter how much I push on the clutch. This happens on and off. I haven't heard the gears grinding much until now I have to almost punch it into gear. 1st and reverse are the hardest. I'm afraid to drive it because I got stuck and had to start the car while already in gear to move the car. Is this a fluid problem?

When I cleared the codes, the car returned to normal, until it warmed up. start up nothing- turn off and restart works great for 200-300 feet. I think it is electrical or a bad sensor.
All the shops only know one word, rebuild, with no discussion.
Where do I find an honest trans mechanic? I changed the oil and filter and found the pan clean, no shavings or grindings. I just can't believe it needs and overhaul. If it was mechanical, I would have the same problem all the time, Is it the PCM? ISS? OSS? Could it be the computer? Wireing loom?HELP!

How do I get to the two top bolts?

and replaced the two fuel filter and put 10 gal. of fuel
still will not start tried starting fuel and it tries to start

it wont power up at all and i found a s video cable under
console thats unhooked , could that be a issue ?

when I turn car off fan blower under driver's seat remains on. Why?

on the right side the light was smashed, the bumper pushed back, which is keeping the hood from opening

It sounds like a baron going bad.Which pulley would have a baron.

when i start the car up the steering wheel is hard to turn but when i drive is easys up

Can the service engine light come on because of it?

2001 Chevy Silverado 1500
Truck will start, sputters for a minute then stalls. Will restart and do the same thing over and over again.
Have cleaned the MAF, replaced the fuel filter, disconected the MAF, nothing so far.
Feels like a bad carborator (I know it doesn't have one.)Don't want to spend the money on the wrong part. Any suggestions? P0171 and P0174

Reading the best thing to do is pull the motor, cut the head off the bolts. Then remove the head, weld nuts on. Use heat and penetrating oil. Years ago used to do some VW motors. They had a similiar problem, they sold Elephant studs. Does Subaru do something similar? What does one do if you have to strip the block to get them out? Seems all of my head bolts are this way.

The fuses keep blowing out. What could be the problem?

Real bad knocking in bottom end.