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Have a 1999 mountaineer idles slow and dies in rainy or cool weather check engine light comes on and resets after driving a number of miles on hte freeway.
About 4 months ago my fuel gauge quit working. I had fuel sensor and pump(for good measure) replaced. Now the gauge quit workinmg again, but this time it sits pointing straight down - is it the dashboard gauge? Als...
gas gauge only moves to 3/4 after filling up and works fine after that but it seems like i am missing like a 1/4 tank due to the size of the tank. could it be a sensor or floater issue?
Was quoted $123.00 to fix cigarette socket so I can use my GPS! What is involved and how can I get this done cheaper. Thanks
how do you change rear whell barrings on a 97 geo prizm?
The car battery has been dead twice this week end. This morning after jumping it the ABS and trac lights were on and the steering and brakes stiff. Tonight it started fine, but the gear shift would not move out of pa...
whats the sun shape sign in dash board, between battery sign and oil sign
How often should the brake fluid, fuel injector and cooling system be flushed>
antifreeze blew out radiator cap and filled the overflow tank up.
Are there any special tools or techniques for performing a brake job on a 2005 Mercedes Benz CLK320? Should i replace the brake sensor(s) also? Thank you for the knowledge and help!
brought car for a local dealership here in arlington,texas which the dealer brought from a renter car com. in florida. i kept up with oil changes and other maintenace even drover car to south texas this past may 2010 ...
Location of the fuse box on a 1997 acura rl for the radio.
My car is not leaking brake fluid anywhere but I have to pump the brakes 2 or 3 times to get any pressure to stop. Any ideas on what may be causing this problem.
I have a skip in # 3. I have had the the wires and new spark plugs installed first. The skip is still there and service engine lights comes back on. I had the coil pack replaced, still same as above. Changed spark plu...