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How much should they charge to fix it

How much should they charge to fix it

was working saturday sunday am was going to store turn off had to put gas all the way down be for no need to low r.p.m will not move new fuel filter

How can I set engine idle speed?

wont clear inspection

I am pretty sure the front wheel bearings need replaced. It's not the tires (new), and all the signs point to wheel bearings.
2009 w 100k miles. Am I better off taking to dealer or attempting to take to my local trusted mechanic. I am hearing that the dealers are the only ones with the proper tool anyway.
how many hrs labor and what would be cost?

the air pump blew the 20 amp cartricge fuse and the one i replaced it with. What would be the cause for this?

some time starts no problem after a couple of some time no crank but power and wiggleing the starter relay seems to work most of the time the dealer i bought from had cleaned engine with armorall i think could taking this out and cleaning possibly work?

They all quit working at the same time. What caused this, how do you fix this and was it a recall problem that I am not aware of?

My EPC light and check engine light are on but before this happen about a month earlier the door chime constantly came on and went off especially if driving over bumps and making sharp turns. I took my car to the local car clinic which could work on volkswagen vehicles. I was told that the constant chiming was caused by a faulty driver's door wiring harness and that needed to be repaired to make the chiming stop. By the time I got the door wiring harnes part, now the Epc and check engine light is on and the car will start but it will not drive. I know the problem is electrical but what exactly is the problem?

what would cause my vehicle to flood out

how many coils are on a v6 Maximum eng

Buick 2007 Lucrene 3.8 litter engine

I would like to know the prices on getting an engine for the Lincoln LS 2003 rebuilt if the engine has locked are the best thing to do if that is the problem

having a misfire problem scanner will show all cylinders misfiring at times the faster the engine runs the worst it gets but idles great and starts good hot or cold also gets fair gas mileage 193000 miles