Water is leaking on the passenger side of the engine and it contains anti freeze so I suspect that it is the water pump.There is no noise coming from the engine and as yet it has not overheated.At the moment I have parked the vehicle until I find out what the problem is.

They ran the test and told me that the computer was reporting excess moisture inb the fueld tank. They attributed it to a no poor fitting fuel cap. It would cost
$24 and schange to replace. In the end it cost me $124 because they assessed a computer assessment charge of $100 and described it as labor. Is this right

when putting on brakes, my van vibrates or shutters slightly. Could it be the rotors?

When Im driving, I turn on my AC the car seems to lose power, And when im parked sometimes my rpms jump up and down like it wants to turn off. A mechanic used a scanner on it but couldnt find nothing on it except. The Fuel Tank pressure had no reading... And just left it at that. He couldnt find the problem

Driving Buick 89, Park Ave until it dies, Muffler/exhause reallyloud. Need Idea of approx cost to repair in Port Richey FL area, Tech help, have 2 wire hangers...PS Site won't let me sign up-driving junk?

have had the car for apporx a month; first time this has happened

need instructions for replacing the window washer resevoir

it wont move but it will crank up and when I put it in gear an give it gas the tire moves about 4inches and then I hear a clicking sound. Could the transfer case cause this to happen are what can this be ?????

Mint 21K original mile car, trunk pull down feature always worked fine before I left car at apolstery shop. When I picked car up the trunk lid was latched, but not fully closed. Apolstery shop owner claimed failed pull down switch or pull down motor. My guess is that they caused the problem by slamming the trunk lid down, maybe more than once, trying to close it before becoming aware of pull down feature. Who is probably right & how do I fix it?

Just started happening, check engine light came on

when i turn on the ac, sometimes it doesn't come on. when it doesnt turn on i can smack the dash and it will turn on.

Now the cooling period well, but empty as you get more per month, which may be the problem?

what to do if having probomes ac every time i press on the break the ac turns to heater can you help.....

i was doinf a self test on the truck trying to see if i had any stored codes...truck was running fine after i put a iat sensor on it,anyway i hooked the pos.wire into the pin where your supposed to hook to communicate with the ecm...well after that the truck would not start,i waited an hour and truck runs but i have to hold the throttle some,it will not idle on its own.i figure i likely damaged the ecm but wanted to check relays?so i have the battery unhooked for the nite and will try again tommorow otherwise i figure on a new ecm from advance...any suggestions would greatly be appreciated,thanks