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The Engine is not starting, a message with the clause, (Reduce engine performance) came on the screen. some says it is the fuel pump....?
where do I put the transmission fluid? In my Acura vigor 1993. It's low.
What are the steps to remove a radio/nav from the dashboard
How do I repair the brake switch
Does the exhaust manifolds have to be removed to access the oil pan on this vehicle?
Grinding noise Drive Train -- sergeant0018 I have a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD extended cab pickup truck. When driving for a period of time on a highway and i decelerate there is a grinding sound in the rear portion of t...
How much should it cost to replace a muffler at a discount muffler shop? Parts and Labor.
check engine light is on and engine is sputtering as if it wants to knock off
How much would you expect it to cost to replace an ignition lock and cylinder?
I have disconnected the battery and left overnight and I was able to start the car in the morning. The Alternator shows 13.7 volts on my meter when charging. Theft light flashes fast immediately after engine start. ...
Last week the steering wheel has been hard to turn. I would have to push the gas and make a turn if not then I wouldn't be able to turn the wheel. I already checked the fluids
i have a smell in my truck that smell like antifreeze
the check engine has been on for a few months still running ok. Now the car is chugging along ask like it would like to die
I have a 1996 Mercury Sable LS. With the light switch on the dash in the off position the high beam indicator light on the instrument panel stays on. With the light switch on, the lights work normally in both high and...
how do u get the automatic transaxle shift lock to release