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my brake lights don't cut off i pulled some kind of fuse alose and cant put it back
It starts and runs fine for a minute or two then goes to nutural. Restart and it runs for a minute or two and goes to nutural again. Is it a module or computer problem?
I called a dealership and they said that my durango was discontinued and can i use another year of a durango to replace the pedal? and if so where can i find it?
I have a 2002 Sienna with just over 100,000 miles on it. I don't plan to keep it for more than a few more years. Given that we haven't had any problems and it runs fine, do I need to spend the $ to replace the timin...
engine lite stays on gitting code po174 what is that
abs & brake lite staying on but my brakes are working fine I changed the brake pads but the lite is still on can someone help.
when i turn my truck left it dies it usuall happens when slowing down and turning left it never happens when i turn to the right.
what is the firing order of the spark plugs in a 2000 chevy venture
the theft light came on and then a msg came on that said service theft system. then the car would not start nor will my key come out the ignition. i had my car towed to the nearest dealership who kept my car for a wee...
runs rough. stalls sometimes when coming to a stop. Doesn't start back up after stalling out.
wiper will not turn off
my 2001 dodge caravan is leaking an amber colored fluid and my oil and coolent level is low what could this be?
I have 100,600 miles on my 08 Lexus GS350 Ive never had a maintenance on my vehicle I just did a tune up and oil change but I want to change the fluid and filter in transmission can it be done by some one with very li...
fuel pump replaced
I have an intermittent problem with my wireless door key. Even though I hear a click (and can feel the click if I put my hand on the door) the door does not unlook. It is getting worse and it is now happening on the...