Car has 58.5k miles. Before I took it to the dealership, I ran two tanks through with Techron Concentrate. Car doesn't show any diagnostic codes although dealership recently replaced thottle because they suspected that it was the problem. That didn't help. They also suggested that I clean injectors, and do an engine decarb. I cleaned the injectors and found SOME improvement. I don't want to continue down this path if it will not fix the problem. Do you recommend a decarb? What else could be causing the hesitation.

had dye show up in hvac sercice port. do i need to change this.

replaed camshaft sensor, a coil pack, the spark plugs still not running correctly please help me thanks

vehicle hesitates while driving after a short while
and it shakes slightly

the little engine stays on. and it mentioned something about knowing the difference between the 2. can someone help me out. and do you have to take it to the shop to turn it off.??

to buy the wrong socket.

will not start


also when gas cap is removed a lot of air excapes.

Car had bad gas, drained tank and filled with fresh (non-BP)gas and changed spark plugs. Car will crank but not start.

My car has less than 20,000 miles with no issues until now. During cruising speed and braking I hear a scraping should coming from the front-end. I have also noticed that the anti skid light will come on dry pavement for no apparent reason. What can be the cause of the noise? And is my car safe to drive?

I drove my kia sorento 2003 this morning and started just fine, but once we arrive to our destination and spend about 45 min. went to the car and try to started but nothing the car was completely dead. Jump started it and started fine getting home was fine, but once we got home and turn it off it wouldn't start again.

It had been working alright and than just stopped. It it all right to replace it with a different type radio and CD player?

the head gasket was leaking ,then now after 1800.00 it is a cracked block in moter is the block only replaceable or do u have to replace whole motor????

The only way the sliding door will open from outside is when holding down the unlock button on the drivers door. Anyone know why?