the tie rod came apart so i replaced the passenger side and the clamp that holds them together. was planning to measure from tire to tire to get it close. just need to know how much?

I shifted into reverse backing out of a parking space and as I was backing up there was a loud "bang" like I ran into something so I stopped and pulled back into the space. I looked around and there was nothing I ran into or over so I started to back out again and reverse did not work. All other gears work fine and when I shift into reverse I hear a slight "whining" sound like the transmission is not quite shifting all the way into reverse.

when I turn car on there is a clicking sound coming from air filter area. When it's clicking it won't start. If I sit there while car on for a couple minutes the clicking stops. Its getting worse and longer. Now it dies while driving, and clicks for awhile. And I have to sit and wait for it to stop again. I thought it could be fuel pump but everyone says it's under the car. In my Oldsmobile it was under the hood.

on one of the metal brake lines around where 4 lines meet under the front driver's side. What is an estimated cost of replacement.

after scanning we get this codes, P0301, P0305, P302, P0303, P0300 and P0411, the whole thing started when we wash the car engine, then we noticed water in the cylinder, we cleaned it still the same.

ntb would not flush it, they said there was too much sludge, i took it to meineke and the guy said there was blockage and he has to remove the valve to see what is blocking it before they can proceed--1.5 hours of labor = $175.00-- is this a fair price?

There are mice in the vents and an acorn rattled the fan for a while now the fan is jammed. How do I access the vents/fan?

called the dealer was told a kit is available to repair this issue please tell me steps to put this in

Rear end has failed and needs replacement parts and labor to install and repair

i had the fuel pump changed and the problem has only gotten worse the problem seemed to start after someone took gas from my tank.

I checked the freon level its green on my gauge.I have pulled over quick to see if clutch is engaged and it is not. I recently replaced the clutch with a clutch kit. This is a intermitent problem? When it does work air is very cold!

happened when i was driving i noticed a leakage in the bottom plate of the gear box after fixing it i replaced the oil while driving home it stopped moving i diagnosed it with a computer and code po712 appeared

I've lost my owners manual and could not find the information in my haynes manual. I had trouble getting the spark plug out because none of the sockets I had would grip the spark plug. I used a 5/8 first then 13/16.

I want to replace the relays on my 1997 Town and Country and am not sure about the amperage of those relays in the distribution center.

floats bad over bumps and weak braking.What all should i get replaced,and can i do it myself ????