Car doesn't start back up when it's warm. Turns over but won't start. Replaced fuel filter, spark plugs, and aiar filters. Think it is the anti shudder valve.

My 99 Accord V6 (72000 miles) shifts slowly when cold.
1st to 2nd can take about 10 seconds and 2nd to 3rd is a little faster. 3rd to 4th seems fine.

Once it warms up it shifts just fine, fast shifts, does not shift hard and works great.

Down shifting when cold is also slow.

No codes, no flashing D, no check engine light.

Is this a faulty solenoid? If so which solenoid?

sliding door seems to get hung up when trying to close at start of closure. When I manually pull handle it starts moving without getting hung up. this occurs on both sides....could it be the motor? Both sides?

past winter, one side blows hot and the other side blows cold as if I am running the a/c. Any ideas??

i had put two powersteering pumps one alternator fanbelts still does that sound a friend of mine told me something about the tension pulley

i have changed the plugs wires cap and rotor, fuel pump, fuel filter. have replaced gasket under thottle body, help!

Got vibration when driving

As am driving i constantly hear a strong clunking noise, whether on a bumpy road, cracked road and over potholes. The clunking comes from the front end.

i was driving yesterday when my engine overheat smells like clutch burning then i was shifting gear clutch doest work, i started the car shifted to first gear without stepping on the clutch & engine did not died, what are the problems?

Any special tricks to r&r the ATF cooler unit? I see it has 2 banjo bolts and 2 coolant hoses. Can I just clamp off the hoses and pull the bolts? I don't want to contaminate the ATF fluid and I can not seem to find any info about removing this unit. Thank in advance.

My blower fan sudenly started to vibrate and can't be used on high with the next lower speed just anoying.

New Belt was installed not too long ago and it sqraks alot. Also, I am getting an intermitting clunking type tapping noise around the same area. What causes this to happen? Can't figure out why it is sqeaking and now clunking tapping like noise happens? Can anyone advise if they have had the same happen to them or if they know of what causes this? Thanks in advance..

its killing the battery and I don't know how to fix it

I need to figure out the timing marks on the crank and timing marks on the cam pulley. I also need to know which piston is the #1 cylinder. I just had the timing belt done and now I’m getting a P0340. When I look online it seems very uncommon to have that sensor go out, so I’m thinking it may be out of time. My friend who fixed my car said it’s doubtful but will check it. He said he needs to know the above information though in order to check it.

a/c comes on only blows hot air. my temperture reads half in the guage of cool & hot. engine running poorly. but all fluids are still in radiatar. but when cooled down & you take cap of radiator fluid comes pooring out.