Ihave no heat, One hose is hot coming from the top of engine, the one going to the water pump is cold,
Will flushing the heater core help ? or should i reverse the hoses on the heater core , will this damage anything? please help winter is coming! thanks

on the first try.can go several weeks without it during it been in the shop 3x still not right HELP!!

Have not driven truck very much this past couple of months, I start it every week and let the thermastate heat up then turn it off, last week took it golf course up the street and everything was great, this week I move it down the drive way and I noticed that the brake pedal whent straight to floor, never had this problem before. This truck has never given me a problem like this. One week good, no driving, next week no break preasure at all. Filled brake fluide to max on small container under hood and still no preasure. What could be the problem.....Anyone
Thank you.

power was disconnected and now I need a code to reset

Interior light shut off after a half hour, I want to replace the switches in the door latch that controls the interior lights, how do you get the switch out of the door?

The transmission has a small leak and the dealer is saying it could be just a seal or it could be a cracked transmission case. I am trying to figure out what the cost of replacing the transmission case would be worst case. Plus is a cracked case under warranty (5-year Powertrain)?

Detailed instructions on ignition module removal, and installation. Please

I have no noticeable oil leaks, there's never any oil spots under my vehicle on the garage floor. I do find very black splatter behind my vehicle after idling for a time though. I'm going through about a quart of oil every two tanks of fuel, so about 700 miles or so. Gas mileage is good, sometimes great. Is this likely that the piston rings are not sealing well anymore? I have over 300k miles on the vehicle but still in very good condition for that many miles. Have never had a valve adjustment as I have been told that may cause poorer seating rather than better at this point, but I wonder if that could be causing leakage. My spark plugs look like they are burning clean, though a couple looked overly black after 100k miles.

Beetle. What's the cost if the motor must be replaced?

can/t tell what gear its in truck has 13.000 miles

I’m just finishing a head gasket job on a 95 Beretta 2.2L and am having difficulty re-attaching the throttle valve cable. I can get it attached, but only with the throttle wide open and it won’t close once the cable is attached.

The throttle cable itself attaches fine and appears to work appropriately. Bracket is not bent. I’m sure of the cable locations as they have unique connectors to the bracket as well as unique sizes of ends for attaching to the pulleys on the throttle assembly. Where could I have gone wrong and what can I do to correct this?

Ive heard of a horsepower upgrade by replacing the brain or jetting is there anything available for my truck?

When it rains and is cold outside it turns over but will not start. I've changed the ECM,temperature sensor, distributor cap/rotor. crank sensor, wires, and spark plugs. the codes that are showing now are P1345 and P1351.

When I tried to start to warm up in the morning it wont start. All the lights work and it sounds like it wants to start almost like you turned the key to far and held it there. I put a code reader on it says code 2070 possible intake manifold tuning valve stuck open. Could this be right and that is why its not starting. When I look online most people say there check engine light is on and it still runs. My engine light didnt come on before this happened. Also I cannot find and DIY diagrams or manuals to try to help fix with out paying dealer. No warrenttee no $$

I have a vat key that broke off in the ignitiomn