the key fell on the ground and the case got broken, we lost the chip.

Juat bought at car aution.Has a thumping noise coming from the hose.Overheats.Think it is a head gasket? If someone has put any of that headgasket sealer in the system, is it still ok to have the headgaskets replaced or did the sealer mess-up the rest of the cooling system passage ways in the engine? Please respond. Thank You.

The motor turns over, great battery power. After waiting several minutes the car will start and then chokes out. Could it be the crank sensor?

I got the fan clutch replaced a couple of weeks ago. Ever since then the engine likes to revv louder then before. Do the two have anything to do with each other? Should I worry about it? It doesn't always do it and when it does it is only when going from 0 to 15 mph. Please let me know your thoughts.

The rear tires on the car are brand new. The tread on the front tires is getting low and will need to be replaced soon. In the meantime, will the difference in the tread between the front and rear tires make the road seem bumpier than normal? In other words does it affect how the road feels while driving?

I don't really know it's part number. Where can I buy one online? I also live outside of US, so I need international delivery.
Here is example of what I need: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290598635795&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:MOTORS:1123

My Volvo only has 54k miles on it. I bought it new, it's a 2003, & basically only use it to drive to work and back. Surface streets with an average commute of 5 miles, round trip.
My radiator has already been replaced as well. Am I crazy or should this car last a little bit longer. I know it's been almost 9 years but it's only got 54000 miles. I expected a little more longevity out of it especially being a Volvo. I drove a Mazda B2000 pick up for 18 years and put over 200K on it & didn't have these issues. Change the fluids, keep her clean, good to go. My Volvo is in great shape but with the price they told me to fix the transmission it may as well be totaled. I'm dumbfounded...

i was driving on the interstate and it had shuddered some from time to time but this time it shutdown and the electrical system went crazy

then had it manually bled.....emergency cable on brake is broken at adjustment under drivers seat on the outside...but did hook it up to r rear wheel lever ....seems to b in off position......when driven only short distance the wheel is very hot and smells.....

Hard shift when selecting trasmission modes. Takes forever to get to 20 MPH from stop. RPM at idle is high, 1,000 rpms.


i had oil pump checked., and it checked out ok.

they be including the steering rack? We took it in for something else and on inspection they suggested replacing the ball joints. Not sure I want to dump so much money in this thing.

The a/c in my car is not blowing at all. It has stopped working a few times and then come back on. I am hoping it comes on again. I just had it recharged and the compressor was working. The tech said the pressure was too high, and they fixed it so the pressure is where it should be, but it has stopped working twice since then. Any ideas of what this could be? If it were a fuse, could it work off and on?

seems to ride rather stiff