You hear after the car is already warmed.

1999 Kia 1.8 LTR Engine

the idler pulley is wobbling around on the bracket.the dealer said the pulley and bracket came together.

where is the sending unit located on this vehicle and what is involved in replacing it?

The Vacuum Pump on my 2005 Ford F350 Super Duty does not have any voltage. I want to check the fuse, but it's not listed in the manual.

Mechanic said if I had a different car it could only take an hour or so. WTF??

They don't make the brake light socket for this car anymore and would like to know if newer models/years are interchangeable please.

Accord, Trailing link to back hub,When the spring compresses,bushing is the hinge point (2per car) wish firmer than factory

Blower works, but makes noise like something is in there

what do I do about replaceing front studs with out taking hub apart ?

The one the belt from the alternater is on.

On overnight startup during cold weather the oil pressure reads zero but does pick up. There is no engine noise or knocking that accompanies this issue. The oil pressure guage will eventually go to normal operating range usually within a minute or so. My thoughts are a guage sending unit. Are there any other ideas? What is the procedure for replacing the sending unit?

I am trying to replace the studs on right front wheel I have noticed that I may have to pull main wheel housing apart to be able to replace studs please help me with this I cant afford a shop !

The car also runs with some noise from around the engine. Found the airflow meter cables unplugged after routing servicing, with DTC codes, P0304, P0016 and P0101 pending. Please what should I do to fix the problem. Thanks

The owners manual says the coolant has to be changed every 2 years or 60,000 miles In 2 years I only had 10,000 miles and the dealer wanted to change it. How often do I need Wheel Alignment?