I have a engine pinging when accelerating uphills. Other than that the engine purrs like a kitten and has no problems. The CEL light was on for a bit but now is off. Wondering if cleaning the MAF will stop the pinging.

fuse box location

HVAC issues ACC codes 08 and 14: I need to fix a loose left blend door and a loose air distributor motor - defroster is not blowing and can't effectively control the temp of the car.

Any knowledgable estimates here would be much appreciated! Thanks.

this car has sit for a year but ran fine when it was parked.i have also checked and seen all 6 plugs spark.it cranks like it suppose to but just wont fire up

I'm having intermittent starting issues wherein the starter cranks as it should but the engine will not turn over. The fuel and air filter were changed, and it still will not start every time. I depressed the accelerator as I cranked, it fired up so I drove it a little bit and parked it for an hour. Now it's back into a no start condition. The fuel pump is pumping, the engine just won't catch. I just aquired the car and before me it had been sitting in a field with an empty tank for about a year. It should be noted that while it was running no misses or unusual sounds were detected in the cabin. Anyone have any ideas.

Will it fit?

How much would it cost to replace the lower control arm bushings and sway bar bushings

It stalls like it ran out of gas, has more than half a tank. CHECK GAGES light doesnt come on anymore for low fuel. Again, fuel filter & pump have been replaced, STILL shutting of randomly.

would this cause my truck to not start unless plugged in?

About how many miles do we change the ignition coil for a 2005 dodge dakota?

coil packs the wiring harnest on #2 coil has a good hot key ground but the positive coil pack wiring harnest is not pulsating and is overheating the coil pack and thats the only cylinder misfiring the check engine light is on .And also can you jump a wire from the #4 harnest connecter to the #2 to correct that

Why do the lights on my instriment panel turn off when I turn on my headlights?

I want to run codes, but can't find & the owner can't find the owners manual.

they go off and you cant see speed,gas ect.

Supplemental Restraint System is fine, but light won't turn off.