Check engine soon light is on. I just had oil change and in 3 days, it needed 1/2 quart of oil. Never had this problem before.

a super flush with distilled water; over the last 10years I have lost 2 heater cores due to coolant leaks so he wants to leave this in for about a week & then replace the orange coolant along with a new water pump,will leaving the super flush mixture in for such a long time hurt the cooling system?

The headlight will not open and close when the switch is used.

The oil filter came off on the interstate'.

complete brake job with new rotors

any ideas how much this costs, and is this normal at this amount of miles>

O2 sensor was replaced, Gas cap replaced, vacuum switch replaced. It is back at the shop again. I am really upset that the problem cannot be resolved. What could it be, and what would happen if I just ignore it the next time it comes back on?
One odd factor is that 3 of the four times it came on it was on the same highway at the same time of day ( 8:20-8:30 am), same day of the week, and the driving distance from my home ( about 8 miles ). Going 70 mph with cruise control on.

can a volvo s60 run with the ema broken thanks

I also priced a new oil which is less than $200 would it be better to purchase a new or have the existing on cleaned

have checked fuse and its ok

the service dept is charging me $925 for a 60k mile maintenance
they said this is the big one with the timing belt seems high to me

The light just came on last night.......not the check engine light

Its giving me an active code of (01/01 passanger squib #1 circuit shorted. ive tried clearing the code and it wont, what needs to be replaced? thank you

I know what the book says but I'm wanting to know from experience if you have to remove the transmission.

The ABS light on the dash is always on - mechanic says its the ABS CONTROL MODULE.