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My 2001 Passat has 126,000 miles on it. I currently only drive it about 5,000 miles per year, 90% of that on the highway. It sits all week in a garage and then I drive it on the weekends.

I use Mobil 1 European 0W-40 and a Mobil 1 filter. How long can I safely go between oil changes?

Now the radio controls will not work at all. radio with play but I cannot change channels or volume? I pulled the fuse for now but what might the problem be?

the on/off switch does not work

car was fine the night before husband parked it in the drive way. it was icy and cold then next afternoon I went to move the car and its states faulty parking break. the light is on but I can turn it off buy moving the parking break button but car won't move very well like the parking break is stuck on how do i dis engage it.

I was told that the rubber on seal completely worn, It makes bad noise just when you take off. Kia told me it could just fall off.

Mostly heoise when going over speed bumps and or pot-holes. Would like to know what needs to be replaced?

The wipers stopped and would not move. the motor still runs. Later I turned the wipers on again and they moved but the motor would not stop running. What could be wrong?

motor does not want to take water. i have replaced the thermostat multiple times and i have flushed the raditor completly cleaned it and i have replaced the waterpump.. i cant figure it out please help!

Autozone codes say it was misfiring on cylinders #1 #2 & #3
also says that it was running lean or rich? what could be causing this reading or what would you suggest I looking into first to resolve these problems?

Could you tell me How or where can I get a full Diagnostics report so I will have the diagnostic codes?

the oil in my jeep leaked all out today no idea where from or where to start, it seems to be coming from right above the oil pan,any ideas?

its only happened one other time, and it was also cold out then as well, aftre further investigation i found that the bolts on my plastic valve cover were loose. could this happen all the time? and how do i keep it from happening again?

The van will start fine when it is hot or cold. If you park it and go to start it about an hour later, it tries to crank but violently stops and all the dash lights go out. The the lights will come back on and it will try to crank again and does the same again. I smell gas like the engine is flooding as well. If we leave it alone for a few hours it will start right up. I have changed the coolant temp sensor and the throttle position sensor.

stopped functioning, is there a fix?

It is not engine related. If you rev the engine while in park, it doesn't not make the noise. It is loudest when slowing down to make a turn and the RPMs are low.

the vin # is 2g1wx12k6y9373130 i need to know if it is the ldb or the lmb tranny