called the dealer was told a kit is available to repair this issue please tell me steps to put this in

Rear end has failed and needs replacement parts and labor to install and repair

i had the fuel pump changed and the problem has only gotten worse the problem seemed to start after someone took gas from my tank.

I checked the freon level its green on my gauge.I have pulled over quick to see if clutch is engaged and it is not. I recently replaced the clutch with a clutch kit. This is a intermitent problem? When it does work air is very cold!

happened when i was driving i noticed a leakage in the bottom plate of the gear box after fixing it i replaced the oil while driving home it stopped moving i diagnosed it with a computer and code po712 appeared

I've lost my owners manual and could not find the information in my haynes manual. I had trouble getting the spark plug out because none of the sockets I had would grip the spark plug. I used a 5/8 first then 13/16.

I want to replace the relays on my 1997 Town and Country and am not sure about the amperage of those relays in the distribution center.

floats bad over bumps and weak braking.What all should i get replaced,and can i do it myself ????

oil is full but stop engine light come on some times low oil pressure.

After checking and re checking and turning the motor over by hand (to make sure no valves were hitting)i put everthing back together. The vehilce ran very poorly. Thought possibly i was a tooth off so i disassembled and rechecked, everything was correct. So i took it into a repiar shop, they said that the Kia site is incorrect and that a valve hit the piston, and it would be $3000.00 to repair. Has anyone experienced this. And how can Kia's instructions be wrong? I'm at odds end as to what to do.

Repairman says Low compression (50) blown cylinder valve.$3500 to fix. Any other suggestions? Car still runs ok once it gfets going but idles very low and rough.

I am having trouble with a right side interior dash leak. I can't seem to locate the problem and don't know what is needed to fix the car. does anyone know what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix this problem?

codes were erased but no work was done how many mile must I drive for the engine light to come back on. Code reads left camshaft adjuster.

happens only when I am parked, have to disconect battery and like nothing happen, any idea that can help?

the car. What could be causing this problem? Thank you.