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The mechanic said this is difficult to get to and, therefore, quoted $800 for each repair. This sounds high and I wondered if we could DIY. Not experts by any means but have worked on cars. What do you think of the estimate and cost? And, since this is an issue with these cars, why did Mercury not recall them?

Code said tranny speed sensor,replaced new but still have lack of power when first starting

i had tune up done but when i left the shop, car will only go 40mph i had few mec, tell me fuel pump or fuelpress,regulator what should i change first,oh no bad fuses

2008 Chev impala blows 20 amp fuse to sun roof switch does not have to be on for it to blow either.

runs poorly, check engine light on, have replaced maf sensor numerous times. same problem occurs frequently.

It looks like it got against the exhaust manifold, got a hole burned into it and ruptured. Very clean break but looks burned on both ends of the hose. When I held the two ends together, the hose looked too long for the space it was in. I couldn't see any bracket to hold the hose away from the engine. Can you help me? Thanks.

VSC light on, remote key doesn't lock/unlock etc.
Clock and gas mileage rest each time after restarting, power window auto does not function, power back door only functions when the engine is working, power telescopic steering does not move while removing the key, Home link does not work.
All these items working separately and it seems that all are symptoms of one problem. my guess is a blown fuse or problem with ECU programing

where is the tca relay located? car starts, but runs alittle rough the tca lights comes on in a few min.

I really have 2 questions, first, I keep it plugged in during the cold weather, it cranks good, won't start, batteries check good. Finally a little jump and it starts.

2nd on a small or medium incline automatic transmission doesn't engage fine and smooth all other times,

My check engine light started to come on. It would go out on its own. Now it also occ flashes. I had the spark plugs and wires replaced and then coil pack replaced. It came on again when the car was idling in driveway for several minutes as well as at a stop light for a period of time. When I accelerate the flashing light promptly goes back out or back to solid. Now it is pretty much staying on again, alternating w short periods of flashing (mostly when sitting at a light, etc). The codes were showing misfires in cylinders. Oddly, now my airbag light is staying on. I am in the process of trading my car in so I don't need the inconvenience of lights on or costly repairs. Obviously, the engine light reflecting a problem will impact the value at trade-in. The local mechanic is at a bit of a loss.

then when I turned to my street I heard a loud pop and could not drive the car because the left wheel had broken off the car. When I looked at it the limb that attaches to the wheel from the car had broken in half.Is this the knuckle suspension and how much well it cost to repair.

pops when try to start possable spyder valve?

it started after a cooling line broke and leaked out fluid

But again, the tires were not removed. Is this possible to the point of being able to see wear on pads and rotors?

A dealer recently they performed the brake system flush, but they did not remove the tires. Is that possible?