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the check engine light is on, while driving the car will start to jerking then stop, i can't remember the code but is said something about the the rockarm regulator. Where is this located?
Never had a problem with heater before. Now I don't get very much heat or no heat at all. I was told a vacume hose regulated the heater valve. Anyone know for sure? Thanks
Due you have to drop the fuel tank to do a replacement of the Carbon Canister ??
does my 2006 tundra have an in cabin air filter
I have a check engine light P0741 is the code. Torque Converter Circuit Performance or Stuck off. Where can I check the fluid level of the transmission (I thought maybe there was a leak in the torque converter) but...
Car ran fine for a while then just died. Now it will start cold and run fine but when it gets warm it just dies. It has 40lbs fuel pressure and no spark. Anyone know what could cause this? Thanks
How much to replace a clutch
How much can a person expect to pay for a replacement of a wheel bearing.
2004 silverado 3500-diesel-I have dropped the fuel tank ad pump is not there- I ran out of fuel-when put more in would not crank-battery is good and starter is turning motor fine-think its the pump?
how do i test my coil pack module
Hi! I see that you have Front Struts for an estimate... but how much for rear struts? I read that rear struts are cheaper for the parts, but a bit higher in labor. Is the estimate about the same? I have a 2002 nissan...
Have replaced temperature switch, temperature gage works when in park or idle, as soon as I step on gas temperature gage goes down toward C. Any suggestions??
how to replace fan belt it comes off every 6 months.
this usually happens once a month after a cold night. the dindows are down and the sunroof is opened, but the car is still locked