Are these all related? This car belongs to my boss and I am thinking about buying it from him but for now I am just driving it. What can I do to fix at least the gas gauge? I don't know how long this has been a problem or if it all happened at once, he never drove the car so he doesn't know.

I replaced the transmission and need to know how many quarts of transmission fluid it takes to fill up the transmission.

switch it is

just had the trans replaced 1 last week know have PO442 code are the two related if not were should I look for the problem

I rented wrenches from Autozone and cranked on nut in the vehicle then removed waterpump completely and cranked on it out of vehicle and it will not come loose. cant replace water pump til i get fan assembly off is there any tricks or tips to get this off?

Changed the motor,now it wont idle, it keeps going up and down

please help

Did van overheat, (it was 100 outside)and all the lights
came on but an hour later, the van started....what could
have been the problem? Will not leave engine idle again
in hot weather.

Does a fuse need to be replaced and if so where?

1990 toyota 4x4 3.0 v6 4 runner motor... I really need some help on how the vacume hoses' on the fender wall (7 in all ) goes on.... it has 3 plugs to it, it is on the right hand (passenger side) of the truck... they are numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6,and #... my cousin had put them on and evidently didn't know what he was doing... because now my truck will run for a min then die... before he touched it... it was missing so I put new plugs and wires on it... can anyone help please?

I have changed out the battery and the top opens and al other functions of the car work, but the windows will not close or open fully or the car will not start( No noise what so ever)

I am wondering what the standard labor charge should be for replacing a power control module.

Someone suggested I use 10w 30 instead of 5w 20. to combat the flickering oil light. Because of the poor engine design. is this a good thing to do. Also what is the best engine flush to use?

Car not idling properly

on the pads there are 4 visable circular studs or something on the back side, wondering if one is hidden and keeping it on, the new ones only have 2. just cant get the caliper off, assuming some small trick with it. any info helps.