1989 Chevy S-10 4.3L V-6. When engine is cold I have to depress gas pedal to get engine to start and have to keep it depressed slightly to keep it running at idle speed or it will stall. Seems to idle a little better after engine warms up to normal operating temperature. Can't engage AC or Defrost when idling or engine will always stall. No Check Engine lights come on at all. Any ideas?

and cost to repair (if electrical only or if motor also) ?

Could this be a fuse problem or probably not..... ?

How do you remove the center console to replace the cup holder and power window switch?

Transmission about ready to go? I hope not. I have a '98 Mazda Protege with 115,000 miles, 4cyl auto 1.5L. Seems to be maybe 2x a month I'll turn it over and if I get to around 25 mph it'll rev and redline and not want to shift into 3rd. If I continue driving for about 5 or more minutes it'll shift fine, but I've got to go s l o w. If I stop, turn it off turn it over again it'll drive fine. Haven't taken it to a mechanic yet but I fear the worst... Any insight is appreciated!

what do i have to remove? Terry

I got another instrument panel from the wrecking yard an now my car won't start

Please send any suggestions on how to repair my dropping ceiling and torn carpet on the drivers side. Thanks.

pulled up to store shut car off and came back out and no pwer steering the fluid levels fine and no leaks anywhere

liftgate won't unlock. there is no key entry. what do I do

I have tried pulling the rubber at bottom to let it drain but every time it rains, it fills up again, plus it never is completely drained. One door panel now has mega rust problem. Car has been in accident.

Lots of issues with this car but trying to make it last a little longer without pouring more money into it...thanks for any help!

are they all different or does one fit all?

Truck was running and as I was backing up, it just stopped. turn the key, but nothing. All indicator lights were on as when you first startup. Tried bump starting it, while drifting down hill. No luck!!

How many litters of oil require to service v8 Valvetronic engine x5?
After servicing the engine with 8ltrs, the oil will only reach the tip of MIN Level.
Please i am afraid if this oil is enough and will not damage my engine.

On my Toyota Corolla 1993 automatic, my parking brake locks up and then I can't even remove the key. I can even feel the resistance when I put it into Park. It's not moving into Park easily and properly. I am 98% sure that it is a cable or plastic holding the cable that needs to be replaced. I can easily remove the console for the hand brake but the center console with the gear box seems to be a lot trickier.

It has no major accidents. But I'm worried major problems are about to occur, and I'm wondering whether I should just sell it now before the bottom falls out. What is the likelihood this car, compared to the average car, will run well for the next 50K miles with minimal expense?