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The engine is running about 190' but the heater will not get hot; only warm.
I have a 2000 Dodge cummins put a new blower motor and fan in it works on all speeds also comes out of defrost,vents, and floor fine but just dont blow very good, wondering if it could be a vacume problem?
truck starts up fine but will not idle at all. the engine will stay running if I keep my foot on the pedal. Any suggestion?
Just recently my 2005 Ford mustang automantic V6 started acting up. by this i mean i noticed on evening that the lights on the gear shift (P-R-D-1-2-3) were no longer lighting up. Now every so often they will come on ...
i was driving and ran out of gas then it begins to knock loudly
Took it to the dealer had timing belt replaced and it wants to go even when stopped. Seems like it is idling way too high? Any thoughts?
Upon acceleration loud clunking noise front left wheel. Started when turning only,now all the time.
i recently replaced both positive and negative battery cables. when i attach the negative cable the engine tries to start without me even turning the key over. I then turned the key and the engine turned over but when...
which preventative measure is best to avoid the transmission failure associated with defective radiators in the 2005-2007 pathfinders?
How much to replace front bushings?
Dash light stays on. Would go off by pulling up brake pedal and after I changed master cylinder it stays on all the time. Have found switch and pushed it in by hand and still stays on. Fluid level is ok
starts and runs fine untill warmed up then dies and wont restart untill engine cools
forward shift work, reverse does not
while i was driving down the highway the car cut off with no warning and when i went to try to start it after i had pulled over to the side of the i have no power,no horn or lights.
is there an easy fix to the gauge reading 1/2 tank and just below that it's really empty, we found this out traveling from wisconsin back to utah.... not fun... how is this fixed ? or do i have to replace the fuel pum...