Whenever I start my 2005 Sonata, it usually starts but it cranks up very slowly. What could be the problem

to crank have replaces both filters

Where can I ge the part?
If I do the repair myself are there any specialty tools I May Need ?
How do I get to the part to remove and install new?
Can you show me diagrams, video and/or how to pctures?

After replacing pads and rotors had a problem with the right front not releasing. After removing the pads re-cleand the pad carriers and caliber camber the pads a little and now all four brakes are not releasing?????

Feels like there is little resistance at the break pedal. They work well but have little modulation, a on off feeling unless you cioncentrate on pressing lighlty.

Is it possible to get your money back?

Is it possible to get your money back?

I have a 2000 Mitsubishi mirage my problem is the horn switch in the steering wheel appears to be stuck closed causing the horn to blow when the ignition is turned on,how hard is it to remove the air bag and get to the switch to replace it?

Pep boys tells me the two issues are unrelated. I don't see how a company can change your oil and a couple of weeks later I see leaking but the two things are unrelated. They are charging me 889.00. It seems like the leak is caused by the oil gasket or the timing cover. Why would it be both? This seems expensive?

after driving ten minutes or so that when yellow light apprear what indication warning does that mean thanks

Chilton manual doesn't show location.

I remove the weatherstripping and readjust it for a better fit, it sometimes helps. I have even had standing water in my door panel from the poor seal. What should I do? Do they sell a larger after market seal of some sort?

check engine light is on

where is the cheapest place to have the timing chain replaced?

we just changed front brakes and bled the lines and now we have no brkes on the car at all. What happened?