I guess there is a plastic gear that the metal gear on the motor wears out. I know nothing about auto repair and the mechanic said that the only way to get it fixed is to replace the valve assembly which requires removing the intake manifold. Then the mechnic said something about ordering a plenium and I was lost.

Turned ac on after replacing the alternator and battery.Now passenger side is cold and drivers is warm. Whats wrong and how can I fix it myself?

Is it directly behind the glove box. Can I remove it if I only remove the glove box first

in the last 2 months. I just added an octane booster and fuel injector cleaner additive to the gas tank and I am smelling a slightly burnt smell and the emissions light is now on

i have a 2005 buick rendezvous the last couple days it's been acting my temp gets hot and then today the car ran fine thinking it's a thermastat prob. are water pump....HELP Thanks Troy

checked the refigerant pressure and added one can and it still blows warm air.

how much comes off to replace my compressor?

I've changed plugs & wires but still get light. I can reset with my scanner but it comes back as soon as you start the vehicle. It only sets a code at engine start. I've reset it after starting the vehicle while the vehicle is running and then driven from KC to Ohio (750 miles / 10.5 hrs) without the light coming on. As soon as I shut the engine off and restart the light comesback on. There are no misfires, no lugging or jerking, and there does not seem to be any impact on mileage. It's been doing this for 2 years now without any other issues.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions.

to change gears. RPM stays the same. Around 3 RPM. Cannot drive normally. Stays same like it wants to go but it can't.
Please advise. Is it the transmission? Not good. Something is up. Dealership is too expensive.

I had an accident and the airbags deployed. I havent replaced the airbags but fixed the damage myself( driverside control arm and axle). I tried to reset the srs multiple times with no luck. I think one or more of the airbag sensors got damage in the crash

There has been a recall, but I am not sure mine is included. The dash light is on. Can I replace it myself?

I cannot figure out where the hose went that was connected to the air intake plenum. Looking from the driver seat, the hose was connected to the left-read-underside of the air intake plenum. The car was running rough and when I plugged the tube
on the plenum with my finger, it ran fine.

No hay chispa en la bobina y tampoco hay señal en los inyectores. Al pasar el suich acciona la bomba pera no enciende la camioneta. Hice revisar la computadora y esta bien pero tampoco sale señal del distribuidor. No se si se puede escanear sin estar encendida, solo con pasarle el suich

dont know if it prys out or if there is somthing to relase it?

shifter to see if the bushing is bad or not, any pics might be helpful. thanks.