I am 240lbs.

happens al the time was fine before till last month

When driving it starting moving really slow. I had noticed that the car was making a roaring sound while driving. I don't know if that had anything to do with it.


i'm not having any probs with it. it runs great. there are no noises, etc. i am curious for preventive maintenance. i've taken very good care of this car. i don't hot rod it. thanks again

this person don't have much money. but not going to do it for nothing!

There is no heat coming through at all. Only heat that comes through is from the engine blowing through vents.

i just put in a new torque converter,trans seal,trans gasket and new head gaskets.what is causing this bluish smoke

It happens just at an idle

I am troubleshooting my daughter's '99 Camry 4 cyl. PO401 code problem. The first time it came on it went off the following day. Came on, then off. Now it remains on. So far I have: cleaned the EGR valve, replaced the modulator and vacuum switching valve, all genuine Toyota parts. I cleaned the throttle body. Cleared the code. Still throwing 401. I did vacuum test to EGR, engine stalls when vacuum applied. Since it stalls I would guess that I don't need to clean the EGR tube? What else could it be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

chain may be stretched. making noise. truck has 300,000 miles on it. ran it moderately hard. any ideas on the estimate for labor? i know parts cost already.

My heater works fine, but when I turned it off today hot air still came out. The blowers were off and all dials turned off.

someone told me it might be a four-prong relay. Do you have a location and test method? Bulbs are all ok

1st gear slips only when cold

all the accessories will turn on but engine wont turn over click or anything. car has 36000 miles on it and dosent happen at any at any particular time it happens when it warm cold it dosent matter any ideas because it wont throw a code either