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What can I do to repair this problem and how much would it cost me?
engine pings at 60-70mph only when warm tried higher gas no change climbing hills fine foot to floor fine only on high way after engine warms up at 60-70mph holding speed
repair estimate firestone 1200 - too high don't you agree
How do I get the single disc cd player to release a cd in cold weather?
just noticed no low beams ,high beams and fog lihts o.k.
Air conditioner turns on but does not blow out air. What is it?
Blower motor was only working some of the time with very low air flow. replaced blower motor it now works all the time but the amount of air coming form any of the vents is lstill ow
how do i take off door panel driver side
how to replace heater blend door and locations
The steering wheel bibrates when driving about 60 to 70 miles per hour some times when I step on the brake peddal at that speed
why is my check engine light flashing ?
How can I get my 4-wheel drive to kick in? It clicks but doesn't go into 4-wheel drive.
My rearview mirror has a dimming feature. Also a computerized garage door opener. Problem: The garage will not open from the outside of the garage using the intagrated (sp) opener in the rearview mirror. Does the mir...