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save money do i have to drop the motor alitttle and how

Had it in dealership on Thurs. for regular maintenance and Sat. reduced engine performance warning sensor flashes and had to have it towed. Dealership says bango bolt to pcv box broke and sucked into cylinder. No warning? Why was it not detected at Thurs. visit?

I replaced my motor blower to see if that might be the issue and still doesnt even turn on. I have researched and am trying to see if it just might be one of my switches. Ive looked over my repair manual and i can not find the location or any information on how to check or remove to replace. should i check something else? dont know where to go from here.

i noticed that the cooling system -fluid- not circulating which is cause high temperature and poor Air Condition is on ..

the fluid circaltion not running due to coolinn fan not working properly ,
what is the cased of this problem?

I can push into a heated garage and after 2 hours it will start within 3 seconds. this is the 4th time/event. Battery/ starter/fuel pump/compression/plugs all ok. I have added "heet" to gas. NO check engine light goes on so I have not plugged it in for codes. Which sensor do i start with? Mass Air flow- MAF, EGR Valve/Sensor, camshaft position sensor CMP, __A. is there a Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) that tells the PCM what the engine temperature is. If it is reading hotter than the actual temperature, the PCM will provide the wrong air/fuel mixture for a cold start?
Runs great once it is started, it will restart if it has been outside less than 5-6 hours it depends on the outside temperature.

I haven't found a vaccum leak, cleaned IAC and it still shows codes 171/174.

Hello, So, I have a 1994 Geo metro XFI with 47,000 original miles. It's beautiful. It is a 1.0L 3 cylinder engine.

It does have a bit of a rough idle when coming to a stop. It has a manual transmission. Say I'm coming up to a red light and have to stop a little faster than usual (or sometimes stopping normally) I downshift 4 to 3 to 2 and then into neutral.. when I get to second gear and put it into neutral, the car sputters a bit like it wants to stall, but it doesn't.. it recovers.

New on the car: new spark plugs, distributor cap, wires, air filter, oil change and filter, and hoses.. there doesn't appear to be a vacuum leak anywhere. I'm really at a loss here! Many thanks!

once we start the car it will inflate with no problem, and sometimes it will not deflate at all during the night.

The other day I went to start the car and it would not even start at all. I have replaced the plugs and wires. I have taken off the breather hose and covered the throttle body with my hand to see what would happen and also sprayed some starting fluid in the throttle body,nothing has worked so far ! I'm thinking it might be some kind sensor ?

starts and shuts off driving car and at stops dies

I believe it has a timing chain. What would be the most likely cause of the engine just shutting off for no apparent reason? Was no noise at shutdown had gas and was running fine. Could an ignition problem cause this rather than being out of time? If the engine jumped a tooth or two would the valves possibly hit the pistons? Thanks

1999 Nissan Maxima GLE-Has 257K miles. What type of oil/s are best for this car with such high miles but runs good?

where do I find the purge valve at, keep getting code p0441, have cleaned and replaced gas cap

My 1999 Nissan Maxima runs good overall but should I be concerned about a timing chain? What other high mileage services are imperative that I have done aside of regular oil changes and routine maintenance? Thanks