how much do you put in it and can it be gear oil 80/90 or if not what do you use

I have checked and changed all the bulbs. My truck has the three bulb tailight housing. I do have stop lights, signal lights and back up lights ok.
The license plate lights are also out.
Would changing the daytime running light relay fix this ?
Or is there a fuse somewhere ?
Thank you
Mike Trosuk

car will not start need to check fuel system on 1991 chevey cavelar rs 4 cylender

Sound occurs while driving (no particular speed) and braking. Not a constant noise but it has grown worse over time. Sometimes sounds like a jet engine from inside the vehicle.

SES light was on Dtc 506 Idle Air Control System RPM Lower Than Expected, freeze frame eng rpm 489, tps (%)14.1, ect(f)192 I'm not sure but I think it was in park during freeze frame capture. I have cleaned inside of throttle body around throttle body butterfly, have checked for vacuum leaks but none found, air filter is clean. Right now at normal operating temp rpm is between 750-908, TPS 14.5 (%), ENG temp 192(F).Code has not set after clearing code.

the rear shocks(air bags)leak down often.cause unknown. when bags are inflated they slowly deflate over a short period of time.checked system for leaks-none found.

fuel supply, what can be the problem please help me im carless for now=(

is there more things that get damaged or is it a simple as replacing the timing chain

seat moves up and down with no problem. trackers under seat seem to be fine.

Driving on dry roads trac & vsc lights came on suddenly along with a loud beep/warning sound. Felt as if car was slipping/hydroplaning. Very scary. 3 weeks later happened again 3 times in one evening, again dry roads. This time heard a grinding noise possibly?

This issue has been happening since i purchased the vehicle new 12 years ago and has never been fixed. Now that I drive the vehicle (wife got a new car), it's really annoying. While idling, the engine makes a loud vibration sound. It sounds like it's coming from the exhaust pipe from the engine or catalytic converter. A slight tap on the accelerator to up the RPMs and the vibration goes away.

I have a BMW 650i and want to know can I change the spark plugs

we are miles down the road. There have been a few times when the alarm went off in the closed garage for no reason at all. We have removed the map lights and turned off the dome light as well.

I would like to use a brighter lamp for the high beams. I need extra light at night on the dark rural roads I travel on. The problem is the lamps are in series with a resister to run them at a lower voltage. I have not measured the voltage. My guess it is 6 volts. Is there a work arround for this or a bulb that would work ? I installed HID lamps. They work for the high beam only. The DRL feature does not work because of the way they are wired as DRL. I found a fix on the net that disables the DRL . The problem it also disables the auto lock. There was not any info on how to do it as well. Looking at the wireing diagram in Alldata they put a switch on the wire from the drive selector to choose between park and drive. I would like to retain the DRL feature as well as lights that would work either way. My question is there a way to do this? Can I use a powerful lamp like a halogen or maybe a LED?

The lights just came on today.