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there is oil on the inside of the front passenger wheel and around the rotor. There is also oil all over the transmission pan. I dont think it is leakin form the drain plug beacuse I just put a new gasket on. Oil is also on the inside of the right fender.

there is a loud hummuing noise when i press the gas

just keep making the sound of it trying but not catching and after a few times of turning the ignition it slows down and wont do anything

I checked my fuel cap to ensure it was on tight. Look under the hood and didn't smell gas. I did notice the smell was strongest on driver side (around drivers door.)

just bought this car w/110,000 mi. timing belt was changed @ 108,400,could valves be bent or could it be the supercharger is bad that is causing this,or am i way off and it is something totally different.

fan fell off and I am trying to put it back

after several tries it slod down and wouldnt make any sounds

Also the window wing on the on driver side stopped working just about a week agoits half way stuck open and the passenger does work also

Just purchased this car today and I love it, but the dealer only gave me one service key and I would like the master key, or two. Thank you for your time.

My car was hit and I need to know how much to charge the other driver to replace the rear bumper

The ac works fine, but as soon as I take the highway and drive 60 mph the ac shut off. When I slow down and take an exit the ac resumes working. Help

I have replaced t-stat and coolant temp. senser and pigtail and light is still on. It came on while working in sacramento,had diagnostic ran and drove home with no performance. Did repairs myself and light is still on.

engine misses only when putting extra load or accelerating. If you accelerate slowly and are careful about pushing it, seems to run fine. Died at stop sign. Would not restart. Towed to shop. Moisture in distributor cap. Replaced that and the rotor. Did ok a couple of days. Happened again. Moisture again. Replaced plugs, wires...bam...did it for mechanic before I got it back. Any insight appreciated.

plug harness works and dually side lights work

I have replaced the alternator and the battery.the battery has been replaced twice within the last two days.