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want to change coolant how can i do this and also need to know where radiator cap is since i do not see it as i open hood
5-speed manual 4.3 engine. Where might this switch be located?
Filled oil and antifreeze bit red oil light is still on and there is a beeping sound, lik an alarm - what could this be
Since my Rx330 is basically a Toyota. Why couldn't I use regular gas instead of super unleaded gas?
Does anyone know the specs for the 1999 Toyota celica convertible Premium 3-In-1 ETR/Cassette/CD With 8 Speakers, Programmable Equalizer and Power FM Diversity System. I am looking to replace the front door woofers &...
where is the oil pump located
I changed the cv joints in my car now the transmission doesn't engage put it in drive and the speedometer goes up but the car wont move
How much will it cost to replace the battery when it's time?
Can't get my car out of Part. It is locked. Just started tonight
cranked car one morning and cut off,,after driving couple days hard too depress accelerator,check engine with computer says acclerator switch on pedal and at engine but have been replaced,,stills show low voltage and ...
this is the 1.3 sohc 16 valve engine. The owner said the cam reluctor was damaged and replaced. But there is no key pin or marks to show proper alignment on the cam. What is it timed with and how? Steve
Valves are tapping badly
Can I find the answer to the stalling problem on a 2002 Suzuki Esteem in a manual? Does anyone sell the manual?
Anytime, regular driving on roads or on freeways, it accelerates or decelerate on its own. We have to quickly put on the brakes or give it gas. What can cause this problem? I have only had this car for 2 months.
jeep drive good but at 45 mph it shakes really bad had the tires rebalanced didnt fix it, just wondering what could be the trouble