My car is 2001 Toyota Corolla, Auto transmission.

At first, One backup light did not work. I changed the bulb; but the light still did not work.
After about one year, both light did not work.
I change both bulbs yesterday. They did not work. I checked fuse and the fuse was good.

Can you please tell me if you know the problem?
How much will it cost if I had it repaired?

Thank you very much,

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gas does not flow into tank fast enough it takes five minutes just to pump 2 gallons i can only pump 8 dollars worth of gas at a time

Had it checked at local auto parts store. Shows oxygen sensors both banks have unburned oxygen. Runs fine until normal temp, then idles bad and stalls. will restart, but have to keep the idle above 800rpm or it will stall again.
The parts store said to take it to a shop with an engine analyzer.
I'm thinking a vacuum leak or intake manifold leak.
Do you have any other suggestions?
Thank You

How do I check and or replace the temperature blend door actuator rod linkage?

Heater blower doesn't get current, Mechanic says replace ignition switch and pigtail due to burnt wire. cost 422.

When you go to take off it cuts out real bad at low rpm if you floor it it has all its power. Like when your driving down the freeway you have to keep the rpm atleast at 2700 then it wont cut out. Like i said though when you floor it it dont cut out and it has full power. I have replaced hundreds of dollars in parts. If you could help me i would appreciate it. Another thing when its cold it runs fine but once it warms up it does this. Thanks again

AFF question

Is it common to start having transmission problems on a 2001 Mazda Tribute after hitting 100k? My husband and I have this car. We bought it with 89k on it two years ago, but we want to make sure it's going to run for a lot longer and that we won't have to put more $$$ into it than it's really worth. What would you suggest?

I am 240lbs.

happens al the time was fine before till last month

When driving it starting moving really slow. I had noticed that the car was making a roaring sound while driving. I don't know if that had anything to do with it.


i'm not having any probs with it. it runs great. there are no noises, etc. i am curious for preventive maintenance. i've taken very good care of this car. i don't hot rod it. thanks again

this person don't have much money. but not going to do it for nothing!