When air recirculator is on it blocks air flow. Just got AC recharged,regulator installed, and new filter. He said he found some leaks as well.

i just installed new brakes to car and for some reason they are not working as they should.

2006 sebring

engine tries to start when I use starting fluid or gasoline ,responds to pedal shortly then idles rough like it is out of gas,sputters and backfires, I changed fuel filter checked spark and the fuel pump is working,when energized it just quit on me while driving and wouldnt' catch and stay runing and it has been hot in Jacksonville Thanks Much John827

Code P0135 bank one sensor one. I changed the sensor on the driverside exaust and the same code keeps coming up. Do you think the sec air system is causing this problem because the only thing that stays incomplete when the code pops up.

i gave my brothe a jump in my i back in it to leave an it didnt do anything but i did hear something like something came a lose i never heard anything like this before it was all of a sudden i had been in my car all day an it gave me no signs of nothing was wrong with it

just got the car back from the dealer and now the display states " check air conditioner"! I checked to see if anything was unplugged, checked the AC fuse and nothing. What else can I check before going back to the dealer?

Waterpump went out on interstate made it to auto zone, battery light was on lost belt. Changed waterpump test drove overheated shut it off towed again! changed thermostat still overheating what could it be now??

the rear seat and they all all good. I`m afraid to take the radio out because I don`t have the security code. Any ideas?

reading is a misfire on cylinder one i have had the spark plugs changed the boots changed and the ignition coils changed and the starter replaced. what else would and it is still loosing power and cutting off.

I want to remove the black abs bottom door moulding to replace it but don't see any clips or screws.

Blower wont turn off regsardless of control setting. I find two fuses for this system; 1 for the blower relay; the other for the blower. Is there any harm in pulling one or both fuses to stop the blower?

parts house can't find it. repair manual calls it map sensor solenoid valve

I have a P0420 code and engine light on. I am also going through a quart of oil every 1500 miles. No leaks underneath, no smoke coming out the tail pipe. The vehicle has 104,000 miles. My shop checked it and identified the catalytic converter needs to be replaced along with the O2 sensors. When they opened it up they called and said they didn't recommend repairing this as there was so much oil inside the converter that the new one would plug up rapidly and I'd being throwing money into another one very soon. They feel there is something going on internally causing the oil to move through the system the way it is and it could be costly to isolate this. They didn't want my to spend more on finding the cause than it might be worth. Any thoughts on this or similar experiences? PCV valve? old plugs? gaskets? I would love to keep the van but can't afford to sink too much into an unknown problem.

the radio worked fine up until when i went to drive it today now i cant get the tape out and the radio doesnt turn on either