I have a 2006 chevy malibu 2.2L, 4 cylinder Code PO463

Water is leaking inside of van at top sides and around the sunroof.

ive heard tapping and putting an insert in the front plugs can be succesful, but that the back to are risky and maybe impossible to do while the heads are on the car.even with an expensive repair kit ,is this true?I tried to tap the third cylinder back on pass. side and the tap went crooked on the way down.it cant be repaired by machine shop now.Iam i totally responsible?was the tap even a possible fix the back cylinders?I did this job for someone,i first reccomended pulling the heads but he wanted me to try something.please help this truck will break me.

After traveling at some stops it jumps and jerks like tires not catching but car actually jumps in front end then runs fine. Maybe 10 stops later it might happen ..hit or miss. First time happened thought rear wheel spinning and catching on bad pavement..but no seems serious or trans related..shop said had to have it happen with them..so intermittent it did not happen with them.

had batterry, charging system checked , ok. Checked cables ok, will it be starter solenoid.

I was placing a cd in what I thought was an open slot but i think the cd slid in on top of another one.

I have an automatic 2003 Pt cruiser. While driving it yesterday it started to jerk like it slipped gears about 3 times and then something popped. I coasted to a stop, engine was still running but won't move in drive or reverse. Checked transmission fluid it was fine. My step-father was able to get it to go just enough to get it loaded on his trailer to haul home. I dont know anything about cars so any help would be appreciated.

Replaced sensor and it came on again, adjusted sensor, light came on again, also car has started to chug at times and rpms are lurching up and down, eventually it kicks in somehow and goes smoothly. Happens upon accelerating, epecially up hill.

gmc safari 1989

My Hyunadi Elantra 2003 GL is not detting start since last three days, it is not passing any current to spark plugs. The ignination swicth turns on, engine is moiving, but no spark. One mechanic suggested it a KEY programing issue, other says its computer issue. Need advice and solution for this problem. ALos how i could confirm wheither it is KEY or Computer issue. Thanks.

i pulled my battery cables off and put them back on and the radio would not work.

i pulled out my radio but didnt disconect it i took the battery cabels off then put them back and the radio would not turn on.what is the code for the radio

I was driving from Sacramento to Truckee and my check engine light came on. Then my car started puttering. I stopped at a gas station, checked the oil and turn around. It was still puttering and I made it all the way to my drive way before it died. Now, I can start it and it is fine idling but as soon as I give it gas, it dies? Suggestions?

Our 1995 Mercury Sable recently hit the 100,000 mark. Of course the transmission is starting to go out on it. We can't reverse but still able to drive it forward. It's an awsome care and drives beautifully - don't want to part with it. What is the most inexpensive way to get it fixed. I know there's rebuilt ones or could have ours rebuilt. Any ideas? To Vo-techs fix the public's car and get paid? I'm open to your advice.

the lights on my 4wd unit change randomly. is it the switch or the encoder motoron the transfer case? it will sometimes switch into 4hi on its own