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hard to turn
I have a 98' chevy cavalier It keeps over heating I changed the thermostate and water pump still over heating also idling it's been parked for about 2 yrs
What would it cost to replace the fuel pump and converter on my Murano, apparently my fuel pump has honeycombed. Thanks,
I was wondering if anyone knows how difficult it is to replace the power window buttons on the drivers side. I believe it is the mount for the buttons that broke...they dropped down into the inside doore handle area. ...
leak on fuel rail back side of engine line between the two sides
selector hard to move up or down in cold weather.any ideas?
how do I go about removing the cover below the radio to repace bulbs that light up the drivers and passengers side heating controls.
I have no fuel pressure, fuel pump makes no sound at all when key is on. I can't locate any power at the plug to the fuel pump. I'm going to replace the fuel relay. Is there something else that it could be? I should...
Sometimes low beam headlights don't turn on at night; when I attempt to turn the control to manual off/on for them, the switch on the lever won't turn them on, and goes back to off, what is wrong?
Can I remove the rear window motor from the regulator with out removing the regulator from the door. Motor is operating. Suspect the regulator gear plugs need to be replced. Thank you. Harry Hinden
The car will start and run fine for about 10 mins. Then it will die.. I can wait about 15 to 20 mins and it will start and run for about another 5 to 10 mins. Then it will die. I replaced the fuel filter and battery s...
My front dashboard light is coming but no meter gauge is working and there is no light. Even I could not see from inside that side signals is working or not.
on our 2000 300 M ,,,How do I run a diagnosis check on my heat /ac system. I have not much heat in the cab. Engine temp is fine. Heater doesnt blow nearly as hot as it could.
My car bucks and surges when ever crusing and it seems to be getting worse. When there is a load on it it seems fine, the surging is very very slight. The rpm's at an idle go from 800 to 1200 to 600 to 1200 and back a...
I was driving I heard a loud pop like gun shot nothing hit my car the window just exploded. Dealer is trying to charge me 1750!!!! I refuse to pay because I just had window replaced year and half ago because deforst ...