it still seems to ride good but I dont hear the compressor or whatever that is that makes the noise when it levels out. What is the fix for this

now only foward works it was origninally reverse was fine then now reverse is a slow foward gear and the others all work fine any ideas?

blow out.The box under the dash by the passanger gets loud with the sound of forced air.

interior lites auto seat and steering adjust does not work. i have looked at fuse panel on inside and under hood. cant find any fuse labeled for these

It seems to be happening more often lately.

I've been told that I need a "Rear Ride Height Sensor" that costs $260 plus 1/2 hour labor. Also, because this sensor is knocked off, I now also need new air shocks for $145 plus an hour of labor. Coes this sound legit? What is this sensor called so I can try to locate a used one.

when i start my car and turn on my heat/defrost i hear a whistling noise. Also, at the same time my radio will blink in and out when i take off from a light/stop sign. Sometimes after i have parked my car and come back to it several hours later i find that i have to reset the radio and clock.

All I was doing is changing front brakes and this happened..i dont understand why? Is it expensive to fix?

Pops out of gear no power

Where (exactly) is the horn relay located? Checked fuses under the dash. They are good. The cruise and horn quit working at the same time.

a mechanic took off a wire connecting to a spark plug and stuck a screw driver in it to see if there was any spark. He said there was some spark but maybe not enough. He said either the distributed cap or a fule pump may be the problem. I think he mentioned the computer also... What do you think and what else can I try??

It turns over but it sounds like theres no gas getting gas to the engin.... I tried changing the distibuter cap but it just won't turn on!

I pulled the rubber plugs underneath car, and foam inside is wet also.

what tool will i need thank for the help

when I try to start my car it will spin over and actually start but when you go to give it some gas it bogs down and shuts off and wont start back up.Is it possibly my fuel filter is clogged,because you can hear the fuel pump working.The car was running fine a few days ago now this is what it is doing.