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does this quote include the removing and installing of the pulley
The oil light comes on when the car is stopped but goes out when you go.
gas pedal was hard to push in...went to floor and now vwhicle is stuck in full tension in pedal now
The problem started last year all of the sudden and know it does not work. The transfer case does ingage but the front wheels do not.
engine light came on, transmission would not shift out of low. stopped car, fluide was ok, turned off car, then restarted and car shifted fine. same thin occured a short time later. 194,000 miles no leakes. one shop e...
don't these need to be changed at 100,000 miles
after replacing fuses tail lights and dash lights go after every 7-10days. my husband has tested the wiring replaced bulbs and fuses and problem still is there any suggestions?
my calefaction don't work
All of a sudden my automatic windows on the drivers side no longer go up or down. Repair estimate?
How can I remove an air pocket so I can refill the cooling system?
I have to replace the water pump and have step by step on doing so but I could use a step by step on what the pre-existing conditions need to be...i.e. fan and fan shroud removal...anybody got that???
were is my starter at
what is the price on replacing a steering intermeadiate shaft?
how to change the water
1994 Mazda Protege. The engine cranks but won't start. This has happened 2 times in last week. Not the battery. I have a mechanic who says he can't do any diagnosis unless it won't start for him.