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The car is from Maine and the repair people said the pump was leaking so replaced it. Since then I had had a lot of noise when making turns which I never had before. I took it back but they say the pump is working properly. I noticed a response regarding a TSB to replace the fluid with a cold weather fluid. It is winter here but it fairly warm with tempertures in the 40's. Why does this fuild work better?

is there a recall on thermostat housing on 2002 dicovery

when I step on the gas it takes a while for the car to go fast

I pulled back the liner in the trunk and removed the two nuts. What needs to be done next?

The L.front seat randomly "lays down". No known association with other actions. It is a programmable seat - is this more likely to be a switch problem, or a control module? Any other ideas? It's disconcerting and dangerous. Any help would be great!

The plastic coonector tube has split on the seem and is leaking. How much do you have to remove to get to it?

The replacement sensor appears to have no opening for the wire.

My care has 25,000 miles on it and since November, 2011 I have had the front rotors replaced because they were warped at 24,122 miles. On 12/13/11 Constant grinding noise at 24,958. Then again on 12/19/11 at 25,137 rear drum brakes resurfaced because they were warped. On 12/20/11 one day later At 25,143 rotors out of round, resurfaced and front brakes replaced. And on 1/14/12 at 25,789 had car towed into dealer for loud banging noise--poor maching--replaced front brakes and rotors again. Can anyone tell me what is causing this problem because the damn dealer can't or won't tell me. I am not a brake rider and all the mileage is highway driving. HELP loses power, and as I push on gas- no power, but its still running. I ususally pull over wait for it to cool down. then start it up and it drives fine again... untill it warms up. I started by adding sea foam fuel cleaner. Then cleaned distributor rotor and contact points, changed spark plugs, and wires. (it has 117,000 miles on it. I am not original owner, so I don't know what has been replaced on it)

Ive managed to pull two codes p0325 IACV(idle contral valve) and p0505 knock sensor can this be causing my hole shiting problem?

I've replaced all my motor mounts, trans mount, axles are good to go and my transmission is serviced reg. I do have some days when it really dosnt die at all but it stumbles please somebody anybody have any ideas?

The vehicle will not start back immediately,and I have change the fuel regulator, injectors. The injectors are not spraying and it seems not to be getting fuel.HELP PLEASE!!!

just started smoking like a freight train this morning. i can literally watch my fuel gauge go down as im driving down the road. when i pulled in my garage tonight i turned my car off immediately. my garage was so full of smoke it took nealy 15 minutes to clear out the smoke. and yes, its smoking from the tail pipes.

if the catalytic converters guts were knocked out would this code be normal i have just moved to Texas and they failed it on the inspection. so i need to fix asap.i have replaced the sensor and the EGR valve and the engine light still comes on with the same code after being reset. thanks

is the repair costly

noise. Sometimes it will not make noise &when you start driving and hit a bump in the road it's get noisey again. When you shut it off it squeels & then goes off. What should I do?