need to know what transmission oil I could use and if I have to replace any transmission filter.

MY car has stranded me twice now. Both times the car quit pulling and when finally stopped the engine cut off. The radio and a/c still worked though but wouldnt crank. The electronic ignition module was changed and I drove it about 50 mile and it did the exact same thing. Still waiting for word from mechanic. Any suggestions???

a bosch unit. check engine light is on, and i must go to mv inspectionthis month. i have tried to buy a manual,but told unavailable for a 2007

We're getting our car inspected. The mechanic said we need 1 outer tie-rod, $120, 1 sys-link (not sure of the spelling)$100, and 2 rear shock absorbers for $400. Does this seem reasonable?

it only does it when car car has been driven a while not when it is cold also it only does it atlow speeds not fast i put a rebiult power sterring a year ago could it be getting bad or could the rack on the sterring causing the trouble it not hard to turn ond drives well only makes that noise it almost sounds like when the ball jionts make niose .i had a mechanic check he cant find ant problem.

How do i adjust the brain box settings in my Mazda 3?

lights and other things work. will not crank over even with a jump start from another car. It did jump start a week ago, It lasted for about five starts, then wasn't able to start again.

The driver side floor gets soaked with water. Got a quote that was quite high to clean drain pipe and replace grommet. Wondering if im being told the accurate price for this service.

I was told I had to replace a wheel that was starting to seperate. It was found to be causing harmonic distortion

whasensor controls the engine frm ver heatin

it sounds like a good deal..city driven mostly

is it the computer

it wont start

has been hard to shift 3 to 4 for about 2 weeks

hello just wondering if someone can tell me if 148000 miles is alot for that car and if anyone has had one with close to 200000 miles just want to make sure i get a good car.