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while driving at even 50 mph the car lost control and was swaying and I could only control the sway with very slow speeds.
Tarus 98 when car is sitting without being driven for several days, the emergency horn starts blowing for no reason. Why? How can it be fixed?
my power mirrors and domelight stopped working all of a sudden, fuses are still good as well as the relay. What could be the problem
I bought this used with no navigation disc. I got a navigation disc but when i put it in it won't read the disc. Everything else works fine.
Brake pedal feels spongy ! The pedal goes almost all the way to the floor before it brakes
My 1994 Mercedes Benz E420 does not accelerate like it used to. Problem started after Engine sludge was cleaned out. I got it checked out and I was told it probably has to do with camshaft sensor not sending electrica...
I noticed after I had signed the title for this car and driving away that the door light was turning on but every thing was shut tight. I'm not to worried about the dome light cause it can be turned off manually but h...
Where can I buy a code reader for a '95??? Only ones I've heard of are for '96 & later.
driving home and had to turn on the lights but had no low beams and noticed both conering lights dont work as well either side all the other lights work, fuses all checked good replaced relay with a new one still the ...
Just bought this car from a dealer 4 days ago. Today I have noticed some jerking or quaking especially when idling. Could this be a bad spark plug? I'm hoping for a simple solution and that they didn't sell us an expe...
The Radiator Cooling Fan turn-on when the temperature gauge is already near the Red Line of the gauge.Is my 2001 Chevy Venture equipped With a RADIATOR FAN SWITCH/SENSOR? If so where it is located? I replaced already ...
can you please tell me the correct oil weight for my car
Rubbing noise when turning rattling noise when driving 15 mph and above tire keeps losing pressure every one or two days. tire checked for all leaks and rotated still problem consist
i have no break lights and ive replaced the break light switch, the fuse and all the bulbs, and i still have no break lights.what could be the problem?