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I had my timing belt and water pump replaced in April 2010 and then in July 29, 2010 I had my motor mounts replaced and since then when i crank my car up and driving around 10-30 mph its making a vibrating noise under...
On intial start up, the transmission knocks and won't shift properly. I have stopped the vehicle when it was warm, turned off the engine and restated the vehicle, and then the transmission shifted ok. What is the rout...
How often should brake pads be changed.
Just replaced battery and still when i go to start car it will turn over and then die.
started this morning. The speedometer and the rpms not working. THe needle just lays there
How difficult is it to change headlamps? Can I do it myself? To clarify, I mean the bulbs only.
Engine idles too high. test says that it is the idle air control.
does the fuel pressure regulator that is located under upper intake assembly get its vacuum from the mainifold pressure or vacuum?
How do you change the front wheel bearings in a 1998 Dodge Neon?
abs and parking and main brake system lights stay om sometimes. You can shut off engine and restart and they go out most of the time. They may not come on again for serveral days.
The brake light is on the dashboard with an annoying bell chime ringing in my car. I checked the brake fluid and it is full. I checked the brake pads and they are fine. I checked to make sure the "Emergency Brake" is ...
Warning light came on at start up. Did not go off as normal. Truck runs normally, 19-20mpg during rest of trip home. Where should I start troubleshooting this problem?
When I come to a light or make a sharp left hand turn, I hear a grinding noise like metal to metal. Normally when my brakes go bad I hear a loud squeaking noise, but I haven't heard anything like that. But suddenly ...
need all new brake lines from start to finish how much approx.
My 2004 Ford Explorer, 95,000 miles has AC problems. It has front and rear AC. This past summer it would not blow cold. In July the dealer replaced the valve on the compressor saying there was a leak that showed af...