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I took my car to the shop on Saturday, I asked them to do my tune up & major service,they go to do the work and come tell me that there is oil where my spark plugs so i asked what does that mean, the guy say will im going to have to replace your valve cover gasket, so they do that and i go to get my car an i here this knocking sound im like what the heck ,the guy at the shop say now we have to replace your cadillac converter on the driver side...well in my mind im thinking my car was not sounding like that when i drop it off... Im so upset well.... my question is, Is it something they done or was it something that was about to happen?

after changing tha auto battery the air bag icon came on and will not go off

had my "rocket on wheels" for almost a year. recently, the headlights started flickering. then began going off & back on, intermittenlty, both sides.

can i replace it my self

runs ok then randomly starts hesitating or stalls and bolt light flashes. sometimes engine light comes on, not always. first time changed a chip, then said could be the gas, this time said it was the battery. bought new one and same thing happened.

The ATS, ABS & Brake lights came on. We had the car towed and after a diagnostic we were told that the cable in the rear wheel had broken causing the ATS to deactivate. Then after the "repair" the lights came back on and we had the car towed again to the shop. Should we continue? Within the last 2 months we've bought 4 new tires, had serpentine belt, pulleys, water pump changed along with an oil change (synthetic oil). How major is fixing the latest problem. The car otherwise is great but we hate to continue if it's really time to let go since we can't continue with a money pit.

how do you change 2004 honda pilot fuel pump?

it again 15 minutes later. after I got of work and drove home it did not come on at all

I just had my timing belt, water pump and valve gaskets changed
That was on Weds, now (Mon) its started smelling like burning rubber and smoke coming from the engine
when I lift the hood after driving, the smoke is coming from the back middle to passenger side inside the engine.
Any ideas what it could be?

1987 not 1990

I had trouble with driver seat mechanism and now air bag light stays on, why?

car wont start already replaced fuel filter

You only show 2011 model year and older.

Tried to start my vehicle one morning. Wouldn't start. Tried the next day and it started, but it chugged when it was starting. All lights on panel stay on. It will only run for a little while before it dies. Now it won't start at all. Is there any way to check the codes without a tester?

I have power windows, and they stopped working one day. The left side needed the actuator replaced, so that's done. I was told I needed to replace the control box on the passenger side, done. I have power going to the box but none of the windows work. All I can think of is the relay but I can't find it. All the fuses are good so what am I missing?