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radiator, rad cap, water pump, temp sending unit, thermostat have all been replaced. At all times the temp gauge reads all the way HOT past 260 ignition on/and off and the HOT light stays on when car is running. the l...
I just cheaply bought a 1995 Toyota Corolla 1.8 with 170,000 miles super clean, was told car was parked for awhile. Problem is most of the time after being parked for 2 or 3 hrs , vehicle does not start at times. Chec...
I got a flat do i change it? do i have to do something to the air censor!!! or What??
it runs hot. i turn the the heat on to help drop the temp and the heat comes and goes
my car make this clunky ,tumbly noise when i go in the holes or turn corners,,,do i have to change struts or just struts mounts?thanks
I was driving in street traffic. Car suddenly loses acceleration while in drive. Acts like it's in idle when I depress accelerator. Tow driver said he's never seen an ES300 do this...towed it to Lexus dealership, w...
I have a 95 lexus for only a few months and then the engine blew out, Triple A told me it would cost about 1800 bucks to repair, is this a fare price?? get back to me RP fam.
mechanic has stated that the rear main engine bearing seal is bad. What is a reasonable estimate to replace it on this car?
Hi, I was advised from Toyota dealership to replace all 6 injectors on my car. I had engine and VSC sensors on, and a rough driving before diagnosys.
ok on top of exhaust manafold there is a puddle of oil between the covers i have a bad oil leak checked the cover and all looks great but still cant see where the oil is coming from HELP! please
lost my chip key what must i do
the pressure gauge drops to the low side after the truck has been running awhile and sometimes it does not do it at all. I noticed when I'm going 30mph and if I notice it dropping I can let off the gas pedal and it co...
I was told that I need to replace the steering intermediate shaft and I would like an estimate please. Thank you
hello me again my car wont start it turns over and it will pop like its tryin to i think its the coil but not sure just wondering if anyone knows thanks