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how hard is it to rebuild a throttle body on a 95 and can you show me a break down of the throttle body?
Why would the Check Engine Oil Level Warning Light come on and at one time during day? I just had my oil changed and the engine light came on again? the repair man said I needed to have my engine gaskets changed, I d...
Hi, I am trying to buy a 1992 Honda Accord and the seller has informed me that the power steering fluid leaks from time to time and he adds some when needed and says he may use a 12 oz. bottle a month. He's not sure ...
i have replaced my rear struts with new monroe gas struts and my car still sits low and rides like a low ride when i hit a bump there is no support.... its horrible....any suggestions ?
clutch replaced...they messed up transmission seal fluid pouring out...seal replaced ball joints installed...on racks 12 days...won't shift to reverse. no problem prior to this. Is there a reset's a...
how would i change my front brake rotors on a 2005 tiburon?
while driving at even 50 mph the car lost control and was swaying and I could only control the sway with very slow speeds.
Tarus 98 when car is sitting without being driven for several days, the emergency horn starts blowing for no reason. Why? How can it be fixed?
my power mirrors and domelight stopped working all of a sudden, fuses are still good as well as the relay. What could be the problem
I bought this used with no navigation disc. I got a navigation disc but when i put it in it won't read the disc. Everything else works fine.
Brake pedal feels spongy ! The pedal goes almost all the way to the floor before it brakes
My 1994 Mercedes Benz E420 does not accelerate like it used to. Problem started after Engine sludge was cleaned out. I got it checked out and I was told it probably has to do with camshaft sensor not sending electrica...
I noticed after I had signed the title for this car and driving away that the door light was turning on but every thing was shut tight. I'm not to worried about the dome light cause it can be turned off manually but h...