it happens when my RPMs get high

can i repair this without taking it to the shop? and if i must take it to the shop what are the repair costs to unclog the a/c drain tube?

it started happening all of a sudden. power windows turn off properly. radio would turn off when key was out before now only radio stays on. it can be turned off manually but it still drains battery. check engine light was on the day before and the car was tested and light erased. could this have caused the problem? what can i do to resolve problem?

other functions work just not reverse, it moves forward just a tad when you hit the key fob and now it's to far fwd to drive..switch seems to be in good condition(contacts and pwr and gnd..etc.) but it doesn't want to do what it's told. move it one way and something completely diff. happens???at a loss. please help

getting drainage under carpet on passanger side when using ac

wheel tight does not correct itself

would a bad crank sensor make your car run rough and cut off

I have a thumping and bouncing around sound coming from above the drivers rear wheel. It is behind the trunk liner. Sometimes it is loud and other times hardly there. When I unlock the doors remotely I can hear it quietly bumping the walls. What is in there? One guy said it sounds like a hose has come loose from it's holder allowing it to flap around. How do you remove the trunk liner?

following per OBD codes are not ready - catalyst,evaporative system,secondary air system,oxygen sensor,oxygen sensor heater.

Check engine soon light is on. I just had oil change and in 3 days, it needed 1/2 quart of oil. Never had this problem before.

a super flush with distilled water; over the last 10years I have lost 2 heater cores due to coolant leaks so he wants to leave this in for about a week & then replace the orange coolant along with a new water pump,will leaving the super flush mixture in for such a long time hurt the cooling system?

The headlight will not open and close when the switch is used.

The oil filter came off on the interstate'.

complete brake job with new rotors

any ideas how much this costs, and is this normal at this amount of miles>