it does it whe i put it in gear.what could it be?is there an easy way to check the transfercase? its a borg/warner 1356

It works fine when the temperature outside is warm, but when it's cold, it doesn't want to go into park.

when braking it cuts off

also you have to push gas pedle a little for it to start it runs fine plenty of power idle racing up and down getting more often

I've been noticing that my check gauges light has been coming on and it's been running in the red. But for some reason while driving on the highway with warm air full blast it goes down and then eventually comes back up. Got to work this morning and radiator cap looked like it leaked and had a hissing sound coming from it. Haven't changed the coolant in a while and I'm pretty sure I need an oil change. Could those be what's wrong? I'm not much of a car guy so I have no idea.

The Harmonic pully seems too consist of two metal parts and a rubber peice in between them. the metal peice that is attached to the crankshaft does not seem to be spinning, but the metal peice that the serpentine belt sits on is spinning causing the rubber peice in the middle to melt. Engine still runs but power stearing is out. why would the damper pully seize up, if it is seized would engine still run, and would the damper pully effect my power stearing?

also acts like it wants to stall with RPM acting erratic. Vehicle has 83000 miles on it. And is there a service schedule for this vehicle the dealer is telling no? Thanks Leo

I have 2007 carmry hybrid synergy drive and the EPS computer for the stearing is missing, even i dont know how it looks like, but i noticed that the cables are there, please help its urgent and i love the car.

already had brake failure and big repair bill for rotted brake lines , etc , and corroded rotors !

seem to be going faster--according to the troopers --than speedometer says . waiting for transmission repair for slipping and rumbling over 50mph .

new water pump / no sign of leak on ground /

new tires helped some /allignment checked good /once every few months makes loud rumble from rear that lasts a few minutes then disappears . vibration is present even at lower speeds / can feel it even thru steering wheel and dash and floor / 55,000 miles .when going over 70mph , there is a deep humming sort of sound .

they cut the wires of the stereo and the head lights are blinking and the car does not start, I can turn the switch but nathing happen. how can i disabled the antitheft alarm

also burns oil but no smoke from tail pipe not leacking?

if i have it up on jack stands you can move the axel in and out just a little bit on both sides of the rear end i have checked all of the rest of the rear end and this is the only thing that moves. when i drive it there is no noise or vibration at any speed. what could it be?