This was purchased used so I don't have any details. How can I tell when to change timing belt? What would be the symptoms?


I've been told I need this repair - want a second opinion on diagnosis and a price estimate.

Our '96 Camry has been an amazing car. It runs better than any car I've ever owned with now one little exception. First the right headlight went out, we replaced the bulb it worked for four days and went out again. Changed the fuse, still didn't work. Then after a rain storm it once again started working no problem. Two weeks later the tail lights both stop working. Tried changing the bulbs, the fuses, but it still does not work. Today I put the car in reverse and the power steering and power breaks both stopped working. I restarted the car and everything is fine. Friends are telling me that it will cost more than the value of the car to even have it looked at for repair and that I should simply sell it for parts. But as I said everything else is in great shape. Could there be a solution to all of this that won't cost thousands of dollars?

every week or so i have to put transmission oil in my car i know it has a leak,my machanic tell me it is because of the age of the vehicle and it will cost a lot to fix,but sugessted not to. what can i do to get some help about this,beside taking down the tranmission?

I noted several good answers to people whose problem was a loose shift indicator, however mine isn't hooked up at all. I bought it that way. Low mileage - 138,000 and the engine runs strong, just the shift indicator is not attached plus several gauges do not appear to register (temperature gauge most critically- although the car isn't using water and is not overheating.)
What am I looking for when laying out this job ? (I do have the Chilton manual)
Where should I start looking to diagnose my dashboard gauge problem?

I had a 0341 code dealing with the camshaft sensor, and a secondary code for insufficient flow with secondary air injection, and the water pump needed replacing. Completed these tasks and now the car will not start, it will turn over and I believe it is getting fuel, it will just not start, any ideas?

Wife just bought this used (99,000 Mile) 2005 Avaitor and both rear windows quit working. (NO up/down)

Rear windshield wiper needs replacement

Looking for location?

I talked to the dealership and was told I would have to leave my truck for 2 days before they can tell me whats wrong.

but leaks oil since I had it changed. I took it back to the place that changed it's oil, but it's still leaking. Any advice?? I live in N. County San Diego. Any reasonable place I could take it to???

i was told that it may be the motor mounts, front, 2 right, and transmission. Today as i was heading home it completely stopped. What could be the problem?

At various speeds car will lose power and eventually stall. You can pull over and shut off ignition, restart car and run for another 5-10 miles at highway speeds before same thing happens. Replaced fuel filter and pump. Catalytic converter has interior missing. Exhaust system currently has 2 "loud" mufflers at rear of car instead of factory installed single muffler. Check engine light is on and stores code P0420.

Im figuring this is the water pump leaking, as I smell coolant when I get out of my car, and its pooling coolant on what Im assuming is the water pump. I just bought this vehicle yesterday for a great bargain as this Explorer is in GREAT condition! How much approximately, does it cost to replace the water pump?

when i press the 4 hi switch the light just blinks. i have replaced the front actuator. any glue as to what the problem might be?