My usual mechanic tried to way over charge me last time for struts so i went to pepboys and they charge $90 to diagnose but they gave me a $800.00 estimate for intake manifold gasket! so now do i go somewhere else with their dianoses which might be wrong any way or pay for another diagnoses. the code is 0174 and i'm really frustrated:(

when i turn the ignition everything comes on but the engine makes a clicking noise almost like its trying to catch but it cant. i though maybe it was just flooded so i let it sit for a few hours and that didnt help at all. could it have something to do with the water that leaked in to the passenger side and trunk or is my car just completely screwed up? :(

The fuel resivoir is located in a cradle under rear passenger seat with fuel pump and filter. 1.8 engine

3 weeks later engine quit.. mechanic says there was no oil and appeared to been leaking out. he says engine is seized. wouldnt pcm have shut the engine down before catastrophic failure???

she pulled to side and a mechanic came to assist it wouldnt start or turn. oil was empty and appeared to have been leaking out. he is telling her engine seized. wouldnt the pcm have shut this engine down before catastrophic failure occured

mounted light switch is turned off. Must disconnect battery to get lights to go out.

My radio stopped working but the fuses in the fuse panel are good

I just got a price of $500 to replace the front struts if the old brackets can still be used. My front driver's side is leaking fluid.

My engine light came on for the second time. The first time I
thought it was the oil and I had it changed-the light went off
for awhile when it came back on I took it to Auto Zone-they told me it was the oxygen sensor.

i am constantly adding oil

Drove the car today, when I stopped, I couldn't put it into park. The shifter will not go into anything except drive or neutral. First time issue.

I don't know how much this should cost and what it all covers

will be playing I will hear static and then cuts out, have to turn off the stereo and turn back on for sound

The code reader is reading P0122, and my car is lagging and having trouble accelerating. Just wondering if it's fixable without having to take it to a dealership or mechanic??

I went to buy one and was asked this question. "which power steering pump fits the 1997 740il bmw between the single and tandem pump w leveling opt"