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Why doesn't the heat work on the passenger side of my 1998 740il BMW?
Where are the lube points on a 2003 Honda CRV? Are there any? Thanks Steve
put it in 4wd and when it ingages it clanks ilke a cv joint is bad wont run front tires or if dose makes noise like not ingaged all the way
THe glove box door is hanging by its one plastic hinge. I've messed with the latch mechanism to try and set it so it would at close even if I could never open it again! But nothing works. So how do I remove the latch ...
How to clean the MAF sensor or how to replace.
I am in the process of replacing the camshafts seals, gaskets from my V6 engine, I have completed the left/driver's side. On the right side, I am not able to lift out the cams/chains, due to some objects in the way, m...
is there anything that i can buy to seal the heater core leak to keep from replacing the entire heater core at the present time
my heater cuts off in the morning once car has been off are warms up heater will work
The air-conditioner still lets cold air blow. I had a friend put a manual switch on it and it works, but only one speed (high), the heater doesn't work at all. Need it fixed before the holidays.
code read oxygen sensor,replaced it and it still reads oxygen senso and can't clear the check engine light.Anyone have any suggestions! THANKS
when trying to start it wont nor the lights or guages but when turned back 1 position the guages work and when key removed it starts clicking
my alternator has been overcharging, causing my battery to be overcharged. Now my battery is dead so I'm not able to take the car to the shop. Can I get a jump or do I have to buy another battery?
i have a 2005 dodge ram 2500 i broke the spider gears in the front axle i did not have the money to fix it at the time but i do now and need to get it done with the bad weather i pulled out the carrier an...
Hi my truck was broken into a couple of days ago and im learning to do all my work on my own.But I dont know how to get the right rear vent glass in and out .Will you please explain this to me ? Im not sure if I have ...
location and instruction as to insallation of new filter and interval between changes