Went to the mountains truck ran perfect, windows worked great, got up the next morning and I can not get the shift lever out of park and the windows will not come down. The fuse for the electric windows was blown, I replaced it and as soon as I turned the ignition on it blew again. All other fuses are good.
This has never happened before.

I had my 2008 yukon in to GM shop to replace 3 of the door actuators and the passenger side one is now gone. I guess GM don't realize that before you notice that all the locks are not working it could take months if threar one gives out first and that is just what happenned to me so I would actually leave my vehicule unlocked without knowing. In the past I have purchased about 1/2 million dollars of GM product (truck vans station wagon jimmy blazers along with two new Cadillacs fleetwood ) I must say that I have been more loyal to GM than they have been to me. now I am retired and only trade my vehicule every three years. all this to say that no way I am paying GM to service one more that went on the passenger side however I do not know how to take the interior door panel of so I can do it myself. Can anyone help me with some advise on how to do it.

this vehicle needs a lot of work, I would like to get it running first. Thank you.

Codes 12 42

2000 C230 with 56000 mile on it.DO ihave a timing belt or chain and when do i replace it? thanks......

ex; take my foot off the gas pedal & the engine slows down until it shuts off
like waiting for a green light

why does the 20a fuse keeps blowing when i turn on lights any ideas?

Got the brakes done front and back at a local dealership now they kind of vibrate when I stop.

oil pump labor and cost of pump

The condition occurs most often after idling for a few minutes such as in traffic or waiting at a store. Sometimes just driving it will stall or start running rough. Without exception turning the key off and immediately restarting it clears the problem. There have not been any codes set and have not been able to duplicate when connected to a diagnostic computer. Any ideas?

light just stopped work while I was driving No left, right or haz lights is it a fuse? and which one?

on my way from office,the check engine light came up and the car cld not move again.Then since then cld not move on drive or reverse position and if wait f a while,it wil move fr a short distance and then stops

the tap felt firm going in as uasal when cutting threads but it went loose a couple of times on the way down,then back to firm ,at the end it suddenly went completly loose at the bottom.i could pull the tap up and down about an eighth inch but it was stuck in hole and cant get it out.so i turned it counter clock wise but was just loose so i turned it.clock wise a little and it tightened but broke free agian now its just stuck.i dont think i went to far were the tap went all the way in the cylinder but maybe,anyone have any knowledge or advice on this triton motor?

defogger is not working

when it shuts off the only light that comes on is the oil light and it takes forever to crank the car back up