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How are the spark plugs numbered. I thought it was, from left to right looking at the engine it way 2,4,6, in front and 1,3,5 in back. Can someone confirm please.

Would driving conditions crack a vacuum pump or would something have to come in contacted with it such as someone hitting or prying on it?

it skips and stalls during takeoff and/or acceleration,

It is real noticable when going up an incline

Sometimes, when the brakes are used on wet/icy roads, they fail and feel like they are ... just flying out from under the van independently and uselessly (the only way I can think of to explain it)

Tried to turn the key to start and took a bit before it turned on then the engine light turned on?

It happens with or without the engine light on. I had a service department look at it and they found nothing wrong with the car. What is causing the beeping?

He has tried moving the steering wheel (it is locked), but still can't get the key to turn. He has been through the entire owner's manual with no luck. I had this problem with a 2004 Saturn Vue and pulling on the steering wheel worked, but not so on this Lincoln.

changed modulator,and selinoid,plus adjusted all cables

Above the spare tire? How do I get to it?

what the issue is. Based on some research, I'm thinking it is a problem with the master cylinder, but am not positive. Has anyone had this issue? The rotors & calipers were just replaced but this is still occurring.

Have replaced coil, spark plugs, injectors, etc... You name it, it's probably been replaced. Horrible gas mileage, smells rich, rough idle, car will quit as a stop sign, within the first 7 mins of starting (idle), it will shut off. Help!!!noone can seem to figure out the problem and I am very frustrated with having to spend money that is not actually needed. I could have purchased a new engine for as much money I have put into "fixing" the problem that still exists.

Once my running lights are turned on only the top brake light works.

Found pool of tranny fluid on the ground with a triangle looking plug with ribbed inside laying next to the fluid. Is that the transmission vent? It was very clean almost like a new part while the rest of the engine is dirty. I am assuming the leak was caused by the dip stick not being fully seated. Also assuming I have a plugged vent??? I just cannot figure out where the heck the plug came from. Any help will be much appreciated.!!!

Was told the bank sensors cost 190$ each and the air fuel ratio sensor bank 1 sensor is 170$ and over 400$ in labor I am on social security and a single mom of 3 there is no way I can afford this please help w advice how much should this really cost$ and where can I go to get it repaired at a good price plz? They quoted 950$ plus tax and shop materials!,