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Now. Sat in car have had phone plugged in drained my battery. Help start anybody?
i bought my little girl a 2000 passat with the 1.8 turbo should i start bending over now,i gave 3,500 and it has 103.000 miles but it runs great no leaks perfect paint,but ive have heard so much bad things about this...
My truck has this progressively worse winding noise coming from the rear someplace. I can hear it when I'm driving. I was thinking it might be some of the gears in my differential so I changed the fluid and looked a...
Hi Guys My Tiburon heat stopped working. Everything sounds as if it's working properly but no heat. I have the 3 knobs controller. When I'm under the dash and I change the temp control I can see it working properly. ...
My check engine light came on in my 2003 Toyota Matrix,
my car has stalled after filling the gas only. it is not all the time though. I've tried fuel injector cleaner and gas water dryer-Is this a failed evaporator purge valve?
what would make my truck over heat?
heater is on and off when turned on.
when i drive on freeway my truck wobbles from left to right feels unsafe i need to hit the brakes for it to stop could my tires be to soft or do i have suspension problems how do i troubleshoot this problem also i r...
Toyota camry needs crankseal, leaks a qt of oil every 2weeks. Timing belt, waterpump, valve gasket just replaced. Engine just started idling rough, but isn't missing yet. How long would it take to replace the cranks...
I just got a new electronic fuel pump. And now my heater will on work properly if I put on it on 4. Now the tow man did move some fuses around before towing my car. SO i am wondering could this be the problem.
car started fine and went 2blks and everything shut down and wouldnt start again waited a couple hours started but wouldnt engage or recognize any gear except park. first time to happen and had it towed
Is the 3.5L an interference or non-interference engine?
abs chatter when stopping, no idiot lights, can hear abs module running, new front wheel bearings both sides from being noisy, abs chatter there before this work. ABS module?
I am trying to purchase a reasonable VW VAG computer base program to view Bosch timing. Any ideas of where I can find a reliable one?