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cranked car one morning and cut off,,after driving couple days hard too depress accelerator,check engine with computer says acclerator switch on pedal and at engine but have been replaced,,stills show low voltage and ...
this is the 1.3 sohc 16 valve engine. The owner said the cam reluctor was damaged and replaced. But there is no key pin or marks to show proper alignment on the cam. What is it timed with and how? Steve
Valves are tapping badly
Can I find the answer to the stalling problem on a 2002 Suzuki Esteem in a manual? Does anyone sell the manual?
Anytime, regular driving on roads or on freeways, it accelerates or decelerate on its own. We have to quickly put on the brakes or give it gas. What can cause this problem? I have only had this car for 2 months.
jeep drive good but at 45 mph it shakes really bad had the tires rebalanced didnt fix it, just wondering what could be the trouble
cost to replace water pump
just replaced alternater car will not start is this because of the antiteft?
ABS lights comes on when I start to move.
first when i take off the car does great going from first to 2nd it bogs out like it's not getting fuel,but does fine there brakes when i 1st bought the car used would pump back at me like they were tight or ...
while trying to replace a brakeline, i accidently stripped out the connection to the abs module. not the screw-part but the thing the screw-part goes in. it has been temporarily jb- welded but i was wondering how to g...
There does not seem to be an easy way to bleed this system. Would it not be easier to remove the slave cylinder where you can get at the bleeder and then re-install the slave cylinder? Thank You
How much should it cost to replace a water pump on a 2001 dodge intrepid?