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heater not working already replace thermostat. coolant has to be replenish every other day no leaks and no water in oil.

Yes my truck will start skipping when i get to to 50 or 55 miles per hour. To stop it I have to accelarate. Thats the only time it does it. Motor has way over 2 hundred thousand miles. Is it fixable or will I need a new motor. Need all the help I can get on this one! Thanks

car turns over but will not start.

how do I remove the trim to gain access to the rear HVAC system

Where is the thermostat located on the engine

Does recall 02v222000/air bag sensor apply to this vehicle?

The ticking gets faster when I accelerate. But It doesnt do it if it's not in gear.

Left rear signal was not working, the cigarrette lighter doesn't work

Has trouble starting. Just recently loses engine power after driving for a bit and engine sputters.

i was going to carbandale and half waay there it lost speed and began to sound bad. i put in fuel injection cleaner seemed to help alittle. but it still sounds bad . and runs rough. A week before my car wouldn't start and my son in law sprayed starter fluid in it to get it to start.

all fuses good all bulbs good all other lights work

Is using automatic fluid ok or should I used manual fluid only?

check eng lite was on for 2 days. Was sitting in Walmart idling, started to run rough
then died. wouldn't turn over and steering wheel wouldn't lock. Has new battery, all
lights and electrical working.(All cluster gauges stopped working 3 months ago -
lights work,every once in a while indicator lights flicker)

I got out of car after driving. Once I returned, I open the door with the unlock button, put key in ignition. I heard a click and then the car went completely dead. No power. I couldn't even get the trunk open with the key to check battery. The lock won't disengage. This is the first time something like this has happen.

sound like the water pump is rattling under the hood and making a trouble noise, the car is not running hot or has any fluid leaking out. Appears as if the noise is coming from a lower pulley, I think it's the pulley that the belt rest on. I can see the pulley moving slightly as if it may need to be tighten.