battery is good weve changed ignition fuses under hood but windows wont roll up security light on radio will come on please help me

What do codes p1393 and p1406 mean?

On the above video link, at 2:08 minutes. it tells about a dual pop-it thermostat. The one I removed had no bottom spring and retainer shuttoff on the bottom. Could that bottom retainer/bottom shut off plate have fallen off and is now in the engine? The origional thermostat is marked 180 degrees, The dealer could not help me with this question.
I purchased a new thermostat at a parts store before removing the old one, it was a regular thermostat with a temp of 190 degrees.. Do I have to purchase the origional OEM thermostat or can I use the one bought at the parts store, the origional factory thermostat has a bottom spring and a shutoff plate @ 180 degrees, any input would be great, Thank you... :-)

air conditioner is on. No problem when it is in the morning or it is cool.

The manifold is off, the oil is not bad, And it is not the lifters

1989 Chevy S-10 4.3L V-6. When engine is cold I have to depress gas pedal to get engine to start and have to keep it depressed slightly to keep it running at idle speed or it will stall. Seems to idle a little better after engine warms up to normal operating temperature. Can't engage AC or Defrost when idling or engine will always stall. No Check Engine lights come on at all. Any ideas?

and cost to repair (if electrical only or if motor also) ?

Could this be a fuse problem or probably not..... ?

How do you remove the center console to replace the cup holder and power window switch?

Transmission about ready to go? I hope not. I have a '98 Mazda Protege with 115,000 miles, 4cyl auto 1.5L. Seems to be maybe 2x a month I'll turn it over and if I get to around 25 mph it'll rev and redline and not want to shift into 3rd. If I continue driving for about 5 or more minutes it'll shift fine, but I've got to go s l o w. If I stop, turn it off turn it over again it'll drive fine. Haven't taken it to a mechanic yet but I fear the worst... Any insight is appreciated!

what do i have to remove? Terry

I got another instrument panel from the wrecking yard an now my car won't start

Please send any suggestions on how to repair my dropping ceiling and torn carpet on the drivers side. Thanks.

pulled up to store shut car off and came back out and no pwer steering the fluid levels fine and no leaks anywhere

liftgate won't unlock. there is no key entry. what do I do

I have tried pulling the rubber at bottom to let it drain but every time it rains, it fills up again, plus it never is completely drained. One door panel now has mega rust problem. Car has been in accident.

Lots of issues with this car but trying to make it last a little longer without pouring more money into it...thanks for any help!