The alarm stays on steady when in reverse. Nothing in manual mentions back up alarm.

No fuse # listed in manual.

i can work on older cars so maybe i can fix my self

please help need to get inspead

sensor of the oxygen

We just got the car two days ago only has had two owners 140,000 miles only one accident hit motorcycle maintance record look great on read out given two us by dealer.

my uncle's s-10 4.3 vin "W" is having a miss in cyl #2. He recently had the inj. assy. replaced. He says the injector nozzle doesn't fit snug, but locks, in the hole. Should there be an o-ring there? He says it doesn't have one.

full on coolant too

We added brake fluid but it does not seem to be getting into the actual Reservoir tank. We poured it into the top but it does not go down into the Reservoir tank, it just sits in the spout where you fill it

what should i do i need heat car does not over heat

Coolant level is normal.temp gauge is normal.once the car is heated up there is no intermittent proble

Is the engine starter located under the engine?

last night I rolled the drivers side power window up, and released the switch. The window immediately rolled all the way down on its own, and now will not work. All other windows work fine. Any ideas?

The engine turned is turning over, but it won't start.

I have the tire off, yet I cant seem to see how to remove the rotor from this point.