fuel supply, what can be the problem please help me im carless for now=(

is there more things that get damaged or is it a simple as replacing the timing chain

seat moves up and down with no problem. trackers under seat seem to be fine.

Driving on dry roads trac & vsc lights came on suddenly along with a loud beep/warning sound. Felt as if car was slipping/hydroplaning. Very scary. 3 weeks later happened again 3 times in one evening, again dry roads. This time heard a grinding noise possibly?

This issue has been happening since i purchased the vehicle new 12 years ago and has never been fixed. Now that I drive the vehicle (wife got a new car), it's really annoying. While idling, the engine makes a loud vibration sound. It sounds like it's coming from the exhaust pipe from the engine or catalytic converter. A slight tap on the accelerator to up the RPMs and the vibration goes away.

I have a BMW 650i and want to know can I change the spark plugs

we are miles down the road. There have been a few times when the alarm went off in the closed garage for no reason at all. We have removed the map lights and turned off the dome light as well.

I would like to use a brighter lamp for the high beams. I need extra light at night on the dark rural roads I travel on. The problem is the lamps are in series with a resister to run them at a lower voltage. I have not measured the voltage. My guess it is 6 volts. Is there a work arround for this or a bulb that would work ? I installed HID lamps. They work for the high beam only. The DRL feature does not work because of the way they are wired as DRL. I found a fix on the net that disables the DRL . The problem it also disables the auto lock. There was not any info on how to do it as well. Looking at the wireing diagram in Alldata they put a switch on the wire from the drive selector to choose between park and drive. I would like to retain the DRL feature as well as lights that would work either way. My question is there a way to do this? Can I use a powerful lamp like a halogen or maybe a LED?

The lights just came on today.

So my engine light has been on for months and they just diagnosed it as an electrical issue, that it was not a big deal. Today my engine light started flashing and my car started shaking. Every time I would accelerate it would shake more. Some people have told me it could be a possible misfire? Any thoughts?

replaced power steering pump twice, fluid goes light tan in color,brakes and steering almost fail in a mater of 2-3 days,master cyl seems to retain fluid and normal color.This is a 3500 cube van with a 350 engine, my Midas Brake mechanic is baffled so am I can not travel very far like this

te1 e1 It just started after I put the distrubutor and oxg.sensor and air cooling temp.sensor.

Need to remove radio to find out why CD player is not ejecting CD. It plays just fine.

I have a neon 03 that is shifting hard between neutral to drive, and will not shift out of 1st gear when driving, cant do over 35 miles an hour because i dont want to run the car above the 3 in rpms? WTF is wrong!! I have already replaced the Modual once before, only 3-4 years ago? But I wasnt driving when it went... whats the cheepest fix... Im broke

I was hit on both rear bumpers but noone thinks that is the problem.