How do I replace the lower radiator hose and then refill the empty radiator without a cap so that it doesn't get air bound?

Cranks and runs until put into gear then shuts off but if you hold the brakes and slightly mash the gas it stays running. at night when you mash the gas, the lights get brighter.

This "Squeeking" sounds like a bearing squeek or when a brake pad is "Glazed", It rolls with the truck ,picks up with higher speeds,quiets when applying brakes, may come back on when turning steering wheel or even just driving straight.I have stopped truck and pumped brakes "hard" and seems to stay quiet longer ................loose brake pad(s) ????????

mu car at times when turning , acts like no gas or power but then if keep trying it will go back to driving normal again

All thr vents on the right side (def.,middle and lower)blow cold air with the heat on. Any ideas why?

I put a fuel cleaner in the gas tank last week. It was driving fine but all of a sudden it lost power and I barely got the car home. I realize the problem could be unrelated to the cleaner, however.

has had recent fuel filter ,cap/rotor,wires,it will crank and crank sometimes starts up but sometimes it takes longer.it seems worse when engine is cold but also acts up when warm and after runs it is fine does not miss or hesitate,anyone with any help is appreciated is getting frustrating also is 2wheel drive and manual trans if this makes any difference.Thank You

has new cap and rotor new fule pump recent module replacement cranks and cranks turn key on and off helps somewhat doesn't matter if cold or hot seems worse on cold start any help

I posted a question, and got an answer that i should retrieve codes from the PCM, please help me to explain on how to do it, and where is the PCM located, we scanned and got this codes P1490 and P1489 please help it is urgent.

what would make a factory ford 6 disc cd play not accept any cds and shows no cd error
the truck is a 2004 ford f-250 superduty 6.0 liter powerstroke diesel

blinker won't work--unable to get inspection

On 8/18/2011 Firestone installed new front brakes on my car but appx. 2 wks later I heard clunking/some slight grinding noise from under my hood while engaging the steering wheel, turning corners, & gliding over speed bumps. I asked at Firestone who explained it's probably my transmission fluid needs replacing. I went to Firestone to have them look and after the service mgr drove it a little & looked under the hood he stated engine mounts were shot (only three remained-one broke); he directly advised I needed engine mount bushings #3079 for front right-side. Also Struts replaced: (72256F Sensa Trac Strut)front shock/strut assembly-both replace spring/or top mount each side strut mount and end with an alignment. He printed out the recommendation but the total price for everything is $1,744.74. I've been calling around for better prices and am leaning towards doing engine-mount bushings fist because I am low on funds now, but I will get other work done soon after appx. next month. Please advise. Thank you.

Truck will slightly surge forward when my foot is on the brake as I come to a stop or as I release the brake before hitting the accelerator. Symptom occurs irradically and sometimes the surge is more pronounced than others. This is not an engine surge it is a vehichle surge. No codes are present. No mechanic thus far can offer a solution.

After normal highway speeds, when slowed to 25 or 30, the car goes into a lower gear. When I shut it off then restarted it; it drove in a normal fashion. If driven in city speeds, 25 to 35, it acted normal and did not seem to be affected when speed was increased. An OBD2 code was ran on it. The code P400 and P776.

My driver's side window will go down but will not go back up. At first, it went up intermittently and slow, but now it won't go up at all. My window is still on the track so I don't think it's the regulator. I am not sure if it is the motor or the switch. The other window switches on the driver's side door work. How can I tell what the problem is?