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The steering wheel bibrates when driving about 60 to 70 miles per hour some times when I step on the brake peddal at that speed
why is my check engine light flashing ?
How can I get my 4-wheel drive to kick in? It clicks but doesn't go into 4-wheel drive.
My rearview mirror has a dimming feature. Also a computerized garage door opener. Problem: The garage will not open from the outside of the garage using the intagrated (sp) opener in the rearview mirror. Does the mir...
We are not getting power to the fuel pump and the fuel guage is not working. We checked the relays. Any suggestions?
Hey where is the fuel filter located on a chrysler 1996 sirrus 4 sylinder dual over head cam?
My 95 probe will start and idle fine and when it has warmed up it will idle at about 1100 rpms. If i put it into gear soon after i start it, it is fine. Once the car warms up and i put it into gear it dies. The last t...
i need to know where the battery is located
For about four to five months my tribute hasn't ran right in the rain. The engine would stall and spit and sputter. After the weather cleared up so would the engine. Finally the other day I was driving it in the rain ...
I just replaced the battery in my car because it was bad. Now my car immediately shuts off once the car is started. At red lights once the gas is pressed it seems like it doesn't have enough power to accelerate. The R...
cost factor for replacement water pump
why wont my camry start
I've lost my only key can i change ignition myself or is this a dealer issue only?
car wont start but has spark,fuel and compression