I perform regular maintenance,have replaced the motor at 77,000 miles 130,000 replaced the transmission as well.There are no indicator lights on the dash detecting any problems.

My 4wd shift does not work I dont know if it is the dash switch or the actuator on the transfer case. Is there a way to test both items to determine which is bad?

97 Nissan pick up truck the belts broke.

sometimes the front gets a little warm then stops and goes back to coolthe backs stays warm for the most part but recently it also goes cool on occasions

when i start out i have to depress the pedal to the floor it putts and sometimes back fires and then it runs fine on the interstate but in the city it hardly ever gets out of first gear, i've had a tuneup , transmission serviced air filter changed. please help some think its my maas air flow and some say o2 sensor
dave williams

When I hit a bump or when it rains the car is all over the road, why?

the power door locks and gas gauge are going boonkers is there a relay or somthing these two are a related problem some how

is there a relay some were iam not seeing

I have a 2004 IS300 and I noticed this week that every time I start my car my radio stations that I have programmed in my car radio are erased. Is this something that I should have looked into? I don't notice any other issues. . . . .

It just stop working I change the batt. I dont know if it stop working after that are not. Thanks Jim

Can anyone recommend a facility that will replace it. The dealership wants $1500. Thanks

It has spit and sputtered upon taking off, and now won't start. It is turning over, but won't start. We've had the van for 8 years and have never changed the plugs or wires. It has 110,000 miles on it.

This is the single ohc engine.I thought it was a bad valve, its very hard getting up hills how do I get that fixed and how much does it cost?

Is there something covering the area where the pads are located?

After i boost it off it runs fine, put meter test on it and somthings pulling battery very slow could it be alternator also?