Son had accident and Frame is broke near front driver side tire. What would cost of new frame be and is it worth repairing or just sell car for parts? 2005 Black Taurus with approx 110K miles.

this light keep comming on what can i do to take care of this issue

happens gradually at about 5weeks and continually gets worse until i have to replace them. I have replaced all plug wires. The electrode end of spark plugs look good. It arcs from the base where the porcelain insulator goes into the metal. They dont all arc at the same time . It is erratic and the car idles fine with an occasion mis. The hotter the engine gets the worse it gets especially under load. I had it put on computor and it says that i have bad spark plugs but it doesnt say why they keep going bad.

The sound isn't the valve nor the lifters. I was told it was a part in the valve train that wears out and I could drive the car without having to worry about it. I have noticed that once the car is under a load the sound goes away. Its a 6speed manual. I can clearly hear the knocking/ticking sound with the transmission in neutral but once I put it in gear and slowly let out the clutch the sounds disappears.

It has started doing this about 2 weeks ago. Also I was told my front axle needs repairing but I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it? Please help. Thank you.

4 tires have been replaced and a 5th on way. Hear and feel whop, whop at low speeds and becomes more pronounced when braking. No lateral run out when braking. At 70 mph on highway a light vibration in steering wheel as if out of balance. Balancing and alignment checked out good. Wheel bearing is new. The struts are electronic according to vin #. Can they be faulty? If so how does one check?

just got rebuilt alternator installed, notice on charging gauge on dash, constantly charging, but when i turn on heater, lights, turn signals, etc the needle jumps back to discharge briefly, or if i slow down engine rapidly, it also jumps back to discharge until engine is reved up. is alternator faulty? or possibly distribution problem?

The light came on about a month or so ago i took it in to get looked at but my mechanic could not find anything wrong. It has now come back on. Each time the light appears my car will not allow me to shift out of park. Today i turned it off let it sit for awhile and turned it back on after several times doing this it finally shifted out of park but the light remained on. I later tired again to leave and the light came back on and i can not shift again. HELP PLEASE!!

left rear wheel bearing makes noise. I am thinking it is a press in bearing not a bolt on type

starter good. ign switch good. will not crank. Relay does click when turn key to start. no power to starter solenoid.

I had a problem when the (low engine power) would come up in cool conditions but turn the engine off and it was ok. I replaced the throttle body as advised by repair pal and that problem is cured. I replaced it with an AC Delco body but now I seem that my mpg is down a little. Does the computer have to be reprogramed for this throttle body. Other than poorer mpg the engine runs great. Just wondering????

got a new valve, so i know what it looks like, but cant find where it goes

What could it be, the connector seems ok?

i have replaced the thermostat and it worked fine for a month or so than it overheated again replaced thermostat again cooling fan came on it was fine and 2 days later its overheating again the cooling fan comes on any ideas