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i have a 1999 chrysler lhs it runs and drive good,but some times when i turn the car off after i drive it,it will not start.but after it sits for a little while it will start. could any body please help me with proble...
blower works but no heat
I have a slow transmission leak and I can't find where to add transmission fluid, can anyone help?
Why will My 1995 Chevy S10 not shift past second gear?
How can remove the lens cover to dry up the condensation? Once I re-install is a silicone sealer best to keep it from coming back?
Wher is the clutch slave cylinder located?
replaced battery died 2 days later. Jumps first time. Alternator checks out fine.
I have no mechanical experience but my dad helps me sometimes. I have been feeding my car oil weekly for a year to keep it going. I don't know where the oil is going. It isn't leaking. When I pull out in first gea...
can hear noise over bumps
The right front turn signal light works but is dimmer than the left side and blinks faster. What is the proper way to gain access to it without tearing the car apart to gain access?
heater just blows contines cold air.
I have a 2003 toyota tacoma 4x4 2.7 liter. Emgine light staying on. This is what I have done so far. I changed the emission sensors on exhaust. Had engine light cleared. Engine light came back on. Replaced air mass fl...
friend's car--had battery replaced at a shop. Soon after, engine quits while driving normally--starts right back up. There was some prior damage from 18 wheeler truck tire hitting front of car, but the engine quitting...
hi good day sir, he loss my volvo s80 2001 model key.and hi need any order key,pls can you sale for me ? if yes reple to
Engine goes into red zone and wispy vapor starts to come out from under hood. If this is "water pump needs replacing, what is average cost of repair?