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the 4wd servise light is on and none of the 4wd switch bottons work. not even the light to tell u if your in 2wd or 4wd hi or lo..... have replaced the switch and checked the fuses and still nothing.... could use some...
How do I change/top up transmission fluid?
location of timing marks on head on 3.5
I am attempting to replace a window for a friend. I am not sure how to remove the interior front door panel. Suggestions?
Need to know how to change rear end differential .Pics,ect?Thethe ball part that has the gears in it
purchesed vehicle last saturday, first 2 days it ran fine, then we have a dead battery (battery is fairly new and truck is in duperior mechanical/exterior/interior condition for its age. after overnight battery charg...
does th elexus rx300 have a timming chain or belt?
I drove about 20 miles and a sqeel started, car seemed to be losing some power..pulled over and steam came from under hood...hood was very hot to the touch...noticed only a little bit of antifreze on the ground. Chec...
The cd player, cruise control and clock will not work in my 2004 aviator. Have changed the fuses , checked all fuses and still will not work. Any ideas ?
what is the easiest way to replace spark plugs on the rear of engine.
How do you change the low beam light switch
The oil has been gushing out by the oil pan i don't know if it is the oil pan gasket or the main oil seal.
low beams shut off intermittently all other lights functioning
My left rear wheel is making a clicking noise when moving. It is awd. Brakes are good. No leaking anywhere. The noise is louder the slower it goes.
What is the swith with 3 arrows forming a circle and a red led light on it. It's next to the red emergency parking light switch. Mine came on this morning and I don't know what the switch is for and what it's indicating.