Is my engine shot

I have a 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe. For the last year or so there has been a problem with the radio cutting out and the lights (both dash and headlight, clock, etc.) dimming when the radio cuts out. This ONLY happens when the air conditioning is running. And it doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all, and the next time I drive with the air on it does. I had the alternator replaced last Friday, and am still having the same problem, only now sometimes the ABS and TSB indicator lights illuminate at the same time as the radio cutting out and the lights dimming. Again, this ONLY happens when the air is running.

When the air isn’t running, I have noticed that when I turn on a blinker, or have the lights on, the clock sometimes seems to dim. When the blinker is on, it dims in time with the blinker on and off.

car will not start without it

I turn the engine off, then restart; It will work fine,until the next occurance.

Or do I have to replace entire power steering rack. I put fluid in at least twice per week. A mechanic looked and said I need to replace rack.

just bought this car and no owners manual, trying to find out what numbers pertain to what fused link,>does number 1 go to brake lights or heater fan moter etc?< hope you can help! Thanks for your time John R King

need to replace the engine wiring harness in a 1995 volvo 960

I mistakenly put 5W20 in my explorer trac do I need to drain it and put in 5W30 or can I run it on 5w20?

my tranny shifts from 1st to2ndat 20 mph and my reverse stopped working, can you help? Thanks

I changed the oil and mistakenly put 5W20 in do I need to drain it and put in 5W30 or can I run it on 5W20?

Please provide cost for part and labor.

My mechanic says its not overheating but is probably a sensor or the gauge itself. He doesn't seem to want to find out which. How do I find out why it isn't working.

Check tire pressure light comes out and can not but it out tire pressure ok pluss car break pad ok the remote control not responding.

do you have any idea? could it be in brakes, they were replaced 2 months ago.

The evaporator line is hot when it should be cold. Somewhat cool air is felt when the climate control lever is on the coldest setting and the fan is on high.