I am getting a misfire,and the coil packs,injecters and computer have been checked,also cam and crank sensers,The guy looking at it says #2 exaust valves are staying open causing miffire And thinks oil pump has to much pressure causing valve to stay open.Does this sound right

I did fix a lots of things in my volvo v70 2.4t,replce the MAS,alternator,change the plugs and coil and much more all in a period of 5 months and I am still having a problem with RPM going up and down. the engine light is off, it's just the noise is anoying whene in neutral and whene I make a stop, the car give a kick. I am not sure if is the control valve or something else I couldn't locate it anyway. any tautghs I aprecciated very much.

Reset the check engine lite and it came back within 5 minutes.

Nothing seems to be wrong with transmission but from a start might get a short lurge and then all is fine. has 102000 but is great condisions, transmission oil is at level and normal apperance and smell. Thinking,,,motor mounts?

low mileage but it was in a front end crash, body is fully repaired, but the locks keep opening/closing while driving and the dash and tail lights aren't working.

it starts normaly, drives smooth, everything else operates correctly.

the 700r4 transmission is stuck in 1st gear?

It stalls when i press the gas to accelerate but if i press it to the floor it takes off.

the higher I shift the worse it gets and everyonce in a while the check engine comes on? HELP IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY!

Engine light came on intermittently and then continuously. Dealer said it was showing error for exhause flap controller/motor and was a $600 plus repair. Car has 44k miles. Is exhaust flap a emissions part covered by 80k warranty required by NTHSA.

my harmonic balancer isshaking when it spins and i was told that will make the crank sensor go bad

Lights have gone out, that are used to recall system information, tune the radio, or call On-Star etc.

I have to set the transmission to "Neutral" while waiting at a stop light, otherwise the car may shut itself off or it shakes violently threatening to shut down. What can I do to have the car idle when stopped, and on "drive," like it does when in "neutral?" My interim fix (setting the transmission to "neutral," sometimes leaves me unable to get the transmission to engage when, as the light turns green, I set it to "drive" again and wish to move.

Hi, I'm driving my first Mercedes ever and I'm trying to understand how to fix an annoying thing I noticed happens when i turn the heater on. When I turn the heater on above 58 degrees it sounds like whale talk, any idea why? This annoyance, and embarrasing, issue continues endlessly unless I turn it to "Low" or turn the "Window Defrost" instead.

Bright headlights always work. This started after had to replace battery. Have replaced body control module. Have checked modules under hood. Also, when unlocking car door locks my headlights don't flash since then just park lights and my night light that shows by gear shift what gear you are in isn't working