air works but no heat car does not overheat

Many have told me to get a BMW they are more expensive to fix if something goes wrong. Is this correct?

my machanic changed a main seal and was not able to put the engine harness back the way it was and now it won't run. He says he's waiting on his friend who has a car like mine so he can look at his engine harness to see how to run the wires. He's had my car going on two months now. Is there a refernce source for this anywhere. I feel like I don't have a car anymore. I love my car and I need it now! HELP


I replaced the water pump and change the oil & filter and now it won't start. What could be the problem

I have confirmed the PCM or ECM (I have heard it called both) is bad. I am getting two different stories concerning buying a used one. Can a used one be reprogrammed to my VIN? The reason for a used one is new it cost $350 plus $125 programming and used is $50 plus same programming.

passenger side tire has wore away and the back of the car serves around in the rain or snow what part need to be repalaced

what could be the problem and how much to fix it?

Auto, 70,000 miles, All gears work except reverse. Reverse indicator light comes on. No early indications of a problem. No dipstick to check trans. oil level.

i need to replace the airflow meter and the air filter on my 1989 toyota supra-turbo and i need to find out where i can have it done and how much ?

heat was workiny yesterday this moring it wouldnt heat and the engine ran hot

car has just over 70,000 miles on it, just started with some slippage, but I add trans fluids, and it comes rite back out the bottom

the security light keeps beeping and blinking but my doors wont lock or unlock also my windows wont work yet my lights ect. got power to them. Does my new key need to be programed to my car?

Is there such a thing as a selector seal.Is it also true if they did not put OEM parts on the tune up it would cause it to run rough?I was also told there is no way to set the idle the brain does it.It was was checked for codes ect no problems.I also think they rigged the drop for the column so it would break on us.I went off on them.Told I was going to call the BAR and the BBB.Is there anything else I can do to get them to take care of this and do it correctly.The so called steering reconditioned column looks to small and they said they think they will have to adjust the linkage.I do not think so.

I have taken my car to meinekee,I know big mistake,only could do it on credit.It has been in the shop 5 times.I told them they needed to cange the nose end of the seal on the tran where the drive shaft goes in.Now they said they changed the shifter selector seal ,and my frind went to pick it up and the gas was empty.It was just next store.She went to lower the steering wheel and she said it was really hard.Then it dropped down,then the column came down and kept poping back up,wouldn't lock into place.Then the key would not turn to start.Go the tech sneaked over there and got it started.Now they said we needed a different column.So they put that in and we only had the main gears.No 1 and 2.Does not look like the right column,then the front end was way out of adjustment.I think thy messed it up and I took it back and told it won't work and they need to fix it right.I just keep getting the run around and i do not think they know what they are doing.