they cut the wires of the stereo and the head lights are blinking and the car does not start, I can turn the switch but nathing happen. how can i disabled the antitheft alarm

also burns oil but no smoke from tail pipe not leacking?

if i have it up on jack stands you can move the axel in and out just a little bit on both sides of the rear end i have checked all of the rest of the rear end and this is the only thing that moves. when i drive it there is no noise or vibration at any speed. what could it be?

I need to have my trottle body cleaned, where can I find it under my hood, and how much do it cost?

cant read any codes either wont store them

My air is not blowing cold air and I found a plug under the dash not connected to anything. I need to know where to plug it in. the wires are purple and pink

I replaced the thermostat, but that did not help at all.

I drove it 22 miles and when I parked it and got out it smelled like something was burning. I then noticed an excessive amount of heat coming from the left rear wheel area. the wheel was hot to touch

Everytime I go over 4500rpm the engine seems to stal and the service engine light comes on. I then have to stop shutdown and when I start the car back up the shakes are gone but the light stays on. I have taken the car in to a cert. BMW mech. he check the flow meterbecause there was a lean air reading but that check ok, then he found the PCV hose broken that was replaced but it keep doing the same thing.The computer also showed that the #5 coil was misfiring he put in a new one that did not fix it. After doing all this troubleshooting by what the computer was diagnosting, he saying that it has to be the catalytic converter. Please tell me if you know about this problem happening before.

the code readers says that there is nothing wrong

My 4 way flashing emergency lights do not work, could it be the relay? And if so the relay, where is it located?


I have no codes flashing nor a check or service light on.while in park i can press the gas and I hear no ticking sound coming from the engine.when I put it in drive and press the gas pedal I hear a clicking noise as I accelerate. just turning the wheels left and right I hear no clicking noise(in park).only when I give it gas in drive that i will hear this clicking noise. what is causing this?

the engine will turn over fine but sometimes will not start untill i spray starter fluid into the air cleaner box then it starts and runs fine until the next time it feels like not starting again. which maybe in an hour or the next day i never know when i will do it

Got trouble code P0717 and I need to replace the turbine speed sensor. I was wondering if anyone knows if it is external or internal?

During the last fill, the dispenser failed to shut-off, and overflowed the tank. Now, when refueling is attempted, the dispenser repeatably clicks-off without completing the fill.