I went in for the recall reprogramming and received a "free" inspection. I can understand most of the items, but these 2 are new to me!

Its always with the van in drive waiting at a light. It gets kind of jumpy, like the car wants to take off. And while I'm driving I notice no issues at all. I appreciate any advice. Thank you.

on friday i did the oil change and saturday my neighbor asked me to jump start his car about 4 hours later my navi started running real rough and like it was loosing power and doing the same signs as it was out of fuel engine light started blinking so i stop the the vehicle for a couple hours and then came back home. did not used or even started the truck on sunday and the monday i went to auto zone where the gave me the codes P0300 and P0316 then later on my engine light was off but was still having the same problems i really need some help

The temp is set the same on both sides, but hot air comes out of the passenger vents.

Where is the PCV located and how can it be changed?

I do not have a manual. I did check oil level and appears OK. Pleae advise. Thanks!

I have taken my 1998 chevrolet 1500 pickup to 2 different mechanics. I've had the alternator worked on, fan belt changed twice (because I was told that it might have the wrong fan belt on it), and bearings worked on. Some times it will stop and then start up again after it has been worked on. At first it sounds like a bird tweeting then it gets sort of loud. Also, I have noticed that if I were to pour water on the fan belt while the truck is running it stops but it soon starts up again.

I need one wire for my Audi 90 and I can't buy a set. It the core wire.

Dealer or private.

i now it has something to do with the passlock code but heres the thing cant get it to reset the truck wont start and the security light stays on doesnt blink even after removing the key from the ignition

I have slack in an inner tie rod end. The mechanic says it will be an expensive repair doe to the the inner TRD not being able to be removed from the rack and pinion. I will have to buy the whole rack and pinion and TRD together. I have never heard of this before. I see that I can buy the parts seperately. Am I missing something here?

when traveling up a ramp I seem to have no power and when I am driving normal it seems like my impala wants to accelerate.

What should I pay for replacing leaking rear lines for my air conditioner?

Where can I get instructions and diagram describing and showing how to replace the front left (before Catalytic Converter) Oxygen Sensor?

Maybe its control panel with card? or trap ?