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My auto repair said it was a relay switch & the charge was $88. Do you think this charge was accurate?
Dealer tells me I need a new transmission. Bulletin on it expired. They want over $4,700. I found independent mechanic that quoted $2,400. Doe this sound fair?
i replaced the timing belt ,h2o pump ,crank sensor and cam sensor . i got spark fuel but wont accelarate. what is next. i have tons of hours in it
is this something i should attempt to do myself?
My 1996 Chevy Silverado has the push button 4wd the indicator light on the push button is on sometimes but when i push to select 4hi or 4lo the light goes out and the truck will not shift to 4hi or 4lo and ideas what ...
Dealership replaced both u/v joints(?) on the front end and now it's worse---(4 wheel drive)....
I was driving at night and all of a sudden my dash lights went out as well as my running tail lights. The only things that worked were my headlights, brake lights and turn signals. All fuses appeared to be ok. What ...
headlights keep flashing on and off,and when they go off i can be driving and tap the dash board on the driverside and they come back on.sometimes they stay on for along time or i have to keep tapping the dash.
mine is broke i dont have the money i dont trust driving it what are ways it can get broken
All doors are closed shut and the instrument panel light reminding me that the door is ajar stays on. Please help. Thanks.
I bought this truck which had an accident awhile ago. I had to change the tranny oil cooler and since I lost alot of tranny fluid, I added dextron 4 I beleive (or3). Well, the transmission now runs, but acting all up....
How do I know if my Car shares the fluid from the Transmission and the front differential? The right side if the differential is wet?
the brakes started acting up when a new clutch was installed. My email,
I've had high oil consumption, rough running engine which lead to a burnt valve - that was replaced and yet the problems still persist. Now I'm being told I need to replace the cat as it is not "clearing out" the bui...
never had a problem with it then one day shifting in to n at a stop sign never came out of 5 gear