My name is Vahik & I just fill up the online forms but looks like its gonne be take 24-72 hours to prosses,I got 2007 Corolla about a week ago find out rear driver side power window isnot working from the Power window master switch I mean it used to be work by the keep the switch up & down rapidly then it goes to up or down but this last time I bring window down then I try to make it up I saw the window is not coming up then I try to replace the Right rear window switch with the left rear switch the I find out it same like the rear left is not working then I check the driver side under the ignition switch fuse box & I fond out there is a 30 A power fuse its coming from battery its blow out then I replace it with new fuse then when I try to make the up or down again I saw same thing its blowing fuse & other thing I check the both wiring circuit for rear windows switches there is continuity power at two wires <THE RED & ALSO BLACK ONE > so be honest with you I don’t know from were start to check the this problem (it’s a from master switch, rear both switches, ground short )please I need some one give me a some kind of diag. help info. I mean I lost my job and I'm doing different part time job even its not cover my rent otherwise I give to some one fix it for me and also I got a wiring diagrams for my car so if some one can help me I will really appreciate.

Slips between first and second gear

THe digital dash is not working, this may be the problem. Would like to check it.

We tried a fuse, but thats not the problem.

getting a no bus code on the odometer.....need help determining if this is the problem or something else. Thanks

It started out with 2 of the dash lights out and then all went out. The tail lights originally still worked, but recently also went out. All fuses are ok, I tested the dimmer switch, but it also shows continuity. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have not checked the dash lights itself, because I would like to know with reasonable certainty that that's the problem before I tear the dash apart!

Blower on heat works when it feels like it On at times/off at times then will suddenly come on??

The car stalls at idle and heavy breaking.

My R350 needs a wash, but what's got me baffled is that the front wheel rims are a LOt dirtier then the rear wheel rims; my husband is concerned that it may have something to do with the brakes or brake fluid. We are still under warranty, so will take it in, but hoping I can get some good advice here first.

I am getting a misfire,and the coil packs,injecters and computer have been checked,also cam and crank sensers,The guy looking at it says #2 exaust valves are staying open causing miffire And thinks oil pump has to much pressure causing valve to stay open.Does this sound right

I did fix a lots of things in my volvo v70 2.4t,replce the MAS,alternator,change the plugs and coil and much more all in a period of 5 months and I am still having a problem with RPM going up and down. the engine light is off, it's just the noise is anoying whene in neutral and whene I make a stop, the car give a kick. I am not sure if is the control valve or something else I couldn't locate it anyway. any tautghs I aprecciated very much.

Reset the check engine lite and it came back within 5 minutes.

Nothing seems to be wrong with transmission but from a start might get a short lurge and then all is fine. has 102000 but is great condisions, transmission oil is at level and normal apperance and smell. Thinking,,,motor mounts?

low mileage but it was in a front end crash, body is fully repaired, but the locks keep opening/closing while driving and the dash and tail lights aren't working.

it starts normaly, drives smooth, everything else operates correctly.