power booster is new,ascalipers and master cylinder

The doorlock button and the emergency flashers do not work at all.

I was told that i have to buy the rear hub axle system to replace they can't press the bearings on that year

have replaced the fuel pump relay , no change can hear pump ,has pressure at the fuel rail

Need to access the antenna fin.

Checked fluid level.And it was fine. No OBD2 codes on reader.any ideas on what could be wrong ?

steering gear has aspirated

need 2 see a throttle body assembie 4 an 2.0 cant get the cable hooked up it was wrecked an complety broken when i got it have the book but it dont show or i cud be missin something bought a new throttle body

does the power steering pump have a pressure release valve??

what is the troubleshooting procedures,? for this modeal ford?

It sprung a leak so every time u steer powersteering fluid goes everywhere.

How do you disarm airbag?

After a boost it may run okay. But it seems as though it may not want to start

The check engine light is on and its stopping me from passing inspection. I have replaced the o2 sensor on the headers but still having problems. I replaced the gas cap as well. Where do I go from here? And if I was to take it to the shop...how much do you think it would cost me. I don't want to be overcharged because Im a woman. Happens all the time.

abs just engages sporatically and pedal vibrates but car does stop