code reads clynder 1 misfire

history bought car about 1.5 yrs..replaced all 3O2sensors..replaced ect sensor..bleed system...replaced bank 1 sensor 2...replace cat converter a year ago..just had problems with misfire codes 0401 or 0301 mis fire in cylinders..random..only put about 30 on that code before i got it fixed..just picked car up ..drove about 20 miles and now i got the 0420 bad cat again..any help sugeestions recommendations..agh.....

could the fuel filter be a problem?

Dealer wants to charge $169 to start, by replacing the fluid even though my local mechanic says I have a frozen universal joint. Universal joint is covered under service contract while changing fluid is considered maintenance and not covered. Can you tell if universal joint is bad without draining the power steering fluid? I believe this could be an unecessary charge and that the universal joint should be inspected first to diagnose the problem I am having.

Cost of $900 seems high and these don't include brake pads which are fine. Rotors are rusted and warped from car being sat for 6 months.

Hi, I like to know which side is a cylender #8 on 1998 mercedes benz s 420

I have a 94 ram 2500 with a 5.2l engine that had starting issues, that problem has been solved but now at an idle the oil pressure drops to zero and when given gas the pressure comes back up. to fix the starting issue we replaced the dist. cap, rotor, plugs and wires, i was wondering if there might be something we knocked loose or something, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I just had my timing belt and crankshaft sensor replaced. Car runs fine but once i turn on the heater the cars rpm/idle needle starts moving uncontrollably and the car start to misfire by shaking and not wanting to accellerate. The check engine light also goes on but i had the light check and it says it needs a tuneup which i already did with new parts. I dont know what to do.

I guess I need a new body control module for my car. Had a diagnostic done and it said, "failure to communicate with body control" I just want to know where I can purchase a bod control module for cheap(er). My local autopart store doesn't have them and the dealers near by want $400-600.

almost like a misfire ,but runs perfect on road,I just put in plugs and cleaned injection

replaceing heater outlet elbow and need mount off to replace it

heater core

check engine light on sensors should be on manifold right?

car still seems to run ok

is it a fuse that needs to be changed.