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when i drive at least 15 plastic overflow container boils over.antifreeze comes out.I also hear a mild fluttery noise.

The casket seal parts cost was 27.77

gas gauge works then a month later doesnt work....then another month later it works. Replace bad crank shaft sensor and the gauge worked for a while. 4 weeks after fixing the crank shaft sensor its bad AGAIN. also broken door handle and drink cup holder broken like all the others

Car needs maybe 20 minutes to cool before restarting. When it does start, I smell gasoline. Could it be a blown head gasket. Expenisive?

What amp fuse is used for the license plate lights

its smell like a home gas

we've checked the battery and changed the cable heads

replaced fuel pump. great pressure now. Replaced plugs, wires, cap n rotor. cranks and wants to start but just wont. Timing is good. what else would it be? I dont get it. the crank n cam sensors are in the distributor so im told. Is there anything else I should try before changing the distributor out?

Tried securing moulding, loose plastic parts, etc. near firewall under hood close to windshield, on passenger side, but didn't stop the fluttering sound. Sounds like it's in or near the firewall or vent system on the passenger side. The faster I go, the more it seems to flutter. I have heard similar complaints from other owners, but see no answers yet. It happens whenever traveling between 35mph and faster. Happens with convertible top up and with top down. Do not think convertible has anything to do with it.

i have a 1996 eclipse gs and everything time im driving it stalls on me and i fix eveything i could think it would be and it was not my problem i dont kno what do order for me to turn on the car i have to disconnect the ecu plug cables and connected back in in order the car to turn on am so sick of this problem idk what to do.. plssss help me

i changed da filter
and fuel pump
i think is my ecu but how can i kno its me ecu messing up??

when i step on the gas it does not accelerate fast but has a wierd sound grrrrrr.

How do you repair fault code P0156 O2?

I have never changed the transmission fluid because the Toyota service book does not include an interval at which to change it; I had no idea I was supposed to change the trans fluid until many miles past 60,000. Then I was told that it was risky to change the fluid because if the transmission has too much debris the changing of the fluid could actually cause problems. Also, all the service book says is that a mechanic should check the transmission for leaks.

i own a 2003 Mitsubishi diamante VR-X and theres a ping noise coming from the engine when i accelerate after the car is warmed up but the temp censor doesnt show it over heating so im not sure how to fix it or where to look to find out whats wrong with the car?

Even engine is off the side of headlight and side of tail lights lights are on. I have no idea what's going on. I even unplugged the battery cuz I was afraid the battery would run out. Is this fixable?