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My 97 toyata blackhawk is saying that there is a miss fire in cylinder 1 and random miss fire. it only happens when the car is warmed and driving. I have change the spark plugs, wires and coil. Any ideas to what may b...
If the spark plugs were replaced, does that mean a tune-up was performed? My truck was shaking upon my return trip to North Carolina. I took it to the shop and the result was a damaged coil and a small leak. The re...
I just had my break pads replaced and now now when I apply the brakes I get a bad shimmey especially at high speeds, (like when slowing down to exit a freeway. Rotors are a bit scarred. will that solve the problem?
Hi my cars check engine light keep coming on & off with a code of po300 random misfire all ready change the spark plugs n a broken coil wat can the problem be
The cruise control doesn't work. It's an automatic transmission with V-6 engine and 4 wd. Is there a detailed diagram somewhere to show the layout? We've checked Chilton's manuals #26688 and 26664 (only ones availa...
Wipers work but stop in upright position. How is this fixed
Right windshield washer doesn't work. I've been advised that the hose is broken as is the part that squirts.
How hard is it to replace a bad neutral safety switch and how much should the repair cost via doing it myself or the mechanic. 4.0 L V6 Thanks for the input. Charlie
How do I change out the fuel pump?
I have a 2002 Buick Rendezvous & I was told that before getting my truck serviced I first had to get my cigerette lighter fixed...where can I find the fuels to have that done? I was also told that's why the check engi...
the rear vent seems to be blowing out gas fumes when idleing
Where is the Glow Plug Control Module to PCM Comm Circuit
Where is the Imput/Turbine Speed Sensor "A"
how do you remove the connectors from thr heater hoses? The plastic black ones.
my truck for a few months would not go into gear somtime. if i put it in 4 low for about a half mile then put it back into 2wd it would work fine and this went on for about 2.5 months. now when i put it in gear it rol...