The car is burning oil and a head gasket is shot. I am trying to decide to repair or buy another car.

The tail light is broken

and when i unlock my doors my alarm comes on and i have to take the red # 10 fuse in order to start my car.why does this happen. my mechanic told me i need a exshaust manifold gasket.

The knocking only stops when the car is moving at a steady pace with no intentions on stopping and pulling back off. I also have a hard jerk upon taking off. I boutght this car last year it has 140,000 miles on it and the trans has already been rebuilt once

02 sesensor was replaced then 1.5 days later was bad again replaced again then dealer said it was cat converter but it tested ok on flow pressure what might cause this hesitates then wants to shut off becoming major prob when driving

Need heat, it's winter time.
Heater is only blowing out cold air.

At first I could push the cruise control and the light came on, then as soon as I would put the car in gear the light went off and stayed off until the next time I would start the car and the cruise control light would come on again. But now no matter what I do the cruise control does not work at all and I can't find a fuse for it, anyone have any idea's?

check engine light is on. code po441 is the code it gave me which is a small leak on emmision

The suggestion is to fix the wheel bearings. Wouldn't the noise have been there before if it was the bearings ?

My Explorer was diagnosed with a "leaky" right front shop while wintering in AZ. Returned to my home in Utah and went to the dealer. I asked him to check the "suspension". He said all looked o.k. I then told him of the AZ diagnosis. He put the car on the lift again and said the technician said there migh be a minor leak on the left front shock. I have not made any repairs as yet.

A/C is not on when this happens. Mechanic could not duplicate condition and had the car for 3 days. I had the car for 3 days after and when I was on line at a fast food restaurant, it began to overheat. i turned the heat on high and it cooled down.

shifter pops out of reverse every time and occasionally in 2nd. im thinking a bad clutch or worn shifter - i don't think the tranny is going bad.

my 1988 S15 jimmy 2.8 liter will not crank on the first turn of the key i have to turn it at least 10-15 times to actually get it started and when i do get it cranked it shuts off and it shakes the whole time its running when first cranked. once it does get cranked and i put it in gear it will shut off and back fire through the throttle body. i have replaced my wires,spark plugs, distributer cap and rotor button, along with my fuel and air filter. does anyone have any idea what could possibley be wrong with my S15 jimmy?

my heater will only blow warm air when i have it set to recirculate

no cold air when a/c is turned on &
no hot air when heater is turned on?