Blower motor stays on even after the engine is shut off,had to pull the fuse.What would cause this?

The radio stopped working and the only thing I can think of is the fuse is out. I can't find it though. The only fuse box i can find is under the hood, is there another one.

I had noticed for some time that the window was lagging in opening or closing all the way. After getting into the vehicle and putting up the windows I heard a loud noise from the within the window and saw it would not go up or down and was stuck midway. The motor continued to run briefly but window stayed in place. Took it to shop and was told it was the regulator. Tech put window in place and said not to lower it and bring vehicle back to replace the part. I noticed while driving it I could hear something within the door knocking around when I made any sharp turns. After they got the new regulator and took it apart I was told the issue is the window assembly and not the requlator. Something about the braket that attaches to the window cannot be glued to it and I would need to purchase the whole window and bracket assembly. Does this sound accurate and how much should this cost me? Thank you for your input.

(Just had tires rotated and oil changed.

The brake light indicator illuminates and goes away and then leaves the VDC, LDW and stability control indicators on until the car is stopped and restarted. Does not do it on very gradual acceleration???? sensor??? computer???
Thank you


replaced battery and not it stoppped functionin

Due to recall in 2010 for a bad harness under the passernger front seat and a repair in 2009 to replace a faulty air bag sensor under the same seat the seat quit working (front to back). All repairs were made by the dealer...each time dealer had to remove the seat...repair in 2009 cost me $900. Infiniti USA said they would not refund my $900 after harness recall.....said that it was not related! Now the dealer is asking $2500 to replace the track.

i have fluid in my engine it over heated i replaced my thermostat,oil,oil filter,spark plugs,spark plug wires,antifreeze,i now have even more fluid in motor and keep haveing to fill everflow and radiater with fluid and still overheat,i even had no thermostat and it over heats no nocking in engine,no smoke car is hesitating because of fluid in engine what needs to b fixes

once i turn engine off want start unless hit gas tank again

The wires to the bulb connector were cut to be used on another car. I retrieved them and spliced them back onto the original wires on the van. Now the lights on the passenger side won't come on at all. The bulb works, and there is electricity going through the wires but it don't come on. Drivers side works. Is there a ground or relay or fuse problem going on. HELP. Matt

brake lights work turn signals work i have no diagram on my fuse panel under the hood don't know if it is a fuse or something else. help me out please

When I am goinf 50 MPH and faster, the car will act like it is missing every once in awhile. Now it hesitates when I am starting out usually if I punch it.

This problem only occurs when I have the a/c turned on. There is a grinding sound coming from blower motor area.

noise from the power steering system. When I pour fluid in, the steering system is great with no stiffness. But the fluid is literally running out onto the ground. My car is a 1991. Can it be a seal that need replace rather than the entire rack and pinion?