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why wont my camry start
I've lost my only key can i change ignition myself or is this a dealer issue only?
car wont start but has spark,fuel and compression
sounds like exhaust manifold behind engine is very loud
Anyone have trouble getting the top bolt out of the starter? If so any ideas would be helpful. Spent the day on one bolt. Hoping I am just missing something.
my engine was switched out because bearing parts were found in my oil pan during routine change.another engine w/ same miles(95000)was installed.Initially truck ran beautiful. At around 1000 miles, engine SUDDENLY st...
Idle surges on start up when cold. Idle does not come down after warming up for a couple of minutes. Shut off and restart and everything works perfect. Have switched out the following parts with identical engine and ...
how do you remove the driver side rear door panel
I have replaced blower motor in 2007 altima and still doesnt work right ,it takes about 10 minutes for fan to start blowing, is there a relay I dont know abot and where is it?
Hi, On hot days my air con doesnt work. On cool days it blows cold air but when its about 25C and sunny it just doesnt seem to be able to blow cold air out at all.
spring gave out causing pump to move, causing tube to come off, thereby frying the gears since no lubrication. Is this acceptable or faulty design?Just had dealer replace fluids 1000 miles before this happened. I feel...
all my electronics quit working and if my windows were bein rolled up while i was tryin 2 get home the car would die and just roll until i quit rollin the windo up. i put a new fuel pump in and now my eledctronics wor...
Last week I hit a deer in my 2007 Acadia it had to have the bumper and grill assembly replaced. I have since got it back from the repair shop and now the front end bounces as you drive down the road, at any speed. Rep...
My car is leaking oil from around the manifold area, gaskets have been replaced less than a year and also the year before. what and where is the manifold?
Work and stop and work again