bought new tires Dobbs recommended replacement of struts. 150000 miles on car.

I replace the pump on the passenger side, and I just need to know if there is another one.

cigarette lighter outlet no power

did not start until about 25-35000 miles

I just bought a 2004 Hyundai Elentra with 62000 miles.


can i find the cause myself,without takeing it to the shop

The passenger side works fine.

found the oil, and transmission but not the power steering

how can i tell what the cause is?

any reason for that

When starts runs fine, but have to bump ignition several times to get it to start. Turns over fine. Replaced in tank pump, engine control computer, battery, but still have same problem with starting it. Any ideas?

Radio, lights everything else works vehicle won't start. Just filled gas tank before this occured. Possibly the timing belt?

Happened last week and i clicked the "Auto" button and got it started however i have moved and touched every button and no luck to get air flowing in front vents. Poor contact or fuse?

I purchased the automatic actuator motor figuring it is out but dont know if I will have to replace the blend door, if it is the blend door broke too what will I have to do? Any pictures of this blend door out there?

I changed my radiator, engine oil, and transmission fluid. After changing the radiator but before chaning the fluids I drove my car to the auto parts stop to get oil and transmission fluid I notice a slight stall when driving. Later after changing the oil and transmission fluids driving home my car started to sputter like it was about to shut off and the engine over heated. When I got home the car shut off and was very hard to restart. But when I put water into the radiator it will start again. Also early in the mornings the car will start and drive normal for 10 min when the engine gets to the normal temp I can feel the car wants to shut off. My check engine light is on and the codes are all four cylinders are mis firing. (I have also changed the spark plugs and harness)