could it be?

I had to replace the thermostat housing ,but I am having trouble putting those two sensors back uless I remove the intake manifold.

I have done a coil test and get no reading between the secondary poles ( meant to be .75 to .81 ohms)nor the coil outlet and the secondary pole (meant to be between 10,000 and 11,000 ohms). I find it strange to get no ohm reading at all. It did get a yellow spark once at the shops but I still couldn't start it.
Do they fail in stages like this, there have been times lately when it's done this but letting it sit for half an hour cures it and away we go again. Strange!

Aside from the status symbol of having real leather seats, what are some other factors that make it better or worse than vinyl?

When accelerating and reaching the last gear, the transmission seems to grab on and let go for a second and you can feel a slight jerk in the car. No weird sounds or smells from the car at all. Everything else under the hood is pristine and in great condition. Also worth noting is that the transmission fluid, while red and not burnt, has a hint of metal powder in it. Is this linked to the jerking? Does anyone know what causes this? How to diagnose? How to fix? Would replacing the filter and trans fluid help the problem?

I just replaced mine and was wondering when I can expect to need to replace it again.

put gas in then got on interstate. OD light started flashing, check engine light came on then went into fail safe mode. Pulled over, got towed home. Friend put on computer checked had 10 codes pop most electrical few were O2 sensor but most were elct? anyone else have this trouble??? its the p71 too

coolant filled to proper level goes low after driving

The wiper only worked on slow speed and not on any of the intermitent speeds.

It also needs an A/C job.

Do I need to remove the radiator, grille, to install the new hose? Thank you

Car ran out of fuel and was hard to start. Now it idles fine and runs smooth until it gets to 3000 rpm. Then engine stalls until it gets back below 3000 rpm. As long as it is below 3000 rpm it is fine. any clues?

mine is the 3.9L V6 engine

It looks clean, and i keep it full, but i have heard different thoughts on whether or not i should change it at this mileage. What do you think Should I or shouldn,t I?

...to the insert the 2 bolts...I have tried everything you could think of for the past 10 hrs. the bottem one is in but the top is a hair line amiss..what do you suggest?