I`m useing an ohm meter,,thank you ..

I called the ford company and got the run around for this code.

i only drive this to work about 1400 yes that's fourteen hundred miles. i just had to replace one after 600 miles. i'm using moog parts which always had a good name.what could be causeing this?

I want to know whats making the car die when i come to either a stop sign or making a right turn. at 35 MPH car starts to act different. when it does die i just restart the engine and be on my way. Happen to me three times the other night. 223c was the heat of the engine which i believe is normal when running and battery showed life of 13.2 volts. Can't imagine what problem can be. when i start the car there is no struggle so im sorta lost. any help would be much appreciated thank you!

This adapter mounts to the block and extends off at a right angle to the normal oil filter location. Theres a small leak(drip) where the adapter mounts to the block. how does this adapter mount to the block? I'm assuming an oil ring leak between the block and adapter, but I don't see any bolts holding the adapter. There are 2 pipe plugs in the adapter.

check engine light went on and shortly after, engine temp went way up. (not just gauge)51 was only trouble code no leaks, thermostat opened and closed fine didn't get hot until after light went on.

let sit starts back up runs a while dies again, only hot weather and hot engine but normal operating temperature engine cooling system has never overheated, usually at low rpm's and idle but will occur at hwy speeds also. multiple ign modules replaced, pick up coil replaced, fuel pump and filter replaced, cold start thru short to moderate time at hot engine normal range runs fine then starts die out cycle cant say it happens cool or cold weather just warm or hot weather 34k orig miles on car, remote heat sink ign module on rt tower, compound used on module replacements,no check engine light ever,gauges read normal ranges but seems to occur most just at cooling fan turn on temp point

even when putting pressure on the brake it will not move out of park. i can hear a click under the dash but nothing happens

i replaced plugs and wires and one coil, lights up like a xmas tree on the side i replaced coil. switched coils does the same thing on the same side.

only seems to be in the higher gears.sounds external but cant find anything

While backing out of the church parking lot, I "nudged" into a parked car. The damage to my bumper was minimal...a dent to the far right side that we pushed out ourselves and a smudge. The interior backup lights worked fine for several months but are not working now. I'm quessing the lights don't work because of backing into another car even though it was at very slow speed with very little damage. Can you tell me how this can be fixed?

water comes out of the air conditioner ducts in the dash
and rear of center console

it only does this sometimes, ive replaced the starter, tightined the shifter arm on the column, replaced the battery. and the van has never been a problem for years , till this !!

the doors lock work manual only. Normal before the 4 door unlock and lock sincronized sound of actuator . now lock manual and individual door. Ty

before I replaced my fuel pump my gas gage and low fuel light was on, after I installed a new one it's still the same. could you tell me what could be wrong?