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tachometer not registering, showing zero rpm. engine hard to start, and stalls on occasion. on board diagnostics shows
P1350 and P1375. please help.

vehicle will not fire or start. Where is he fusable link located on it?

Even with ignition off and Key out the blower motor runs. Went to local dealership they say it is not uncommon and I need a new Blower resister module. So I get one and replace it. Still have speratic functions and now nothing. Control panel works fine all fuzes good. no blower. no heat. what am I missing?

The trunk latch is broken and will not catch leaving the trunk open.

whil tying to replace the light bulb I think some pieces broke from the old light bulb. Now the new bulb will not fit or light up. What can i do?

I drive a v6 94 camry and it has 180,000+ miles. my exhaust pipe shifted the other day and it dropped lower to the ground and while i was driving yesterday i tried to avoid a pothole manhole combo and failed, and as a result the exhaust fell to the ground and drug about a block until i could park. I jacked up the car and got a coat hanger and got the pipe off the ground but there is not a gap at the front of the system. I looks like a y shaped exhaust pipe leading down from the engine is connected to the catalytic converter by a wire mesh that apparently blew out. it looks like a flex pipe? I was hoping to figure out how to jack up my car and fix it my self, but i need a better visual reference online and general instruction if this is a realistic diy repair. I want to make sure the flex pipe is the right part as well. please help! thank you!

car shuts off immediately after starting. won't stay cranked.

I bought the car and the battery is dead in the trunk. I can't open the trunk, It's electric. The dealer said I should be able to jump it under the hood. It's supposed to be on the drivers side...just flip up the plastic and hook the positive...I can't find it.

Have replaced actuator on transfer case, front axle actuator, and the switch on the dash. The front axle breather was against the plug under the hood. Cleaned the grease off and everything worked and went off. Now it all is back on.

Do I need any special tools.

the car was running but running rough. it had oil in it and a new belt

i tried using a 10mm socket, but it seems to big, and the 9mm is too small. am i missing something here?

When it runs for about 3to 5 minutes it stops What could be wrong. Also him seat heater worked and now it has stopped what could it be.

My trouble codes are 136 & 172. I have already replaced both oxygen sensors, and the EGR valve. Can you help what to do next?

how long does the job take to complete and what tools will be needed? Do you have any pictures to help me?