Car was left for a year without use and battery died. We replaced battery and engine would not start, alarm was going off like crazy until we figured out to put the key in the door to turn off alarm. Now alarm is off but car will not start. Just had it towed to a dealer and they are charging me 215 to try and figure out how to take the car out of "safe mode". I had it towed there because they are suppose to be the Nissan specialists... Any advice please so they do not take advantage of me.

Is it common for the SRS to show a malfunction after a battery has been replaced? I haven't driven the car in a while, the battry was dead so I jumped it and had it replaced. Immediately when starting the car after the new battery the SRS malfunction light came on, it was fine before the replacement. I took the car in for an emmission test and it was rejected. They said to drive it for about 100 miles as not having driven it, or even if you get a new battery it affects the test. I said I did both, not driving it and a new battery. They said it would reset itself, does this apply to th SRS notice as well? Is this common?

I try to slove this problem i spend lot of mony on it sttil
code coming up for p0171&p0174 thanks

Dealer repaired prior to pick up, three days later it's not working again. Checked all fuses and swapped the relay with another.

I have a 1993 gs300. the trans started actin up. it would only go into gear when it was warmed up. now it dont do anything. I believe the pump or torque converter craped out. I want another opinion before I change it out. This is not my car. this is a customers car and he is a stickler so I dont want to f it up.

ABout how long does it take to complete a C service take
on a E350 Benz?


Drove locally stopping 4 times. Once I got home I shut the car and restarted after about 30 minutes. The car stalled 3 times before starting.


Had new serpintine belt and adjustor put on. During the replacements, alternator was tightened and battery disconnected. I don't no why. Heater works, aircondioner does not. Can replaceing a fuel filter affect the air conditioner. Dumb when it comes to working on cars.

I need to replace the front motor mount and bought the genuine part online but the dealership saying the job takes 2.5 hours which is way more time than forums online have stated. Also, I need to replace the rear catalytic converter; again, I found the part online and dealer trying to charge me over $200 when the job on this site says $85 max for labor. What is to give?

i am trying to change my water pomp on my Taurus, because it is leaking for a little wile. I would like to have some information how it is done, since i don't have a lot of experience i don't know if i can do it myself,any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

I had the car in park and idling and suddenly it roared up like a plane coming over and warning lights came on then it stalled I gave it a minute or two and then it started ok. So what's wrong I'm in Canada so used a fake zip code

Does this problem occur often?

Replace rear wheel bearing hub. What should be a normal charge for parts and labor. Is the rear hub covered under the 100,000 mile warrenty.