no heat, blower works fine new thermostat couule it be temp control knob? Air will not become warm when turned on full or any setting, it does cool, air works fine heater doe not but still blows air.

Took it in for an estimate. They claim the handle, actuators and shoes need to be replaced, along with a leaking rear left axle leaking diff fluid. Cost; $1,210.

Wanted some info before I took it to be reapired or if this can be done by me. Does this happen a lot?

it shifts sometimes when its warm not very often

I tightened the pipes strong and they still shedding

now my a/c is blowing hot air. I was told that it's probably a bad evaporator which is a very expensive repair. One mechanic that I spoke to suggested that we try to charge it and it could last a little longer. Does anyone know if this is possible?

There is power draw on my car. It appears to have something to do with the radio but not sure. I read that the amp is wired to the power block and not fused. Is this a fact or can I pull a fuse and eliminate this problem (if it is the problem)? Something is drawing volts and I have not found it yet so any input will help.

I have 126,000 miles. It was driving rough and I was told I need a tune up.

reads bank 1 sensor, next time it reads bank 2 sensor. I put injector fluid in it and a new gas cap. What should I do next? Thanks

If i kick the car and switch on the a/c it will work and stop after like twenty seconds and we scanned and get this code P0530 then filled the gas still the same, please help.

When i kick the vehicle and switch on the a/c it will work but the compressor will stop working after like twenty seconds, and after scanning we got this code p0530 then we fill the gas and still the same please help.

I'm attempting to see if the door that provide heat is broken, in my 2000 Dodge 1500 Ram pickup.

wich is the Idle control system,
I bought the air idle control and when I instaled in the car the RPM went from 600-650 to 2,500. I let it run like 25 minutes and never went down to normal RPM about 800.
I repleced again with the old one and came down to 600 again
does any body has an idea why the new air idle control couse the RPM to rise to high?

I just bought this car from a small delearship and the very next day after I bought the car it started slowing down on the freeway barely making it up the hill and would not change gear. Then it started shaking badly and engine made alot of noise. What do you think the problem is and how much would it cost to repair?

Thanks......we dropped the pan, found no metal shavings, did this because three times, following a slow down and stop
And then a lightly accelerated pull forward, it went, but very slowly, like it was not engaging. Once I put it in reverse and
It backed right up and then put it in drive and it took right off. The other two times I was pulling up to a gas pump slowed to
A stop and then went to pull more forward and it did the same thing, but then both times took right off and I haven't had a
Problem with it since....any other ideas?