I can't find the heater hoses on first glance. Is that where they are?

the code reads short in fuel system circuit?can seem to find the runs find when you first start in the morning,then after a few minutes it starts having a miss,nobody can figure out the proplem.does someone have any sucgestions?and hou to you turn the check engine ligth off?

The radiator fan turns on as soon as the car is turned on and the battery light flashes about once every 15 to 20 minutes.

The dealer here in Mexico says I need to replace the module. I want to take the vehicle to the US to get it fixed. Is it safe to drive about 1000 miles to get it there? The vehicle is performing good with no problems at all, just the light stays on.

The right wheel is noisy - sounds like a bag of bolts

About 9 wks and 1750 miles later. Now I've started a small coolant and oil leak I'm seeing on the driveway from the Rt. side. Could this have any thing to due with the repairs or something new. PT is an 01 with over 97500 miles on it.

bubbles out of radiator and i see small air like bubbles

usually when the engine is warm.

on. What could be wrong with it?

Runs great no codes..just replaced spark plugs...cleaned throttle gate and replaced the air filter. When starting for the first time that day it will start with no problem but will idle back and stall out..If you hold the idle at about 800 rpm and count to maybe 30 ...idles great for the rest of the day.
Any Help will be appreciated

It does the same with all lights when the engine is running, its not the alternator, seems there is an electrical load or short, this happens for about 5 seconds every minute.

My truck won't go into 4 wheel drive but the 4X4 light comes on and I think I hear the transferr case shift into gear

Happend at 30,000 miles and they replace tank and filler tube. Problem occurred again at 80,000 miles. Anyone else have this problem? Trying to find a way to get toyota to help cover cost or at least give me a life time warranty for this second repair.

Shop already replaced Return and High-Pressure Hoses and the Pump itself....what else could it be?

There is no knocking or thud sound when I turn, so I don't think it is the Rack-n-Pinion, or could it be?

the engine have a lil shimmy or shake win eva i stop but it runs perfect and stop shakin if the car is in neutral