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4wd inop disconnected batterys and reconnected no change put in new dash switch no change, dash switch not lighting up service 4wd light comes on
Replace or Fix this Module. How much? (Drains out battery overnight even a brand new battery) Thank you.
After over a year fighting with Kia they will not do anything about the noise on my vehicle. They say its normal and every repair shop I take it to says if its making a noise, there is a defect. Should not make a nois...
I just bought this car yesterday and have driven it less than 25 miles and the belt that is on the side of the engine that controls the power steering has "fallen off" the place where I bought the car will not fix it...
the driver side power seat on my truck has a problem.... one side of the rail system will slide but the other side will not.... fuses have been checked and they are good... do i need to replace the rail system or is t...
what should my cca be on my battery?
I accidently broke my key off in the lock in the backdoor of my van.Any ideas on how to remove the other broken half of the key without calling a locksmith.
Is the starter located on the top middle or the bottom middle of the van?
abs light is on, service engine light is on, tha speedo meter does not register. all these happened at the same time.the blazer is 4 wleel drive.
where do I find the number sequence for the keypad on my door
the display for the radio, clock, cd, etc. fades in and out. You can press on it and it will come on. Can someone tell me whats wrong?
I need to fix my van so I can have transportation to work. I think my starter has gone out. Where is it located under the hood?
I'm fairly confident my slave cylinder needs replaced, I've bought one but can't find the old one. Is it inside the bell housing?
replaced electric dash switch already but still not lighting up and fuses are good and 4wd still not working first it wouldnt go into 4wd then it would"nt come out of 4wd then I disconnected the battery and it came ou...
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