My magnum has 1/2 a tank of gas in it. I just had the battery tested and it is fully charged. When I turn the key to the on position there is nothing. No gauges, radio, lights, or annoying door ding. The people I spoke with at autozone said it was most likely a connectiion somewhere.

I got the p0171 and p0174 obd codes, this happened after my car ran out of gas. I've cleaned the MAF sensor, replaced the gas cap and the fuel filter. My thought is the heated oxygen sensors are bad.

after 1 to 2 hours driving, we could hear the blower still on, but there was no wind, no cold air coming out of front outlets, but it was nomal for back seat outlet which we kept it on about one hour ,then the a/c (the front outlets)got back to normal. We had a new "the final stage blower motor resistor" in bmw dealer, the problem remains.

Front end shaking and bouncing in tires. How much to totally rebuild front end, transfer case included?

The ceiling roof material of the vehicle seems to be coming apart from the dome light and from around the airbags in the back (on each side in the same place). Has anyone else seen this in the material in their vehicle? Not sure of this is a result of the excessive heat in the car this past summer or what. What is needed to be done to fix this problem. Thanks for any input.

Why my 1990 Volvo 760 wagon horns' one pole directed ground other than as Chassis Schematic showing? The horns didn't work except little sound. Is it due to the relay function? No problem had been found with fuse and the horn after my checking.

i'm furnishing the gasket

I have 117,201 miles on my tacoma 2001, I am going to do maintenance on my truck. The dealership,tells me the timing belt,alternator belt,V ribbed belt,V belt,water pump,water pump assy,1 gallon of antifreeze,replace fuel filter,inline fuel filter,replace tensioner,idler sub-assy,replace camshaft,replace both cam seals and crank seal,inspect engine, replace idler pulley,idler sub-assy.
The fuel filters is 60,000 miles, which I need to replace. The whole will run about $1500.00, to me that is high,but it is at a dealership,which is more. And I know they are train techs too, to work on toyota.
Do you think,it is a fair price?

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado. rear differential is going out and needs to be replaced. dont want to get cheated. I need a fare quote.

do I ever have to get a Trans Flush?

Has begun dripping small amount of oil every other day about the size of a dime. Looks like coming from oil pan grate but can't fully tell. Mechanic had up on lift a month ago during oil change and states he cannot find any drip whatsoever. Drip still there. Any advice on what to do to identify what it is based on other people's experiences? Ford dealership thinks rear main seal. Car has 90K now. Thanks!

Other wise there is no problem. The car can be driven ontill you use the heat or air conditioning.

I have looked for bubbles in the coolant when warmed up, indicating a head gasket leak.

This is a 160,000 mile "new" car with less problems that the "old" car.

No radiator leaks, hose leaks, cap holds pressure.

Antifreeze appears to boil out of reservoir but I am not certain that this is where it goes. Enough antifreeze is lost to cause the heat to stop working.


The fuel pump does not come on with the ignition key in on position. When you start to turn engine over is when the fuel pump comes on is this ok or not?

i do not see anything on the manual and i do not want to crack up anything. I will be putting new wheels on and i need access to the lug nuts. do you know where i can get new bmw center caps for Miro 942?

Audio controls not functioning