are ok. And where (exactly ) are the relays located?

I have manual transmission, there is a times it starts no problem but sometimes it wont start. I have all the lights and electical power on dash but it wont crank the starter motor to start the engine, it can push start no problem. I am tired pushing to start the truck everytime. Please help.

was driving and the cable from the battery was resting against the belt pully. it sparked and the engine immediately shut down. other electrical seem to work (lights are bright, horn works etc). it is getting a spark at plug wires. can hear the fuel pump engage, have even primed it with gas but it still won't start. changed 2 relays on fire wall (had burn marks) and replaced the ignition coil, still won't start. it appears to not be getting fuel or spark to the engine. since it was primed would that rule out it's not getting fuel? is there other relays that i should check? any suggestions?
tried a jump, it cranks but just won't turn over and run. someone said it's the fuel injectors (do they have a relay i can check?) since the pump appears to be pumping. could the injection system been blown from the spark? could it be the fuel pressure? would that prevent it from starting? any ideal would be appreciated. thanks

The engin shut down due to a clogged cataylic converter. Replaced it but still will not start

Noticed this week that my engine temperature was running higher than normal and then all of a sudden it was in the red. Let it cool back down for a few hours drove it and the temp rose back up to just below the red. I don't see any signs of leaks. I turned it back on and let it run, the fans don't appear to be running. Not sure if that is the problem or water pump or thermostat. Any help would be useful, Thanks.

need pic layout or blow by blow pics would be helpfull or schematic

I need to change it but can't seem to locate it

REcently I was trying to use the heater in my car and the knob will not move past the middle setting. I try and push it to the heat side, but it will bounce right back to the middle. as of yesterday the top knob controling the air flow (where it is directed) is doing the same thing.... I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to take off the panel but does anyone know how big a project this is or any ideas about how to go about it? Thanks.

My Buick Park Avenue Ultra keeps jerking while accelerating, check engine light is on too what could be wrong?

Also can the brake booster be rebuilt. Thanks.

The car is burning oil and a head gasket is shot. I am trying to decide to repair or buy another car.

The tail light is broken

and when i unlock my doors my alarm comes on and i have to take the red # 10 fuse in order to start my car.why does this happen. my mechanic told me i need a exshaust manifold gasket.

The knocking only stops when the car is moving at a steady pace with no intentions on stopping and pulling back off. I also have a hard jerk upon taking off. I boutght this car last year it has 140,000 miles on it and the trans has already been rebuilt once

02 sesensor was replaced then 1.5 days later was bad again replaced again then dealer said it was cat converter but it tested ok on flow pressure what might cause this hesitates then wants to shut off becoming major prob when driving