serpentine belt broke recently and when i picked it up i was ggreeted with an armload of estimates for brakes (no symptoms) U JOINT -which was replaced in JULY , front left tie-rod, and tires. ok-i get the tires part. and the Ujoint is making the same clunking sound it was making this summer....why would it go bad again so soon? i did just move 2400 miles with a fairly heavy load but still....
any ideas? and where could i get this fixed? the shop that did the serpentine belt also replaced the tensioner which was ALSO REPLACED this past July. whats up?


Maybe that is where the problem lies.....
Also i am getting a code saying something about my o2 or something with the ca

Says it's full, when I know it's not. Another time says it's empty, when I know it's not. It's usually saying one or the other. I keep track of my fuel by the mileage,trip meter. What could be the problem?

i put thermastat in new antfreez bleed fans work & ran fine for four days

cant seem to get any spark from coil to distrubuter

I checked the oil and was 1 quart low since then the noise has gotten worse like a loud knocking but only when your driving.I have pulled off the valve covers and restarted the engine and realized I am not seeing any oil pumping to the lifters or rods could this be the oil pump

I made a quick move on the freeway and now all the light are on on the dash.. Is this something that can be reprogrammed or does the steering sensor need to be replaced?

This occurs while I am driving. The brake pedal becomes stiff and I am unable to depress it all. Brakes are A.B.S.

The alarm stays on steady when in reverse. Nothing in manual mentions back up alarm.

No fuse # listed in manual.

i can work on older cars so maybe i can fix my self

please help need to get inspead

sensor of the oxygen

We just got the car two days ago only has had two owners 140,000 miles only one accident hit motorcycle maintance record look great on read out given two us by dealer.