I just had the batterys replaced last week. And if you lock the doors inside the car you can't just stick the key in the lockc to unlock them because it sets off the car alarm!! So what do i do to fix the remote! And $75 is a lot of money for something that is not gonna fix the problem! My remote opens the trunk just fine so?

I had a guy come out to replace my headliner and he couldn't get the visors out without breaking them. How do you get them out? I guess it's a new issue for the Buicks. I'll risk taking them out myself. But I would like to try without breaking them. Are they a press fit or snap in or what?
I was also told they may break the hard liner on top because it was glued in. I don't want to end up with a mess.

This brace is made of composite material and is about 5inches long by an ~inch wide and has a small bolt going through top and side. I know it is part of the headlight assembly and do not want to pay $450 for a brand new one (part only). What is best way to epoxy this thing and with what? Have extended warranty but doubt if it is covered.

This only happens once the brakes are hot. Have put two sets of rotors on, re-machined them, several sets of pads, semi metallic and ceramic and replaced a caliper (reman). If I gently apply it doesn't make a sound. But when I apply the brakes normally it happens. Almost sounds like a over stretched spring noise, if that makes sense. Not sure where to go from here. Driving me nuts....

i wrote to you before and i am taking your advise to have my transmission oil leak diagnosed.I sometimes feel a slight slip in the transmission also,do you think if i get the oil leak fixed it will stop? or do you think it wise to pull down a 1993 escort transmission? will it be costly? i really cant affort another vehicle now. please help.

Is this a costly fix?

Has new plugs, wires, distributor cap, ignition coil and rotor button.

During fuel pump repair, tech did not depressurize properly and gas sprayed or spilled in the interior.

Both of my check engine lights come on and sends the car into reduced power mode. The code comes back with a bad throttle body. They have replaced my gas peddle four times and replaced the wiring harness and it's still doing it. They can't figure out the problem and I'm really getting sick of taking it in and paying more money for it not to be fixed. I have had it in the shop more times than I can count.

After leaving bmw dealership i noticed moisture in headlight. I seen them using a high pressure wand near headlight. The next night my light was not working on dim or bright.My 2008 bmw x5 has 58000 miles on it.

We replaced the lower compression hose and soon after we had the leak. It has gotten worse i can see leaking even when the car is in motion. it is like the car is peeing but only under the passenger side headlight.

how to replace the ignition

do i have to remove the steering wheel to replace

I have the new fan with motor but, I can't figure out how to pull it. I see 2 nuts on each side of the shroud but, I don't know where to begin. Can anyone help?

It goes around the heater control nobs, the radio, the temperature control wheels, etc. I need to remove it so I can replace the center vent controls. I know there are two screws on the bottom lip close to the ash tray. After that, I'm unsure how to finish without breaking it.