Need to know how to replace trans seal. Also need to know how to replace driver side lower ball joint. How to tell if ball joints are really bad. Female who wont pay a shop to do when this can be done for half the price as long as no special tools are required. Thanks

my 93 ford E#350 is rnning ruff, and it will nut stay runing . it has a 7.5 gas engine. will some bad exhaust manifold gasket cus that ?

i have check for gas and everything, is good dut i am not getting no fire. can it be my crank sensor ?

Only during the colder months, my key remains locked in the ignition & the Park indicator light does not illuminate. I have to wait about 5 minutes for the Park indicator to illuminate, which then allows me to remove the key. According to a Honda blog it could be a shift linkage problem. It’s a recall item on some types of Hondas. Why is this not a recall item on 1993 Integras? Any Ideas to fix the problem?

I've already WD40 the key & ignition and the Acura Dealer made a new factory key. Both without success.

Again, key removal is fine during warmer seasons.

Car did not start, On the third day It started, I drove it twice that day then on the third time it was back to not starting. Fuel system issue? Maybe a crank shaft sensor issue?

I have a 2003 Toyota Sequoia SR5, 4X4. Just recently, I noticed two interesting things happening. 1) When i turn the steering wheel to the right, while driving, the interior dome lights turn on. 2) My door locks will randomly unlock while driving. Any suggestions?

had repair tyrod inner-left & outer-right also front struts replaced & front end alignment-steering was locking up
whengot back-took back bearing on top of struts replced-helped right-but left very tight when parking or getting out of parking place''Any ideas?? service provider has none thanks

My check engine light came on today with a message about the fuel cap being loose- I turned off the car, unscrewed it, retightened... it was definitely on tight enough. This happened about a year ago and after I did this, the light went away. This time the light did not go away. I also just had a major service done on my car in August. Wondering if it will go away on its own, if my car is safe to drive... I really can't afford a major problem right now.

I've had the a/c evac done at a shop, now I just need step by step directions.

It was fine when i got it used from dealership. Once i changed the oid and filter the noise started. What could it be

driver or passanger side?

1 of 2 pongs that used to attach mirror to fixture was broken. where can i get pongs?. How much delear charge for this mirror fix.

what is the cost, and the process involved?

How do I replace the bulb in the right rear brake light of the mercedes benz?

GL 320 diesel