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what's causing my rear tires to wear on the insde treads?I have had an alighnment.
My tail light brake lights do not work, yet the spoiler (trunk)light works when the brake are put on. It use to be intermittent, but now it is constant. Every now and then playing with the sensor on the brake pedal ma...
I have a 2000 Crown Vic Police Interceptor. The other day, The horn started sounding going down the hiway, Made a left turn and it stopped. When turned the wheel to straighten the car and park it the horn started ...
About once a month, after I fill my truck with gas, when I come to an intersection, the truck kills. What could cause this?
My horn and radio went out at the same time.When it first happened they would come in and out now they dont work at all.I replaced the horn relay but that didn't appears to be an electrical short.
the clock above my rear view mirror is blank, is there a fuse for this ?
I am considering buying a 2002 CL600 AMG with 84,000 miles on it. I want to get an idea of what my maintenance expenses will be. Thanks.
I want to know when I should do a valve adjustment I have 204000 miles currently
we have replaced fuel pump, which the garage said was the problem, but it won't stay started, or will but when shut off and turned back on right away, it won't start
How do you remove the plastic clamps that are on the heater control valve? There are no connections to loosen.They connect the heater hoses going to the heater and from the engine. The clamps are solid with small hole...
The cruise control doesn't work. All fuses are ok and there are no other electrical problem associated with this, the brake lights work properly. I checked the cruise deactivation switch at the brake pedal and it is...
how could oil get into the water resevoir,what could of caused it.
The car idles fine but when you put it in gear (forward or reverse), it stutters. It runs fine at speed. I hooked up a code scanner hoping I may have missed a light, but there were no codes. Plugs were replaced in Sep...
I would like to connect my ipod touch to the radio in my olds bravada but i do not have a aux outlet. Can it be connect some other way?