I have had the clutch cable replaced in my car 3 times in the last year. The adjustment wheel by the block always breaks first folliwed by the pin on the cable at the back of the clutch pedal. I would suspect it was something I was doing myself but it has been replaced every time by a pro. Any suggestions would be helpful.

There are no error or service lights. My mechanic said to drive the car and come to a stop and then accellarate to 45mph. He said to do this 3 times. My car still did not pass inspection. I had the new battery installed before last year's inspection and it failed last year's inspection. I had to get a waiver from the state which allowed the car a pass on inspection. I will have to get another waiver for this year. I would like to know if this problem can be corrected.

i had both rear os replaced, do i need to replace front os too

How do I know if the valve cover gasket is leaking? Where is it exactly?

I already changed all sensors, alternator is ok, battery is ok, fuel pumps is ok, the alarms is ok. Reading on the internet I found that it may be a problem with the pcm, I sent it to be re programed twice and the same. Two months ago the problem was daily, cold or hot, day or night. I changed spark wires, spark plugs, TPS, IAC, CPS, CRPS, COIL, and now the problem is just when cold at the first ignitions, anyway the failure is there, any other thing you have done and worked OUT for good? please let me know. NOTE: Every time the failure comes, the rear driver window comes down all the way without touching the button. NOW I AM DESPERATE. PLEASE HELP.

Just replaces radiator and thermostat sao I know it is not that

Not sure this is what it needs, but I would like an idea of what I am looking at in case it is this"worse case scenario". Thanks!

The car will was starting with the old battery (after a jump) but after we got a new battery, starter and cilinoid the car will do nothing but click when trying to start it. We HAVE gotten it to very nearly turn over once but no idea why. The strange thing is, while jumping, the volt gage on the dash will be at 13 but when we try to start it, it drops all the way to 0 and all lights dim. We are desperate to get this car running because it is a primary transportation and there is a newborn in the house.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


My alternator keeps going bad

My alternator keeps going bad

abs light has been on for approximately 3 months.

I am looking to buy a 98 t100 4x4 187k. All looks good except that when braking quickly, truck pops out of gear. Pops back in when you start back up. Owner said needs a new silenoid. I am a little worried since I do not want to get into a big tranny job. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I plan on taking to dealer to do a prepurchase but want to know if I am just wasting my time?? Thanks!!

i was told to replace air flow sensor because car cuts off when i am idling but runs great when i am driving

air works but no heat car does not overheat

Many have told me to get a BMW they are more expensive to fix if something goes wrong. Is this correct?