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service 4 wheel drive is coming on, i recently changed the actuator and it was working now the message came on again and no lights on 4x4 buttons are on and it does not shift into any 4x4 selection
Can u get to the oil pump from the bottom or do you have to take the engine out?
Can an alternator for 2006 Chevy Colorado be rebuilt or just replaced and how hard a job is it?
my heater does not blow hot air although blower does work on all settings (low/high) and a/c does cool during summer.
The right front headlamp wiring harness keeps burning and shorting out. I have already replaced it once from the original. What could be the cause of this?
Hi, My dashboard lights went off last week. How easy/difficult is it to replace them? What would the mechanic charge? Thanks.
How do you remove 95 quest antena
Hi. I was having brake light issues.In the daytime they worked fine but with the headlights or parking lights on the passenger side brake light would go out. I've read all about the problems with the light sockets so ...
how much does it cost to repair a bad clutch
(v6 engine.) I just moved to Colorado from Nevada, my car has been having a big problem accelerating when i try to drive it at 50mph or higher. It'll lag at 45mph for a few minutes, but then eventually it WILL speed u...
where are t on 96 cavalierhe fuel pump relay sensors located
Just today my check engine light came on and I took it to O'Reilly's and had the code checked. It came up as a P0128 error code. The car is running fine. My husband is going to check the fluid levels when he gets h...
failed emissions diagnostic codes read P0171 & P0174 I replaced both down stream O2 sensors but still same whats common?
when I turn on the rear window defroster in the car, the light comes on but there is no defrosting. What is the most common cause and how much to get it fixed.
There is no doubt that it needs replacing.