4x4 with the 4.3.

I just noticed a few wks ago my tranny (automatic) doesnt auto shift sometimes and seems to be rough.
I know there are 2 plugs (bolts) a lower one and upper 1, if I undo upper plug/bolt to drain some will that be ok and enought?
Pls help, I do know some as a single Mom and have a certified mechanic in fam

where if there is one could the fuse be located

can there be a problem with the fuse if so wheres the fuse

Navigator stopped working any idea as to why?

The hose is broke on my astro van and I don't know what it is or what its connected to so I can replace it. I can't find a diagram or any info on this. The van stopped running over a month ago and I replaced the fuel pump and ignition module and noticed the hose. It isn't tore, it is just in half.

It casues my eyes to burn and my heart to race.

It all happened at oor about the same time. Also after having a passenger side door latch installed and a drivers side outside handle, the locks wont unlock unless you pull up on them. Even the key doesnt want to work on drivers side.

My car has been making this loud rattling noise for about 2 months now. I took it in to get an oil change and I went ahead and asked the mechanic to check the noise issue. He said that it is the compressor failing and that it'd be very expensive to replace. I decided to ask around and do some research myself before giving the go-ahead to fix the compressor. Other sources told me that the problem is witht he alternator. Now I don't know which way to go. Does anyone have any advice? Can anyone tell me if I myself can check the alternator belt to see if that's the problem? I appreciate your help! :)

when i pulled over i tried to start it and it was acting almost like i was out of gas put gas in and still the same thing it wants to fire up but when i try it sputters and dies any ideas where to start. the check engine light came on after i was towed home and still the van won't start.

locating the end where the harness plugs into the connector. (Heard it was near the transmission). Can this be done easier from underneath of from above? Thanks in advance.

the winshield wiper's stop in the top position instead of at the bottom of the windshield where they should. i have looked at where the windshield motor is and it looks very hard to get out!

idle is to low when im in a complete stop, and gear is in neutral.

I was told by my dealership that I needed to replace the back-up switch assembly on my 2004 (manual) RAV4. I have the part (it looks like a spark plug) and appears easy enough to install, but I have no idea where it is located on the car. Any idea?

Could it be because they damamged something or lifted my car? I read about the code and its either the Vapor Canister or the Vapor Check Valve. Where are they located and how do you change them or know if they are needed to be changed?