My dealer replaced the drive belt at 100,000 miles but did not replace the water pump. At 130,000 the water pump went out. Now I have to replace both the pump and the belt.

when we tried to move it,it was still in park and could push it around with no resistance, whats wrong or where should we start looking for the problem

the noise only happens when the car is moving .Also it wants to pull to the right but I figure that maybe an alingment problem

please detail taking out of the switch

I came back from the church with the car, I later wanted to go out but I use another Hunda civic key in error. I later use its own key but it refuses to start.URGENT PLEASE

this has happened about 5 times so far in a month. the car would not accellerate past 60kph and past 2nd gear, could not switch gears etc. once i turned off car and restarted it, it worked again. no check engine lights of any kind.. took it to transmission place, and they couldn't find anything wrong with it and couldn't make it act up... read some of the other responses here, thinking i share the same problem, Speed sensor?? any idea's? thanks

How do I replace the lower radiator hose and then refill the empty radiator without a cap so that it doesn't get air bound?

Cranks and runs until put into gear then shuts off but if you hold the brakes and slightly mash the gas it stays running. at night when you mash the gas, the lights get brighter.

This "Squeeking" sounds like a bearing squeek or when a brake pad is "Glazed", It rolls with the truck ,picks up with higher speeds,quiets when applying brakes, may come back on when turning steering wheel or even just driving straight.I have stopped truck and pumped brakes "hard" and seems to stay quiet longer ................loose brake pad(s) ????????

mu car at times when turning , acts like no gas or power but then if keep trying it will go back to driving normal again

All thr vents on the right side (def.,middle and lower)blow cold air with the heat on. Any ideas why?

I put a fuel cleaner in the gas tank last week. It was driving fine but all of a sudden it lost power and I barely got the car home. I realize the problem could be unrelated to the cleaner, however.

has had recent fuel filter ,cap/rotor,wires,it will crank and crank sometimes starts up but sometimes it takes longer.it seems worse when engine is cold but also acts up when warm and after runs it is fine does not miss or hesitate,anyone with any help is appreciated is getting frustrating also is 2wheel drive and manual trans if this makes any difference.Thank You

has new cap and rotor new fule pump recent module replacement cranks and cranks turn key on and off helps somewhat doesn't matter if cold or hot seems worse on cold start any help

I posted a question, and got an answer that i should retrieve codes from the PCM, please help me to explain on how to do it, and where is the PCM located, we scanned and got this codes P1490 and P1489 please help it is urgent.