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After it rains there is water built up on the floor of the passenger side footwell. I suspect it is coming from a plugged windshield drain which is backing up the water to an opening in the firewall. Anyone have expe...
I'm leaking transmission fluid from the middle section of my van. There is a little puddle. I guess it is the seals but what else could it be and what should I do put alot of transmission fluid in there and drive it...
how do you change the passenger side headlight on the 2001 Nissan Xterra
my window on the drivers side rolls down no problem. but I have to keep pushing on it to get it to roll up. Why and how do I check it out?
where is the transmission oil spout
So I have the new brakes, tire off, and the new springs are color coded. What spring goes where and what else do I need to do to change the brakes?
My car won't run and it has been determined that my car needs an ignition coil. I am being told that on my car that this comes only combined in one unit that includes the distributor, and ignition model too and the p...
right front wheel humming/ vibration. is it the wheel bearing assembly
why is the nimber 2 spark plug not firing when i have replace the plugs and new wires also.
i was just driving my 5 speed escort down the road and went to shift from third to fourth and it is stuck in third gear. i tryed shutting it off and it will shift through the gears but when i get to third it is really...
Is there a common problem with this car that causes the engine to not restart about 15 minutes after the car has reached operating temperature?
how much to replace
when i started theres is a small amount of smoke and i been tell that is normal but when i stay with my car on and in parking or in a long cross lane or red light it starts and its a lot, then i move in the road and i...
During oil changes the oil looks milky and the temperature gadge keeps running up. The temperature goes up and then goes back up. Then if you drive it ,it runs sluggish.
the sliding door on the van couldn't open yesterday afternoon. It's stuck or something.