I have a 2007 Gmc Canyon truck and My airconditoner went out at 116000 miles completely! Recently I replaced the resistor and the harness when it would only work on a high setting. but now it is done any suggestions? I need help could it be the blower motor relay or the fuse

Tires Falken FK-452
Wheels Milano M743
Wheel size 20X8.5 and 20X9.5
Bolt Pattern 5X112
Offset +40MM Front and +45MM Rear
Front Tire Size 255/35-20
Rear Tire Size 275/30-20

Each time I put gas in truck

mechanic says this is the problem

I have a 2004 Suzuki Forenza with 116,000 miles on it. AFTER the car warms up (I drive around 5-10 miles) the car/engine will begin to hesitate as if the engine isn't receiving any power. When rolling to a stop, the RPMs will dive down to 0 and just barely keep the engine running, but when running properly typically the RPMs will stay above 1000 when idling. The exhaust smells like fuel that isn't burning and my exhaust pipe will "putt". Any ideas? My mechanic has replaced the housing, heat sensor, thermostat, bottom pulley, spark plugs, wires, valve cover gasket, and coil.

never had this problem before

Every 4 or 5 times I start the car the lights come on but go off when restarted. This has started after I took my car in for inspection.

my civic starts fine , i'll let it run for an hour but once i turn the lights on the car will die out. would that just be a bad battery?

one window works and one doesn't , both switches on both doors wont control the window , would that be a bad fuse? bad motor? or bad switch ? thanks guys

happened twice about 60 miles between occurance

I have replaced the distributor cap and rotor, the coil, and the ICM (Ignition Control Module) and I have checked for spark and am not getting any. I have even checked all fuses in the Power Distribution Unit and everything is good. The only other thing I can think of is the ECU (computer brain) is at fault but I am not sure where that is located. Can someone let me know or give me other possible reasons this isn't starting. And before anyone says this...."Yes I have check to make sure there is fuel getting to the system"

i'm trying to locate the air conditioner drier

1st time this happen's what could it be

I have a fuel leak on the drainage plug of my 1999 Honda civic si. WHat is the easiest way to fix this problem?

Part#6F97-9A299-A & 6F97-9275-A no diagnosis code given. Had 2 problems Wrench and passenger air bag came on first then went off. Then Engine pic came on and stayed. Got book out of glove comp. to see what pics were and passenger side was wet, but also wet around sunroof. Told two problems- did not check out blockage in sunroof or leak in windshield or whatever but was told Engine problem was fuel senders. The light on dash said 29 miles left before fuel light came on and got gas. Vehicle still runs perfectly just picture when first happened and wet ran perfectly but speed oil everything did not move in console even lights off when dried out everything works fine bu light still on so concern is if still getting fuel and still running what are these expensive fuel senders that need replacing?