I have 31,000 miles on it now. The dealer changed the filter at 20,000 and 31,000. Is this too often? Costs $150 each time.

someone did timing belt for me but never finished job timing chain complete but all belts and pulleys still not put back together need to see to repair

You say $35-$127

Why such a difference?

I have a Ford F150 and the rear bumper is falling off and the frame is showing more rust and rott than it should for the year of the truck just wondering if there was a recall for this only had the truck for a couple of years know help

the wire that was damaged was replaced as well - happened on 8/11 - paid $474 for damaged wire - same day service engineer soon light came on - took back - now being told 1400-1500 for repair - can't understand how and why this happend and wasn't caught with first repair?

I'm looking for the least expensive qualified shop/mechanic
to replace the evaporator core in or near Indio, Ca. 92201

you push the button and you here the buzzer but the window will not move

front to back power switch works down works fine just not up how do I get the seat back up can do this manually somehow ?

Was working fine tell one day just stopped working. Removal of driverside rear panel there is what appears to be to fuses and valve. When you touch the round like aluminum valve it is hot? All fuses in engine compartment have been checked and are working but the fuses in rear?

It only shuts off when the car is in motion. When it shuts off a wierd sound comes from near the back of the car. It use to would start right back up while in neutral while it's still rolling but now I must put it in park and to restart. It doesn't start right up it takes a few minutes and few tries and the engine will turn on over and attempt to start and then after a few it will start up.

I like to know if some body had the same problem and how much was to fix.

or when I put my foot on the brakes. I replaced blower motor . problem still there.

main bearing only on my 92 camery

Two systems are not ready when trying to do emissions test;
the Evaporative system & the Catalyst

and what does it mean when both the engine light and at light come on. and once the shift solenoid is repaired why does the engine light and at light come on again, do i need to get a new transmission? The car shakes when shifting into reverse mode and when we drive it only goes to gear 2 not 3 or 4.