fluid in master cynclder

just got rotors and brakes put on and still makes a grinding noise.when press on gas it makes a clicking noise from engine

the parts store can only pull up a tension pully and they look the same. are they interchangeable or are they different.
the idler pully is wore out and is making this high pitch screaming sound while its running and the faster you go the louder it gets

The car is always low on coolant and we never see any signs of it on the ground ??? We've had it into the dealer to get it checked, They said they couldn't find anything, It's still doing the same thing. What are they doing wrong? what should I look for?


I had the car towed to another nearby mechanic and the original quote multiplied 5x. they said entire battery cable harness needs to be replaced, not just the + cable. Does this sound reasonable?

the system bleed, but it still running at hi idle the temperature gauge goes alittle pass half but not hot.

I took it in and was told it needs a new module and it will cost $585.00. Is this right?

I have a 2006 Hyundai Sonata. When I start the car about 4/5 times the power steering doe snot work for about 30 seconds to a minute, and then it comes back fine. The driver's fasten seatbelt light also comes on and stays on for a minute or 2 after the seatbelt is fastened. Also, several times the battery light stays on, although it usually goes away when the power steering comes back. This has happened about 6 times. Any idea what's wrong?

P0613 code. Took car to transmission shop. They replaced the TCM with an after market unit. Took a week to get and had to be programmed by Chrysler. Failed the next morning and went back into limp in mode and displayed P0613 code again. Repair shop replaced TCM with Chrysler OEM part and had them program it again. Failed 5 hours later. Same P0613 code. Back in the shop at Chrysler. I can turn off power and it resets after about 2-3 shutdowns. Transmission shifts smoothly after reset. Pulling my hair out!!!!!!

help what can this be and how much will it cost

Dealer said ball joint seals are shot. Recommends replacement of ball joints and tie rod ends. How much of the suspension should be included in replacement?

I have a sienna 1998 it has two major problems number one late shifting from 2nd and 3rd gear and the other one is it is loosing 1 to 2 quarters after every 150 to 250 miles but there is no leakage anywhere no smoke no nothing so where my sienna's oil goes really???????? Looking for real help please !!!!!

My service stabiility sensor keeps going off. I took it to the dealer and they did not know what was wrong please help? Do I need to get this fixed right away??

I can hear it running but it does blow out the vents

Emission code show that O2 sensor need replacing, as well as the Knocks sensor. Are the sensors easy to locate and replace. Should I get a tune up first?