started truck today and oil pressure light came on dash board. guage wouldnt register at all. first time that has happened

what ,why , do ,i , need ,to , do this bitchs ?

when i use the automatic locking device supplied by the dealer "key fob" the doors will lock but the horn does not beep to let me know that it was activated.just happened yesterday when i went to watch TINTIN,great movie.this is a problem when you are several feet away from the vehicle and have to return to make sure doors have locked.hope this is an easy fix.thanks for your help.MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone from GUAM

I checked the oil plug and the filter for leaks - none. I change my own oil. During break in about 1/2 quart burned. Burning this amount of oil concerns me; and I know it is not normal.

the make of my car is a ford taurus the year is 2003

either 1 and I have the owners manual. I have replaced the multi function switch and the wiper motor to no avail. I have a chiltons and it seems to cover the wiring for the rest of the truck, but not the ws washer and wiper

Just replace the distributor and the timing was never adjusted using a timing light. I keep feeling a slight miss while accellorating.

I know where the one that straps to the radiator. Need to know the locations of the other ones.

That same day our engine seized up we had our oil changed, 10 miles and 9 hours earlier. The shop said they followed the computer recommendations for the oil, filter etc. There is oil in the pan, on the dipstick. What would you recommend?

was an intermittent issue but now happens regularly when started cold. no fault codes have been found stored when checked previously


How much should replacing both front and back brakepads cost on a 2000 Subaru Forester? Only my pads need to be replaced, but I'm sure someone will try to upsell me.

My name is Vahik & I just fill up the online forms but looks like its gonne be take 24-72 hours to prosses,I got 2007 Corolla about a week ago find out rear driver side power window isnot working from the Power window master switch I mean it used to be work by the keep the switch up & down rapidly then it goes to up or down but this last time I bring window down then I try to make it up I saw the window is not coming up then I try to replace the Right rear window switch with the left rear switch the I find out it same like the rear left is not working then I check the driver side under the ignition switch fuse box & I fond out there is a 30 A power fuse its coming from battery its blow out then I replace it with new fuse then when I try to make the up or down again I saw same thing its blowing fuse & other thing I check the both wiring circuit for rear windows switches there is continuity power at two wires <THE RED & ALSO BLACK ONE > so be honest with you I don’t know from were start to check the this problem (it’s a from master switch, rear both switches, ground short )please I need some one give me a some kind of diag. help info. I mean I lost my job and I'm doing different part time job even its not cover my rent otherwise I give to some one fix it for me and also I got a wiring diagrams for my car so if some one can help me I will really appreciate.

Slips between first and second gear

THe digital dash is not working, this may be the problem. Would like to check it.