The wiper only worked on slow speed and not on any of the intermitent speeds.

It also needs an A/C job.

Do I need to remove the radiator, grille, to install the new hose? Thank you

Car ran out of fuel and was hard to start. Now it idles fine and runs smooth until it gets to 3000 rpm. Then engine stalls until it gets back below 3000 rpm. As long as it is below 3000 rpm it is fine. any clues?

mine is the 3.9L V6 engine

It looks clean, and i keep it full, but i have heard different thoughts on whether or not i should change it at this mileage. What do you think Should I or shouldn,t I?

...to the insert the 2 bolts...I have tried everything you could think of for the past 10 hrs. the bottem one is in but the top is a hair line amiss..what do you suggest?

I was changing the oil on my 94 Infiniti j30 when I took the oil filter off a ball bearing dropped out of the engine I looked and it came from the oil pressure relief valve and the cap that keeps the ball in place is cracked where can I get a new one fast. This is my only transportation

replacing belts

over about 12 RPMs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I need help! Very frustrated. When cranking engine I have extreme fuel smell and engine wants to lock up. It will only stay running for 5-10 seconds

When car is started the dashlights are very dim. It can take anywhere from a few seconds up to 25 minutes and then the dashlights turn on fully. Usually after you hear a "click".

the tires in the rear end of my nissan sentra will not move. someone left the handbreak up, but after i put it down, the 2 back wheels would not move. The front wheels are working, but the 2 back wheels would not roll at all. my sentra is a front 2 wheel drive. please help. i need to know what the problem might be, and also an estimate of repair. i am a female, and mechanics are ripping me off.

Is this a sensor problem and if so where is it located?

can i take a fuse out and turn alarm off completely