when you stop the temp goes up and up then you start going again then the temp goes down and down don't know why. the A/C works very good its not that can some one help me.

When I hook up charger there is a faint buzzing sound coming from a small canister near the fuse box. It will buzz for a few seconds then stops.

I have a 1999 Ford Mustang GT convertablie with a 4.6L V8 automatic transmisson, an the transmisson has left the building.. What is the acutal name or type of transmission that I need?

The panel that displays radio, climate control and fault status has gone outcompletely black. Radio is not working and if a fault displays i would not be able to see it. Has anyone had this issue?

turn signal will allow left hand turn signal to display and work. It does not shut off when activated however. Right will not work at all and signal will not move in that direction.

Its actually an 1989. Theres a fuel pressure relay somewhere. Id like to know the location and troubleshoot.

then it takes right off

The bar that connects rear frame and axle moves up and down on the passenger side and shows shiny around where it would set over the bushing. It has a bolt that runs through the frame end and mounts over a bushing, what is it called and how hard is it to replace? It shakes over about 25-30 miles an hour and doesn't feel safe to drive.

what is the presure supose to be

and yesterday while driving oil pressure light came on for a few seconds ?

How do I turn on my cd radio if the manuals instructions don't work? nothing comes up on the display.

Short version. Bought truck used from used car lot. never passed emissions, Evap code and cyl 5 misfire. Coolant was getting into cyl 5. Had dealer replace intake manifold. NOW VERY rough idle and I am getting P1151 code(upstream air lean). Checked all vac hoses. What else can I check? What is the mostly likely thing this mechanic did wrong to cause this? Dealer said he's done. Thanks

diagrams will be helpful

Xmission won't shift into third. Engine hot or cold. No warning lights on.

i want to clear and unclog the drain hose