Panel under the shifter is dark.

As lame as they appear I may buy a basic steering wheel lock, my question is it worth it or is there a different type of car alarm I can purchase that I don't have to personally put on every time I leave my vehicle.

it barely moves in reverse sometimes

People have been trying to break into my car & now my passengers left side window's black rubber frame has been tampered with and teared !!

The instrument cluster on my 2002 S430 has stopped lighting up and the dealer is telling me it was replaced in September 27th 2006. The recall notice was mailed out on Sept 29th 2006. I suspect that it was replaced with the same unit that was recalled. So I am wondering can you tell the year of manufacture by the numbers on the sticker attached to the cluster. Or what numbers should appear on the cluster if it was replaced due to the recall. Thanks

and idle will not come down, do you have any suggestions on what to try next. I replaced the fuse already and have power to the plug. Thank you, Brian

It is a 2002 Mercedes S430

My car was operating excellently until I had a tire blow out one day and had to replace my tire. I was driving fine after the tire replacement, but about a week later my car wasn't accelerating properly. I took my car to Aamco and Mercedes and they both said that my car was fine, but I should have replaced all tires at the same time, that my speed sensors were thrown off because of the new tire and that my car was in limp mode or something like that. So I bought 4 new tires and once again my car was working fine...until recently. I was driving down a bumpy road and my car went into "limp mode" again. I took it to Pep Boys and they had the following codes came up P0500 VSS Sensor Malf... and P0720 Output Spd Sens Circuit Malf. So I thought that everything was pretty much consistent to what Mercedes and Aamco told me before. Pep Boys told me to bring it back so they can run some more tests (they were about to close). As I am driving on my way back home every time I turn the car it seemed like my car wanted to shut off (this problem was not there before Pep Boys). I would let it roll into a turn and not turn the steering wheel and it would be okay. The next day I was on my way to Pep Boys, as I backed out and drove everything was fine. I tried to turn out my complex and my car cut off. I started it and it allowed me to back up... but when I tried to turn it...it cut off again. I finally stopped trying to cut it back on. I had my car towed to one auto shop that said I had 4 bad sensors. I probably would have had my work done there but it would be 2-3 days before I could reach anyone and my car was only there 7 days. So I had it towed to a friend's shop nearby. He said that he can't get the computer to read or register (not sure what that means)... and he thinks I have a bad computer. I'm confused... I thought it was speed and crank sensor... he said the car's not cranking or anything and with a bad crank sensor it would crank. He said the car comes on and the only thing that is running is the fan. I'm not having any work done until I get more information. I've been paying good money to keep my benz serviced and to protect if from any major damage. 2 years ago I had to replace the alternator. Had to do brakes twice. Tires just recently replaced. This car hasn't really given me too much trouble. But it only had 16,000 miles on it when I purchased it in 2007. It only has 36,000 on it now. It's not even the primary car I drive. I don't think it should have these expensive types of problems. If it's something costly I will get it fix over time, but may give up the Benz.

it does it all the time and when you are driving it also goes up higher and you have to tap the gas pedal to bring the idle back down.

when it gets warm

I cant get the thing the window is bolted to to go down.I checked the fuse and the track in rides on.It wont work from the drivers side also.they are electric.And there is no lock out for them.The drivers side window works.

I weldednd welded it together and welded it inside the trailer also put a hydroulic ball lift in front of trailer what should i charge?

When driving my saturn, the down shift doesn't occur at the right. It should shift alittle quicker.

problem occurs everytime I try and start it what could be the problem

seems it would be easier to separate the head from the intake on the bench instead of fighting it in the car. can the intake and head come out of the car as one unit? thanks.