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I need to fix my van so I can have transportation to work. I think my starter has gone out. Where is it located under the hood?
I'm fairly confident my slave cylinder needs replaced, I've bought one but can't find the old one. Is it inside the bell housing?
replaced electric dash switch already but still not lighting up and fuses are good and 4wd still not working first it wouldnt go into 4wd then it would"nt come out of 4wd then I disconnected the battery and it came ou...
add these items to estimate
Can anyone please tell me if $1100 sounds fair for replacement of tie-rods and front left axel on an Audi A4 (year 2000)? Took 'er in for winterization and looksee today. Different repair show than I typically use. ...
I have a 1998 e320 mercedes benz the stop light on the back window works but i dont have any stop lights on the back need help
I can't get hot air from the heater. I had to change the thermostat anyway and hoped that would help but no joy. Next on the list is the HWCV but the manual says it is in the engine compartment but it's not there.
can i replace it my self? is it hard to locate and or get to on the car? fuel filter.
When I turn on my car, it starts massively leaking engine oil. It's coming out about as fast as it does when you empty the tank during an oil change. It looks like it is flooding through the big timing belt cap. An...
what is a fan motor module and where is it located
i have no heat in my car
what are some easy was to increase horsepower and mpgs in a 98 s10 4.3l v6
I just brought this truck cash and the anti-theft light would come on and the truck would not start until it stop blinking. Finally the truck will not start any longer. I have heard my igintion may need replaced. I we...
I was told by mechanic (Midas Mufflers)I need my catyltic converter replaced. He quoted me $1300. I found a couple internet wholesale warehouse suppliers that are CA approved that I can get for around $345. How muc...
I think I need the oil pan gasket replaced. How much would this cost?