Door does not swing freely at all, tried all kinds of lube, no help.

I need a schematic for powerm steering pump and hoses for a 2002 Jaguar XK8.

Have replaced it twice in ten years and now I need to do it again exactly one year from the last one.

I changed coolant sensor, water pump, hoses, radiator, fan motors, thomastat, even changed up manifold gasket. The oil isn't mixing with coolant and no steam coming from tail pipe. Some 1 please help me find a solution, wasted over 5000 dollars in work on this car.

I installed a rebuilt trans with anew torque converter.It worked fine for 20 miles but then it started making grinding noises and i lost all forward gears, but reverse works fine. I didnt prefill torque converter but i heard you didnt have to,what could be the problem ?torque converter or trans?

heat not working

wire from inside hood to engine compartment

window wipers, horn, lights, turn lights, are not working

I bought one and someone has added an aftermarket air cleaner that seems to be causing difficulties (stalling, losing power and backfiring)

I have a 2005 Saturn Ion with less than 50km on it. In  Nov 2009 for some reason the car would not start - it was winter and was late at night.  We tried the next day and it started.  This happened again during the winter but after a boost it started.  We had the battery replaced in Feb 2010 and from time to time, the Saturn does not start and it's not during winter. We brought the car into the dealership and the said it may be a security feature that prevents the car from starting - that is we didn't insert the key in properly. I am no expert but I don't buy it.  After all the years since we had the car, we don't know how to insert the key to start the car?  Also,  the dial on the speedometer goes crazy while driving as it sways back and forth.  What is wrong with the car? How much wwould repairs cost us- best estimate appreciated without seeing the car.  Winter is approaching and i would hate to have an unreliable car.  Should we replace the car? Thanks for your input.

store to purchase a new ling & could not find one< they suggested a clamp on hose. Could I use a 3/8 copper line instead of the steel line? This line is located between the radiator & engine & clamped on the frame.

so I took it to the dealer and they said the open circuit in taill.lamp failure sensor

Car runs fine on freeway, a bit sluggish but fine overall except at rolling idle--surges or stalls.

I have keyless remote and the doors will not lock when I press the lock button on the remote or in the car, but the alarm is activated.

Has anyone worked on the code P0303 and P1310 igniter circuit bank 2(cyl 2 & 3)?