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I need to find why it said on dash no bus and no fire

None of my outlets/ cigarett lighter are working in my 2007 mitsubishi outlander. I suspected a bad fuse but the only fuse box I can find is the one under the hood and I dont see a fuse for the outlets there. Is there another fuse box in the cabin hidden somewhere?

Usually it's all in the wrist, but during cold temps I have to click the key in the ignition forward once and let it sit for 30 seconds before I try turning the key again. It'll spring back, and I immediately turn the key for the car to start. It's been doing that for about a year or longer. Today, with outdoor temps about 20, nothing. Any ideas what I need to replace? I called three mechanics and got three answers.

I looked for loose connections ect. Possible vaccuum problem??

Every time I go to put fuel in my old girl, she takes about 2 litres before the pump nozzle starts clicking and whatnot. Fuel generally starts spitting out at around the $3.00 mark. She's pretty much empty, so either I have a blockage in my input line, or a hell of a lot of pressure in the tank. I've tried to release some pressure by removing the #32 fuel pump release fuse while running the engine, to no avail. I'd like to fix it myself, if possible; but this would be my first time at getting into the fuel tank side of things, so any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers,

My left rear electronic door lock works intermittently, whether being locked or unlocked from the front passenger locks or the remote. Weather does not seem to be a factor. Is there anything I can do to fix it? If it requires professional repair, how much should that be?

both the drivers side tail light and drivers side front running light are both inop. I have checked both bulbs and inspected the fuse for the circuit, all of which are in good repair. Any recomendations on how to proceed from here?

I was very cold the other day with a 1/8 of a tank of gas.
I started the car ok but it began to run very rough.
I have only had the car for a couple of weeks.
I used to have this trouble many years ago with other older cars. I was thinking that there was much condesation in the tank and went into gas line.
Sometimes the car will run really good and other times, the engine will hesitate with no power giving it the gas.
I was thinking that the fuel filter may still have moisture in it. I put Isopropyl gas treatment into a tank of gas, which hasn't eliminated the problem yet.
Where is the fuel filter located?
Please help.

fuel pump seems to be out of power... relay goes off, but can´t hear the pump running, tried bypassing the relay but nothing happened, suspect of blown fuse, but don´t have idea how many fuse are involved with the fuel system...HELP!!!

Is there an access panel under the mat in the trunk?

my 2000 Sable won't start when it is cold outside I can spray starting fluid in it and it will start utill fluid is gone could it be the pump relay or would it be the fuel pump when it warms up outside it will start just fine

No sound or movement when pushing the button to vent or open. I tried the steps in the manual to reset, but did not work. Is there an easy way to trouble shoot?

How much should we pay and should we replace the remaining 7? Only 82,000 miles. Original work done at the dealer. Original codes 306 and 316. Need a good mechanic in Chicago!!! HELP

Changed both Camshaft position censors (Bank 1 and 2) and also the Crankshaft position censor. Car ran a couple days without incident then could not start after driving about 8 miles. Have started again after waiting about 30 minutes. Does the ECU need reprogramming?

and where can i buy one dealer doent have it