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My sentra has 225,000 miles and i have noticed when i depress my gas pedal it pops and I know it should not be doing that. What has failed or is failing.
Four months ago I flushed the system and replaced thermastat due to over heating. Now engine overheated , tried to turn on heater while i pulled over and it blows cold air.
All of the sudden both my passenger window and passenger side mirror do not work. So the window does not go up and down and I can't adjust the side mirror.
okay so i hav a faulty propotioning valve where do i find one with 2 inlet lines and 4 outlet lines i looked on line and no luck any suggestions?
I have a 2000 Grand Marquis and I'm replacing a cracked intake manifold.. couple of question I'm having a issue taking the 2 fuel lines off that are right by the injector rail, above spark plugs, also there is a plate...
where is the emergency fuel pump shut off switch located on a 1997 ford thunderbird
hi i have this Vw cabriolete i replace the timing belt and still won't fire , do i sync anything how do i do that what is my new steps thank you.
we recently changed the fuel pump, and it still wont go over 20 mph. What could be the problem?
I pulled out the two small wires from the alternator. I need to know witch one goes where? (colors)
had a master cylender replaced but no fluid going to rear brakes so no rear brakes what could be the problem
My gas guage goes from empty to full and back. changed out sending unit and now it is worse than before.
Van will shudder and lose power while climbing a long steep hill starts at about 50mph will level out if I take foot off accelerator and re-apply gas at a gradual constant level. Van has 295000 miles. Just passed smog...
this is last time to waste my time at this frxxx site my question for the second time do i have to replace both condensor compressor and connector with dryer - how much
How much to replace a head gasket on a 2006 saturn ion, 4 door, ac and automatic transmission in Durham, NC?