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I got a 2010 Chevy Suburban, I got after market rims (22) on it and got the tire sensor put in the aftermarket rims also. I need to go on a road trip, can I put the stocks back on without the tire sensor? Someone told...
I just bought a 2005 Pontiac Bonneville and have had several problems with it since purchasing it. The latest problems I'm having are an inaccurate fuel gage and tachometer. The fuel gauge is saying I have anywhere fr...
Our 2003 Saturn L300 (V6) is losing power at around 4000 RPM. If I release the gas and let the RPM's drop it seems to re-engage. Our service light had gone on and we took it to AutoZone for a free diagnostic but they ...
all the sudden freon started flowing out of my a/c vents. itt looked like smoke. i thought it was a leak but the a/c still blows cold. and the vapors are still there, what could this be?
park tries to go forward,reverse seems like in two gears,neutral in two gears,drive in two gears,second also two gears but if start out in low then shift to drive it shifts fine no reverse anytime
when i activate my cruise control, the light comes on in the steering wheel, but the cruise does still not work.
Does the radiator have to come out to change this serpentine belt? also there is no belt diagram for this that I can find,any ideas out there? thanks 2001 bmw 740i v8
What is light indicate in upper left corner. Have noticed after smog. Looks like doors open. It was a door that seemed closed.
I put my car in reverse and it didn't even run back and the I gave it a little gas and it did not move it sounded as if I was reving the engine. The steering feels stiff. I tried to test the gear shift to see if it w...
crank shaft pulley bolt thread pattern is it reverse thread
on the highway my van fells like it running out of gas can i get some help with this problem
My son hit a curb and set off the passenger and driver airbags? I need to find out how much it costs to replace them?
I have some engine code of PO170 and P1188
Have not run a code check yet but truck will hardly start in cold weather and when it does it runs very rough. New battery and spark plugs and wires to no avail. Somebody told me to replace some fuel/choke sensor but ...
Service engine soon light is on and I judst bought the car. I had the code read at jiffy lube and the code was po 304 the car was hesitating and running with less power. I t is a manual trans. What does this code mean?