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I want to know when I should do a valve adjustment I have 204000 miles currently
we have replaced fuel pump, which the garage said was the problem, but it won't stay started, or will but when shut off and turned back on right away, it won't start
How do you remove the plastic clamps that are on the heater control valve? There are no connections to loosen.They connect the heater hoses going to the heater and from the engine. The clamps are solid with small hole...
The cruise control doesn't work. All fuses are ok and there are no other electrical problem associated with this, the brake lights work properly. I checked the cruise deactivation switch at the brake pedal and it is...
how could oil get into the water resevoir,what could of caused it.
The car idles fine but when you put it in gear (forward or reverse), it stutters. It runs fine at speed. I hooked up a code scanner hoping I may have missed a light, but there were no codes. Plugs were replaced in Sep...
I would like to connect my ipod touch to the radio in my olds bravada but i do not have a aux outlet. Can it be connect some other way?
My son's 2001 Volvo V70 "died" on the highway. The voltage light was on. It was towed to Firestone. They replaced the battery, stating the alternator is charging properly. He drove to the grocery store later that ...
Replaced the half shafts - had to remove the sensors to replace. Now the abs light says on. How do I reset it?
@ 98K Should wheel bearings be checked and greased. No problems, just wondering.
gas pump will shut down as soon as you pump gas
My CD player is jammed. When I press load or eject, it makes the noise that it is shuffling the cds but nothing ever happens. Does anyone know any tricks or solutions to my problem. thanks.
The truck has bucket seats, I need to replace the fold down center console. Cannot locate any suppliers online that offer this original console, would like some options besides ford dealership.
My steering linkages feel loose and rattle...i understand this is a recall truck is no longer under this recall still covered by my dealership?