The guy i bought the truck off of said he had the tranny changed, and it's got the wrong tail shaft on it, and you can't hook the speedodometer cable back up.It dies when you get to 35 mph can that cause that, and when you let it slow back to that speed it fires back up, if not what will cause that?

The wipers are off only when ignition is off. Two speeds, regular and fast but they won't shut off when driving. If it rains everyday I'm OK but the sun is shining. Any help would be appreciated.

Or what is the problem i done spent over $500 trying to fix it and its still doing it i need help...........

only does it when I cut the heat or ac on,just makes a high pitch sound,could it be the fan

I add 1/4 to 1/2 gallon of gas and the gas pump shuts off as if my tank is full when it is not. Takes about 10 minutes to get 6 gallons in my car. What's the problem and is it an expensive fix. I have 175,100 miles on my car.

About one month ago, I notice a half circle shaped crack in the dashboard on the left side of the passenger side air bag cover. A week later I noticed a 5 inch crack on the right side of the same cover. Now I notice a crack running down the lower part of the dash just at the left edge of the airbag cover. It almost looks like the edge of the airbag cover is etending down. I went to my Toyota dealer and they claimed that they had heard about any Avalons with this type of problem and generously offered to replace the dash for $1,900.00, and I would have to pay half. My car has always been garaged and well kept. No animals have ever been in the car and children have always rode the back seat. Any ideas.

looking to replace rotors on my santa fe

my car toyota avalon 2003 xl ,I re install new acturator door lock at driver side . but it was not work ,doI need reset progam . door lock switch send power to acturator but it doen not work.coud you please. let me know what happen. thank you very much

I shut the car off went in for about 10 minutes came out started the car and it just started misfiring the check engine light came on flashing and is running really rough what could the problem be?

what should I do when the timing belt brakes while driving the car?

I have to add brake fluid sometimes.

my ignition works and my car will start, but my steering wheel just won't unlock.

Both the left and right front hub bearings were replaced/repacked in 2010, a few months apart, and there's approximately 30,000 miles on them. They weren't replaced originally until 86,000 miles. I'm hearing that telltale roaring noise, though. Can this be?

Since I let my 1996 Tracker run out of gas it now skips really bad. It may go 2-3 miles just fine but then starts skipping really bad. Could this be that trash got sucked up in it and what can I do to fix this?

I'm trying to find the location of the DLC that is supposed to be under the hood on the drivers side. it is used to put the pcm into "diagnostic test mode" wherein the MIL (check engine lamp) flashes the diagnostic codes