the car will not start and the alarm stytem goes off everytime I open the doors. The remote is broken so cant use that and the door lock buttons on the door panels do not work either. If I jump the car it will start but when I try to start it with the key is dont start. I had the battery checked and it is good. where do I go from here.

I have the replacement engine.

My dad recently replaced my tie rod ends and upper control arms (L&R) 3mo ago; ever since there have been crazy sounds...a creaking sound whenever I apply my brakes & terrible clunking noises whenever driving over uneven road surfaces. Before the work, you could hear general squeaking like that of an old spring bed & some clunking noise but now it's crazy annoying & worrisome. Furthermore, last DEC a Baltimore mechanic told me that the clunking stemmed from the need to replace upper control arms in my rear wheels; overall, I didn't get a good vibe from him or shop mgr.

1990 Acura Legend LS (V6)

Furthermore, all interior lights (panel & console excluded) & cig-lighter stopped working maybe 2months ago; there's also been a faint radar-like beeping when engine is started (not always heard & tends to stop after a short time; once it persisted during a 2hr drive). Could it all be related?

A service engine light has come on and the brace that is connected to the hydraulic and motor is broken.

Car just started dying after starting, it will run for a few seconds and then just die. After you let it sit for a while it will start back up again and stay running. Sometimes, it can run all day and stay that way,but recently it will just die and takes several attempts to get it to stay running. I replaced the fuel pump, and a couple of months ago the timing belt and the crankshaft position censors were replaced.

the ac works but dont blow air from the dash only from the side of the winshield

no heat, blower works fine new thermostat couule it be temp control knob? Air will not become warm when turned on full or any setting, it does cool, air works fine heater doe not but still blows air.

Took it in for an estimate. They claim the handle, actuators and shoes need to be replaced, along with a leaking rear left axle leaking diff fluid. Cost; $1,210.

Wanted some info before I took it to be reapired or if this can be done by me. Does this happen a lot?

it shifts sometimes when its warm not very often

I tightened the pipes strong and they still shedding

now my a/c is blowing hot air. I was told that it's probably a bad evaporator which is a very expensive repair. One mechanic that I spoke to suggested that we try to charge it and it could last a little longer. Does anyone know if this is possible?

There is power draw on my car. It appears to have something to do with the radio but not sure. I read that the amp is wired to the power block and not fused. Is this a fact or can I pull a fuse and eliminate this problem (if it is the problem)? Something is drawing volts and I have not found it yet so any input will help.

I have 126,000 miles. It was driving rough and I was told I need a tune up.