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need reset or is this sign of another problem?

The car died going down the road and won't start. It turns over, but it won't start. I'm the second owner of this car and they said hey had the same problem with it to. You just be driving it and it just die and wouldn't start. If you leave it for 12 to 24 hours the car start and run fine for serval days than it do it again. The coil has been replaced on it new plugs and wires egr valve replaced. Has new battery in it also. Have spent serval hundred dollars on it and can not find out why it does this. It is just random when it does it. The car has been to several mech shops and no one can figure this out why it dies for some random reason and won't start. Can anyone help me figure this out or have any ideals. Thank you for your time.

This is a car that I would like to purchase but need to know if the Check Engine" light turns on and off continuously is a major issue??????
This car is my dream car and is at a good price just wanted to know what this is all about???

Thanks Katherine

also tail light module

are the rear doors on a 1992 the same as a 1995 pathfinder

if I disconnect the battery and let it sit when I reconnect ist fine for a few days then it will happen again

all vents and fan work,core not plugged. just no heat at all.

I just want to know before i try anything stupid

the car is leaking from what appears to be the back of the motor between the engine and where the flywheel and clutch are.

My truck has approx. 180000 miles on it and all of a sudden it shifts extra hard at times. It doesn't shift this way every time it shifts, just sometimes. What could cause this?

RE:my E500 Mercd. Benz which I found @ the dealer each of my car "air-spring" is $847, website's "belestiens" it's $620, I wondering if one must have the "STAR" diagnostic machine in-order to Diagnose the problem? Recently I've NOTICED ONLY THE REAR LEFT SIDE IS "SAGGING" & NOT (ANY-LONGER) THE REAR RIGHT SIDE? SOMEONE TOLD ME IT COULD BE A "SEAL" ON 1 OF THE AIR-SPRING(S)GONE BAD? MY Q. IS "NOW" THE REAR RIGHT SIDE AIR-SPRING IS NOT SAGGING (IT DID BEFORE), SHOULD I CHANGE THE LEFT SIDE ONLY, OR CHANGE BOTH SIDES?

30 amp breaker and 60amp square fuses replaced with no luck. Help please

My truck randomly misfires and idles very bad and sometimes the check engine light turns on. I have changed the coil,cleaned fuel injectors,I even had the computer changed by the dealer.This has been happening for about 2 1/2 years now. I discovered that if I accelerate at idle up to 3500 rpm's that this will clear the sputtering and my truck will idle normal.Now I am getting a check engine light for a vacume leak in my fuel system. Can this be related? Could the vacume leak have been causing this all this time,but just now getting the check engine light for the leak? My truck is 2004. No one can tell me why only cylindar 2 is mifiring.

is this just inspections , since I have had no problems with the car

vehicle is emitting strong gas fumes when running. no loss of power but gas is burning fast