Recently replaced transmission sensor. With the key in the on position (not started)the battery light is on so I don't think its the alternator. The car started slowly then after work tried not to start at all. One battery terminal had corrosion that cleaned up nicely. Now it starts easier but does have hesitation at start and the driver's air bag light came on. So far runs fine. This car is breaking me with repairs, I will never buy another Suzuki. Any ideas on what I should check next?

When picked up it made a huge cloud of smoke under the hood. Mechanic retrived it and messed with it for several days. Now they say the AC is causing the problem and we need a new compressor. This AM the bettery light came on and it made a strong electrical fire smell after I had the deforst on . Went off after about 5 minutes. I think this AC thing is a crock, how would a mechanical system like that be causing the problem? I think it's being overloaded by the fan and other accessories and the alternator they put in is faulty or ? Bad voltage regulator? Bad ground? FYI We replaced the battery this winter with a slightly smaller one we had from a car we junked, but it was nearly new and worked fine all winter. AC was OK last time I checked, not running it except when I forget about the deforst....

General cleaning.

Saturday, my pulley for my power steering comes off while I was driving. Should I be suspicious of foul play?

some times when i take off it runs like any other vehickle but some time it sounds like it is having a hard time shifting gears like it is wounding up.

how do I replace the egr valve and where is it located

it just started after three day of driving it it was parked before for about two months

tried to convert to a carburetor from injection. Gave up and am going to pre-1970 points system. Is the smog pump still needed after all the computer control has been removed. It seems extreaneous.

I used a digram showing the timing marks, no problem until i put tenisor in, it seems to move the timing belt off one grouve. Do you think the tensioner is bad. if not what am i doing wrong

I have wiring harness out of 94 if needed.

steering now working either

i change the colant sensor and checked the fuses on the driverside both ae good. what is left to check?

There is a rattling under the hood when I am stopped in drive with my foot on the brake. It does it everytime I'm at a light

check engine light is on again and the dealer says it is a fuel overflow valve that is stuck shut? $700 repair
is this related to fuel sensor issues ?

Is this something I can fix myself? Is it the bulb or fuse, switch or control panel?