Both of my check engine lights come on and sends the car into reduced power mode. The code comes back with a bad throttle body. They have replaced my gas peddle four times and replaced the wiring harness and it's still doing it. They can't figure out the problem and I'm really getting sick of taking it in and paying more money for it not to be fixed. I have had it in the shop more times than I can count.

After leaving bmw dealership i noticed moisture in headlight. I seen them using a high pressure wand near headlight. The next night my light was not working on dim or bright.My 2008 bmw x5 has 58000 miles on it.

We replaced the lower compression hose and soon after we had the leak. It has gotten worse i can see leaking even when the car is in motion. it is like the car is peeing but only under the passenger side headlight.

how to replace the ignition

do i have to remove the steering wheel to replace

I have the new fan with motor but, I can't figure out how to pull it. I see 2 nuts on each side of the shroud but, I don't know where to begin. Can anyone help?

It goes around the heater control nobs, the radio, the temperature control wheels, etc. I need to remove it so I can replace the center vent controls. I know there are two screws on the bottom lip close to the ash tray. After that, I'm unsure how to finish without breaking it.

Need to recharge

i just got this car. i just want to have some kind idea what to look forward to. also my auto trans is not shifting i have first and second but not third and fourth. can you help me. tks rick

I was towing my car, just pullin it on all 4 wheels, mistake i know.
Then all 4 wheels just locked and the car just stopped.
Now i cant move it forward or back. completely locked.=/

I have a 2000 ford taurus and my gear is stuck in park I try to press on the brakes hard as I can but that dont seem to help none. I had this problem before when I press on the brakes that usually help but this time around it didnt help. can anybody give me some advice. I know that my grandfather said I might had drove in lots of water can that be the problem do I need to wait to it dry out or take it to a mechine.

My cars water level is normal with no change, and I have not observed any leaks, but my car has stated to run warmer than normal. I turned on the heater to avoid it over-heating. I have not allowed it to go into the red on the temp gauge I just run the heater to keep it low. It doesn't matter what kind of driving I do, it now always warms quickly and I run the heater to keep it from getting too hot.

pulled into driveway parked....no unusual noises or performance....tried to start again 5 min later and eng would not crank....engaged ignition and barely cranks...tries to but it's like a 1/4 turn...making an ugly almost metal against metal scraping sound for just an instant...first thought was battery not able to crank engine...battery checked out fine...then thought prob starter....replaced starter...still same prob....I'm wonder maybe timing belt issues but no symptoms leading up to failure if that's what it is...very strange....any thoughts would be greatly appreciated........Dave

trying replace alternator. removed the 2 bolts. unable to get alternator loose. how do I get it out?

have a engine nooise and want to verify that the tensioner bearing is the problem